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    Another Global Warming Oops: Sinking Islands are Apparently Growing
Like everything else that they believe, libtards got this wrong too

Via: themaven.net | Author: Steven
02/14/2018 04:02:07 ET    4 Views     Ecological 

    Time Magazine Promotes Climate Broken Window Fallacy Watts Up With That

Via: wattsupwiththat.com | Author: Steven
02/07/2018 04:02:43 ET    7 Views     Ecological 

    Environmentalist students pressure Stanford to disinvite Charles Murray for some reason

Via: thecollegefix.com | Author: Steven
02/02/2018 04:02:53 ET    10 Views     Ecological 

    California wants to send waiters to JAIL and FINE THEM for giving out STRAWS

Via: therightscoop.com | Author: Steven
01/26/2018 04:01:01 ET    13 Views     Ecological 

    Alaska earthquake Fears grow for Mount St Helens volcano ERUPTION

Via: express.co.uk | Author: Steven
01/24/2018 04:01:04 ET    12 Views     Ecological 

    Paul Ehrlich’s ‘Population Bomb’ Deceived Millions About Certainty Of Eco-Doom

Via: technocracy.news | Author: Steven
01/20/2018 08:01:24 ET    19 Views     Ecological 

    Scientist FlipFlop Worst-Case Global Warming Scenarios Are Not Credible

Via: technocracy.news | Author: Steven
01/19/2018 04:01:55 ET    19 Views     Ecological 

    New York’s Silly Climate Suit

Via: wattsupwiththat.com | Author: Steven
01/19/2018 04:01:06 ET    15 Views     Ecological 

    AL GORE WAS RIGHT: Sahara Desert Blanketed With 15 Inches Of SNOW, So, Duh, Global Warming Is Real!

Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
01/08/2018 14:01:53 ET    20 Views     Ecological 

    Meteorologist blasts those linking nor'easter to climate change
Where's the warming, many of us will gladly welcome it.

Via: washingtontimes.com | Author: Steven
01/06/2018 09:01:01 ET    22 Views     Ecological 

    Is Global Sea Level Rising?

Via: icr.org | Author: Steven
01/05/2018 04:01:16 ET    24 Views     Ecological 

    An Instant Global Ocean Thermometer from Antarctic Ice Cores

Via: wattsupwiththat.com | Author: Steven
01/05/2018 04:01:47 ET    21 Views     Ecological 

    Mount St. Helens Is Rumbling Again With 40 Earthquakes Since New Years Day

Via: forbes.com | Author: Steven
01/03/2018 19:01:13 ET    21 Views     Ecological 

    8 Surprising Places That will be Warmer than New Hampshire over the Next Week

Via: nh1.com | Author: Steven
12/30/2017 07:12:47 ET    19 Views     Ecological 

    Global Warming Alarmists are Endangering Humanity

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
12/25/2017 10:12:08 ET    24 Views     Ecological 

    California's Thomas Fire Is Now the Largest Wildfire in Official State History

Via: gizmodo.com | Author: Steven
12/24/2017 06:12:33 ET    20 Views     Ecological 

    Earth's mysterious hum recorded underwater for 1st time

Via: cbsnews.com | Author: Steven
12/13/2017 04:12:30 ET    26 Views     Ecological 

    There Have Been 698 Earthquakes In California Within The Past 30 Days

Via: themostimportantnews.com | Author: Steven
11/28/2017 05:11:57 ET    26 Views     Ecological 

    California struck by 134 earthquakes in 1 week on San Andreas Fault

Via: dailystar.co.uk | Author: Steven
11/22/2017 04:11:35 ET    31 Views     Ecological 

    Iceland’s Largest Active Volcano Is Showing Signs Of Eruption: Now In ‘Uncertainty Phase’

Via: shtfplan.com | Author: Steven
11/21/2017 19:11:15 ET    46 Views     Ecological 

    Latest Daft Green Marketing Idea Pictures of Natural Disasters on the Sides of New Cars

Via: wattsupwiththat.com | Author: Steven
11/20/2017 04:11:46 ET    33 Views     Ecological 

    Strong 5.8 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Japan

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
11/13/2017 04:11:00 ET    27 Views     Ecological 

    Antarctic Supervolcano Is Melting The Ice-Caps From Within

Via: shtfplan.com | Author: Steven
11/11/2017 06:11:32 ET    43 Views     Ecological 

    New Zealand to Introduce a “Climate Refugee” Visa

Via: wattsupwiththat.com | Author: Steven
11/02/2017 05:11:13 ET    41 Views     Ecological 

    DoD Trains For EMP Blackout Event

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
10/27/2017 19:10:19 ET    38 Views     Ecological 

    Al Gore unhinged: now even climate change believers are 'deniers'

Via: wattsupwiththat.com | Author: Steven
10/16/2017 04:10:17 ET    41 Views     Ecological 

    Mass Starvation of Penguin Chicks Could Help Birth New Antarctic Protections

Via: earther.com | Author: Steven
10/13/2017 19:10:02 ET    36 Views     Ecological 

    A Surprise From the Supervolcano Under Yellowstone

Via: nytimes.com | Author: Steven
10/11/2017 04:10:00 ET    53 Views     Ecological 

    Yellowstone Quake Swarm Among Longest Ever Recorded

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
10/08/2017 08:10:04 ET    32 Views     Ecological 

    Leaked Docs Lay Out EPA Plans

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
10/08/2017 08:10:34 ET    33 Views     Ecological 

    The Nuclear Option - Puerto Rico Aftermath Democrats Blame Republicans for Everything

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
10/07/2017 08:10:14 ET    67 Views     Ecological 

    Hurricane Nate will hit the Gulf Coast this weekend
Mayor of New Orleans has declared a state of emergency

Via: theverge.com | Author: Steven
10/06/2017 08:10:24 ET    73 Views     Ecological 

    Dinosaur Poop Shows Presumed Vegetarians Also Ate Meat

Via: insidescience.org | Author: Steven
09/22/2017 04:09:28 ET    40 Views     Ecological 

    Puerto Rico Faces Mountain of Obstacles on the Road to Recovery

Via: nytimes.com | Author: Steven
09/22/2017 04:09:01 ET    39 Views     Ecological 

    New Zealand rocked by another earthquake just days after a 6.1 magnitude quake struck the country

Via: dailymail.co.uk | Author: Steven
09/22/2017 04:09:02 ET    54 Views     Ecological 

    Professor Says He Can "Slam Dunk" Creationists

Via: icr.org | Author: Steven
09/22/2017 04:09:58 ET    41 Views     Ecological 

    Liberals Dead Silent After Scientists Destroy Their "Climate Change" Hurricane Fantasy

Via: conservativetribune.com | Author: Steven
09/21/2017 19:09:51 ET    63 Views     Ecological 

    Are the glaciers in Glacier National Park growing

Via: wattsupwiththat.com | Author: Steven
09/20/2017 19:09:14 ET    62 Views     Ecological 

    Celebs burn tons of CO2 for 'global warming' lecture...
One word: hypocrites

Via: dailymail.co.uk | Author: Steven
09/15/2017 04:09:49 ET    66 Views     Ecological 

    Blood-sucking tick carrying killer disease sparks panic after it VANISHES at press conference warning of its dangers

Via: thesun.co.uk | Author: Steven
09/12/2017 19:09:44 ET    49 Views     Ecological 

    Giant earth cracks split in half Jáltipan Mexico after M8.1 earthquake and tropical storm Katia strike Veracruz

Via: strangesounds.org | Author: Steven
09/12/2017 18:09:16 ET    56 Views     Ecological 

    Another liberal Hurricane Harvey narrative dismantled.

Via: cato.org | Author: Steven
09/09/2017 13:09:38 ET    59 Views     Ecological 

    Hurricane Jose upgraded to Category 2 storm as Caribbean prepares for more chaos

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
09/08/2017 04:09:57 ET    54 Views     Ecological 

    6.1 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes off Japan's Bonin Islands

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
09/08/2017 04:09:03 ET    53 Views     Ecological 

    Nearly 1.5 Million Acres Are Burning Across the West: What You Need to Know Right Now

Via: lifehacker.com | Author: Steven
09/08/2017 04:09:01 ET    60 Views     Ecological 

    8.0 magnitude quake reported off west coast of Mexico - Tsunami possible

Via: wattsupwiththat.com | Author: Steven
09/08/2017 04:09:44 ET    72 Views     Ecological 

    Texas Abortion Chain Offers Free Abortions to ‘Help’ Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
09/07/2017 04:09:26 ET    50 Views     Ecological 

    No, Hurricane Harvey will not be good for the economy. Destruction economics is for fools.

Via: cato.org | Author: Steven
09/06/2017 18:09:41 ET    56 Views     Ecological 

    Hurricane Irma Just Got the Attention of Seismologists

Via: conservativetribune.com | Author: Steven
09/06/2017 16:09:48 ET    57 Views     Ecological 

    Tropical Storm Jose Expected to Become Hurricane

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
09/06/2017 15:09:08 ET    51 Views     Ecological 

    Hurricane Irma: If There Was Such A Thing As A Category 6 Hurricane, This Would Be It

Via: themostimportantnews.com | Author: Steven
09/06/2017 04:09:27 ET    49 Views     Ecological 

    Florida declares state of emergency as Category 4 Hurricane Irma barrels straight for Miami

Via: intellihub.com | Author: Steven
09/05/2017 05:09:41 ET    82 Views     Ecological 

    U.S. crude rises on returning refineries; gasoline slumps to pre-Harvey levels

Via: reuters.com | Author: Steven
09/05/2017 05:09:24 ET    46 Views     Ecological 

    Hate-Filled Liberals Attack POTUS For Pledging $1 Million to Hurricane Harvey Relief

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
09/01/2017 19:09:39 ET    91 Views     Ecological 

    Harvey blamed on climate change despite drought from hurricane strikes

Via: washingtontimes.com | Author: Steven
08/30/2017 04:08:14 ET    85 Views     Ecological 

    CNN's Jeff Zeleny Claims Trump Showed Little Empathy for Hurricane Harvey Victims

Via: newsbusters.org | Author: Steven
08/29/2017 18:08:17 ET    80 Views     Ecological 

    Scientist: Kim Jong-un Could Trigger Volcanic Eruption

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
08/28/2017 08:08:40 ET    88 Views     Ecological 

    How friction evolves during an earthquake

Via: terradaily.com | Author: Steven
08/23/2017 04:08:32 ET    98 Views     Ecological 

    Dr. Judith Curry Explains The Reality Of Bad Climate Science And Bad Politics

Via: wattsupwiththat.com | Author: Steven
08/12/2017 08:08:05 ET    175 Views     Ecological 

    Franklin Becomes First Atlantic Hurricane of the Season

Via: livescience.com | Author: Steven
08/11/2017 04:08:30 ET    120 Views     Ecological 

    We are Confusing Stewardship of the Earth With Worship of It

Via: stream.org | Author: Steven
08/07/2017 04:08:48 ET    133 Views     Ecological 

    PETA Criticizes Nag Panchami Hindu Festival
Newsflash PETA: Leave people alone, you're just making jerks of yourselves

Via: worldreligionnews.com | Author: Steven
07/26/2017 05:07:38 ET    102 Views     Ecological 

    Greatest HOAX of the 21st Century 98% Scientist DO NOT Believe in ManMade Climate Change

Via: rightwingnews.com | Author: Steven
07/26/2017 04:07:24 ET    90 Views     Ecological 

    Measles Outbreak in Europe Convenient Lies
The World Health Organization is now touting a measles epidemic in Europe

Via: infowars.com | Author: Steven
07/25/2017 19:07:28 ET    85 Views     Ecological 

    Monster Rat found on U Street In Washington, DC

Via: popville.com | Author: Steven
07/24/2017 19:07:54 ET    135 Views     Ecological 

    Rodents Fall From Ceiling of Dallas Chipotle: Customers

Via: nbcdfw.com | Author: Steven
07/20/2017 05:07:49 ET    99 Views     Ecological 

    Bill Nye: Older People Need To Die Out Before Climate Science Can Advance

Via: weaselzippers.us | Author: Steven
07/20/2017 05:07:35 ET    90 Views     Ecological 

    Newfoundland surprised tourists with a phallic iceberg

Via: nationalpost.com | Author: Steven
07/19/2017 04:07:48 ET    105 Views     Ecological 

    Golden Retriever Jumps into Ocean to Save Drowning Deer at Long Island Beach

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
07/17/2017 19:07:32 ET    106 Views     Ecological 

    A Norwegian Billionaire Is Building A Giant Boat To Collect Plastic Pollution From The Ocean

Via: bigthink.com | Author: Steven
07/16/2017 18:07:15 ET    93 Views     Ecological 

    A Delaware-sized Antarctic Iceberg Has Broken Into the Ocean

Via: blogs.discovermagazine.com | Author: Steven
07/12/2017 19:07:05 ET    103 Views     Ecological 

    Al Gore Declares A "Climate Crisis" Over Naturally Occurring Iceberg In Antarctica

Via: rightwingnews.com | Author: Steven
07/12/2017 19:07:01 ET    91 Views     Ecological 

    A cluster of around 100 quakes on or around Puerto Rico has the U.S. government worried as they believe the area is due for a major event.

Via: thebigwobble.org | Author: Steven
07/04/2017 11:07:35 ET    151 Views     Ecological 

    Warning Signs Point To Major Earthquake On San Andreas Fault

Via: shtfplan.com | Author: Steven
06/19/2017 04:06:42 ET    126 Views     Ecological 

    Paris Climate Accord Requires $12.7 Trillion to Reach Goal

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
06/16/2017 04:06:06 ET    106 Views     Ecological 

    DELINGPOLE: Breitbart 100% Correct About Climate Change Expert Peer Reviewer Confirms

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
06/14/2017 04:06:10 ET    141 Views     Ecological 

    Liberal Logic Fail: Opting Out of Paris Accord is Racist?!

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
06/08/2017 19:06:52 ET    94 Views     Ecological 

    Florida woman shoots massive python to save her goats – TheBlaze

Via: theblaze.com | Author: Steven
06/07/2017 19:06:12 ET    108 Views     Ecological 

    Hysteria Over Paris Pullout
Let's have a high-level debate on this issue and settle it once and for all.

Via: stream.org | Author: Steven
06/06/2017 05:06:43 ET    96 Views     Ecological 


Via: theburningplatform.com | Author: Steven
06/03/2017 19:06:24 ET    133 Views     Ecological 

    Weather Channel CNN join climate change panic shark jump competition

Via: michellemalkin.com | Author: Steven
06/02/2017 19:06:47 ET    115 Views     Ecological 

    Crybaby Obama Attacks POTUS Trump For Pulling Out of Paris Climate Accord
Hey Obama, quiet down, go make a speech to your fans, the adults are in charge now and they are cleaning up your mess.

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
06/01/2017 18:06:21 ET    108 Views     Ecological 

    Giant iceberg poised to snap off from Antarctica

Via: yahoo.com | Author: Steven
06/01/2017 18:06:25 ET    96 Views     Ecological 

    Melted permafrost floods entrance to the doomsday seed vault updated

Via: engadget.com | Author: Steven
05/26/2017 19:05:47 ET    121 Views     Ecological 

    Obama Speaks On Global Warming, Then Spews CO2 With Private Jet, 13-Car Motorcade
That's liberalism for you, do as I say, not as I do

Via: vesselnews.io | Author: Steven
05/23/2017 06:05:39 ET    114 Views     Ecological 

    Claim Unwanted children the "fundamental cause of climate change"
What a crackpot

Via: wattsupwiththat.com | Author: Steven
05/22/2017 04:05:43 ET    132 Views     Ecological 

    Kissing bug Disease More Deadly Than Previously Thought

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
05/20/2017 08:05:48 ET    120 Views     Ecological 

    DEVELOPING: Mount St. Helens is Recharging after 37 Years

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
05/18/2017 19:05:56 ET    110 Views     Ecological 

    37mn pieces of plastic have washed up on uninhabited Pacific island

Via: rt.com | Author: Steven
05/16/2017 19:05:58 ET    124 Views     Ecological 

    Dilbert Disses Global Warming; Liberal Heads Explode

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
05/15/2017 19:05:16 ET    125 Views     Ecological 

    DEVELOPING: Experts Warn Italy's Super-Volcano May Be About to Blow

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
05/15/2017 19:05:28 ET    106 Views     Ecological 

    Two Competing Narratives on Carbon Dioxide

Via: wattsupwiththat.com | Author: Steven
05/15/2017 04:05:52 ET    121 Views     Ecological 

    DEVELOPING: Emergency declared at Hanford nuclear waste site after tunnel collapse

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
05/09/2017 19:05:24 ET    117 Views     Ecological 

    Alaska Hit By 45 Significant Earthquakes Within 24 Hours As The West Coast Wonders If ‘The Big One’ Is Imminent

Via: endoftheamericandream.com | Author: Steven
05/09/2017 04:05:19 ET    104 Views     Ecological 

    Another Arctic ice panic over as world temperatures plummet
Sounds like global cooling ????

Via: telegraph.co.uk | Author: Steven
05/07/2017 19:05:57 ET    126 Views     Ecological 

    Ring of Fire Heating Up: 37 Volcanic Eruptions and Increased Seismic Activity Happening Now

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
04/30/2017 07:04:25 ET    135 Views     Ecological 

    Al Gore And Leonardo DiCaprio Fly Into DC To March For The Climate
It's these two that keep adding more and more tons or CO2 to the environment and I wish that they would just drive

Via: weaselzippers.us | Author: Steven
04/29/2017 19:04:36 ET    110 Views     Ecological 

    Thousands Of Dead Fish Washing Up On Shores Of McKinley Park Lagoon

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
04/24/2017 04:04:05 ET    118 Views     Ecological 

    Electric Cars will increase the demand for Copper

Via: marcfabernews.com | Author: Steven
04/24/2017 04:04:19 ET    114 Views     Ecological 

    This Earth Day, Remember How Often Environmental Alarmists Are Wrong

Via: thefederalist.com | Author: Steven
04/22/2017 08:04:45 ET    107 Views     Ecological 

    Cotton grows 60% faster with double CO2 and warmed by 7 degrees

Via: joannenova.com.au | Author: Steven
04/17/2017 18:04:51 ET    144 Views     Ecological 

    Mysterious fish kill in Tennessee lake raises neighborhoods concern

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
04/17/2017 04:04:32 ET    113 Views     Ecological 

    Thousands of Dead perch washing up in Lake Michigan

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
04/13/2017 19:04:57 ET    113 Views     Ecological 

    Man captures moment Malibu mountain collapses

Via: dailymail.co.uk | Author: Steven
04/10/2017 18:04:40 ET    131 Views     Ecological 

    Massive Government Coverup: “Near-Total Collapse Of Ocean Food Chains… Mass Death To Humans Will Follow”

Via: shtfplan.com | Author: Steven
04/05/2017 19:04:21 ET    181 Views     Ecological 

    Rising Sea Levels Threaten South California Beaches

Via: yahoo.com | Author: Steven
03/29/2017 04:03:54 ET    110 Views     Ecological 

    Man burning books caused 700-acre Florida brush fire officials say

Via: foxnews.com | Author: Steven
03/24/2017 04:03:59 ET    114 Views     Ecological 

    Bill would bar discrimination toward climate change doubters

Via: yahoo.com | Author: Steven
03/24/2017 04:03:24 ET    106 Views     Ecological 

    Eco-Terrorists Sabotage Dakota Pipeline, Increasing Risk Of Leaks
ay to go Eco-Warriors, flooding the land with oil is a sure fire way to get everyone on your side. Morons.

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
03/22/2017 18:03:22 ET    109 Views     Ecological 

    The Great Greenland Meltdown

Via: geoengineeringwatch.org | Author: Steven
03/15/2017 04:03:42 ET    173 Views     Ecological 

    Friday Funny: The Sally Kohn mega climate madness edition
It's really funny

Via: wattsupwiththat.com | Author: Steven
03/10/2017 04:03:24 ET    129 Views     Ecological 

    EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Says Carbon Dioxide Is Not A Primary Contributor To Global Warming

Via: weaselzippers.us | Author: Steven
03/09/2017 18:03:48 ET    117 Views     Ecological 

    Mysterious Doorway To The Underworld in Switzerland Rapidly Growing In Size

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
03/08/2017 17:03:52 ET    143 Views     Ecological 

    Volcanoes Are Erupting All Over The World

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
03/07/2017 18:03:24 ET    134 Views     Ecological 

    Venezuela Is on Its Last Legs as Government Cash Reserves Rapidly Dwindle
Check it out socialists, you're economic model is FAILING

Via: thedailysheeple.com | Author: Steven
03/03/2017 18:03:57 ET    147 Views     Ecological 

    Alarm after river in Pyrenees turns fluorescent green
Oh, I thought that the EPA had spilled something again

Via: thelocal.es | Author: Steven
03/03/2017 04:03:08 ET    122 Views     Ecological 

    'King of Instagram' under fire for photo of his bikini-clad friend sitting on 100-year-old tortoise

Via: telegraph.co.uk | Author: Steven
03/03/2017 04:03:09 ET    119 Views     Ecological 

    Antarctica hits record high temperature at balmy 63.5°F

Via: yahoo.com | Author: Steven
03/02/2017 04:03:24 ET    119 Views     Ecological 

    There She Blows Italy's Mount Etna Erupts

Via: livescience.com | Author: Steven
03/01/2017 05:03:07 ET    128 Views     Ecological 

    President Trump Orders EPA to Overturn Obama’s “Clean Water Rule”

Via: theconservativetreehouse.com | Author: Steven
02/28/2017 19:02:25 ET    191 Views     Ecological 

    Taxpayers Foot $1M Bill to Clean Up Dakota Pipeline Protest Area
Liberals are such pigs, you can see how they leave things that they don't really care about the environment

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
02/27/2017 18:02:09 ET    137 Views     Ecological 

    Republican Bob Inglis Reassures Greens That President Trump Will Backflip on Climate Change

Via: wattsupwiththat.com | Author: Steven
02/23/2017 04:02:33 ET    176 Views     Ecological 

    Colorado River flows will keep shrinking as climate warms

Via: sciencedaily.com | Author: Steven
02/21/2017 18:02:59 ET    133 Views     Ecological 

    Ebola 'super-spreaders' cause most cases

Via: bbc.com | Author: Steven
02/21/2017 05:02:32 ET    132 Views     Ecological 

    Trump Will Issue Orders To Dismantle Obama's Climate Agenda

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
02/21/2017 05:02:18 ET    122 Views     Ecological 

    Poaching drives 80% decline in elephants in key preserve More than 25000 elephants slain over a decade in Gabon park

Via: sciencedaily.com | Author: Steven
02/20/2017 19:02:47 ET    137 Views     Ecological 

    Polar Bear Numbers Still On The Rise Despite Global Warming

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
02/17/2017 19:02:48 ET    128 Views     Ecological 

    Al Gore Global Warming Could Make Islams Holiest Cities Uninhabitable
So could a nuclear weapon

Via: technocracy.news | Author: Steven
02/17/2017 19:02:23 ET    166 Views     Ecological 

    About the 97% of Climate Scientists

Via: theburningplatform.com | Author: Steven
02/13/2017 19:02:18 ET    174 Views     Ecological 

    Federal scientist cooked climate change books ahead of Obama presentation, whistle blower charges
Wouldn't be the first time

Via: foxnews.com | Author: Steven
02/08/2017 04:02:36 ET    134 Views     Ecological 

    Northern Hemisphere Potentially In Great Danger As Fukushima Radiation Spikes To 'Unimaginable' Levels

Via: themostimportantnews.com | Author: Steven
02/06/2017 04:02:02 ET    139 Views     Ecological 

    World leaders duped by manipulated global warming data

Via: dailymail.co.uk | Author: Steven
02/06/2017 04:02:24 ET    165 Views     Ecological 

    More than 3,700 dead birds suddenly drop from the sky in Sacramento

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
02/03/2017 04:02:26 ET    152 Views     Ecological 

    Al Gore Dodged a Question About His 10-Year Warning
It was nothing more than an Inconvenient Falsehood

Via: pjmedia.com | Author: Steven
01/24/2017 19:01:04 ET    138 Views     Ecological 

    Exiting Obama Sends Another $500 Million to U.N. Climate Fund

Via: pamelageller.com | Author: Steven
01/19/2017 04:01:35 ET    144 Views     Ecological 

    Hundreds Of Bison To Be Killed In Yellowstone National Park

Via: trueactivist.com | Author: Steven
01/18/2017 06:01:04 ET    146 Views     Ecological 

    Gays Are Making Shigella Drug Resistant

Via: anonymousconservative.com | Author: Steven
01/15/2017 21:01:41 ET    192 Views     Ecological 

    The filth they breathe in China
Clean Air Act anyone?

Via: theweek.com | Author: Steven
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    Claim: forget CO2 it's the Methane and CFC's that will drown us in the ocean

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    Chicago Fed President Nods to Three Possible Rate Hikes This Year

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    Worlds Oldest Killer Whale Dies at Age 100
She was affectionately known as "Granny"

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    Pandas taken off the endangered list

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    Hundreds of birds mysteriously fall from sky in New Jersey

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    Enviros Wage War On Christmas Lights

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    Typhoon expected to wallop Philippines on Christmas

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    Scientists Say Unprecedented Volcano Is About To Erupt In Italy

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    Global Warming Sends Arctic Chill Through US

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    Congress: Obama Admin Fired Top Scientist to Advance Climate Change Plans

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    U.S average temperature 16°F - colder than any time last winter and winter hasn’t started yet

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    Shrouded in smog 5-day pollution 'red alert' declared in Beijing
Bring on that lung cancer China

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