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How the coronavirus job cuts played out by sector and demographics
Via: in.reuters.com | Author: Steven
04/05/2020 9:37 AM ET    1 Views      Financial 
Record 6.6 Million Americans Sought Unemployment Benefits Last Week
Coronavirus-related layoffs trigger record-setting surge in jobless-insurance claims
Via: wsj.com | Author: Steven
04/03/2020 5:39 AM ET    5 Views      Financial 
Oil hits US$5. Why pumps will stay open if prices turn negative
Via: finance.yahoo.com | Author: Steven
04/03/2020 5:31 AM ET    2 Views      Financial 
COVID Action Platform - World Economic Forum
As the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation, the World Economic Forum, acting as partner to the World Health Organization, is mobilizing all stakeholders to protect lives and livelihoods.
Via: weforum.org | Author: Steven
04/02/2020 20:00 PM ET    2 Views      Financial 
Coronavirus has not closed these businesses: Banks, telecom providers stay open
Via: foxbusiness.com | Author: Steven
04/02/2020 6:22 AM ET    4 Views      Financial 
Waves Of Mutilation: Medical Tyranny And The Cashless Society
Via: alt-market.com | Author: Steven
04/02/2020 6:20 AM ET    2 Views      Financial 
Pelosi Makes Tax Break For Millionaires A Priority In Fourth Stimulus Package
I thought that they wanted millionaires to pay more, I guess that's just for public consumption huh Nancy?
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
04/01/2020 5:50 AM ET    3 Views      Financial 
Man Who Predicted The Global Collapse Says It Will Be Devastating In The Next 6-12 Months
Via: kingworldnews.com | Author: Steven
03/31/2020 6:11 AM ET    4 Views      Financial 
Larry Kudlow on the Economy

Via: theconservativetreehouse.com | Author: Steven
03/31/2020 5:48 AM ET    4 Views      Financial     Video 
Oil sinks to 18-year low but holds $20 level
WTI touched $19.27 its lowest since February 2002
Via: foxbusiness.com | Author: Steven
03/31/2020 5:21 AM ET    4 Views      Financial 
Texas Company Looking To Take Federal Stimulus Money To Employees Back From Their Paychecks
Only in the LIBERAL meeca of Austin could this happen. Shame on them.
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/29/2020 12:38 PM ET    4 Views      Financial 
US loses 500,000 millionaires as coronavirus pandemic erodes fortunes of ultra-wealthy
Bet the left is just jumping for joy...
Via: finance.yahoo.com | Author: Steven
03/29/2020 12:28 PM ET    4 Views      Financial 
Pelosi hints at what Dems could include in next coronavirus bill
More waste, abuse and fraud...
Via: foxnews.com | Author: Steven
03/27/2020 6:23 AM ET    5 Views      Financial 
Dow exits bear market adds 1,351 points on $2 trillion relief pkg.
Via: foxbusiness.com | Author: Steven
03/27/2020 6:20 AM ET    5 Views      Financial 
47,000 Stores Shutter Across The US As Virtually All Retailers Stop Paying Rent
Via: zerohedge.com | Author: Steven
03/26/2020 6:49 AM ET    5 Views      Financial 
Unemployment claims are skyrocketing across the U.S.
Via: finance.yahoo.com | Author: Steven
03/26/2020 6:20 AM ET    5 Views      Financial 
Make Blind Trusts Mandatory for Congress to End Insider Trading
Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
03/26/2020 6:18 AM ET    5 Views      Financial 
Why Did Hundreds Of CEOs Resign Just Before The World Started Going Absolutely Crazy?
Via: themostimportantnews.com | Author: Steven
03/25/2020 5:56 AM ET    8 Views      Financial 
Americans Growing More Concerned over Economy Than Personal Heath
Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
03/25/2020 5:50 AM ET    5 Views      Financial 
Jeff Bezos Sold $3.4 Billion in Amazon Stock as Coronavirus Hit USA
Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
03/25/2020 5:35 AM ET    5 Views      Financial 
Dow posts 2,112 point gain biggest ever
Trump supports reopening businesses sooner rather than later
Via: foxbusiness.com | Author: Steven
03/25/2020 5:19 AM ET    5 Views      Financial 
Trump says there's 'light at the end of the tunnel' as White House pitches $6T coronavirus stimulus package
Via: foxnews.com | Author: Steven
03/25/2020 5:18 AM ET    5 Views      Financial 
Coronavirus Stimulus Offered By House Financial Services Committee Creates New Digital Dollar
Be wary, very wary...
Via: forbes.com | Author: Steven
03/24/2020 19:46 PM ET    9 Views      Financial 
Coronavirus Selloff: Are 30 Percent-Plus Declines Enough?
Via: peoplespunditdaily.com | Author: Steven
03/24/2020 5:54 AM ET    6 Views      Financial 
John Catsimatidis: Shut down Wall Street for a week
Via: pandemic.warroom.org | Author: Steven
03/24/2020 5:49 AM ET    5 Views      Financial 
Stocks Fall After Senate Democrats Kill Second Coronavirus Relief Bill
MARKETS Dow sheds another 3% after coronavirus stimulus bill fails in Senate
Via: cnbc.com | Author: Steven
03/24/2020 5:42 AM ET    6 Views      Financial 
Mnuchin: $3K in cash payments for average family to cope with coronavirus
Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
03/23/2020 5:58 AM ET    6 Views      Financial 
Coronavirus lockdown could last 10-12 WEEKS: Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin warns millions may have to stay home until June in to slow the spread as he nears deal that will pump $1TRILLION into the economy and give families $3K each
Via: dailymail.co.uk | Author: Steven
03/22/2020 16:45 PM ET    6 Views      Financial 
Fed will make up to $4 trillion in loans to businesses to rescue the U.S. economy, Mnuchin says
Via: marketwatch.com | Author: Steven
03/22/2020 15:53 PM ET    6 Views      Financial 
Jobless claims soar to 281,000 as coronavirus harms employment
Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
03/20/2020 7:50 AM ET    5 Views      Financial 
Second Senator Dumped Millions in Stock After Private Coronavirus Briefing
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/20/2020 5:58 AM ET    5 Views      Financial 
Anti-Trump GOP Senator Richard Burr Accused of Insider Trading – Dumped Hotel Stocks After Reassuring Public About Coronavirus Crisis
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/20/2020 5:57 AM ET    7 Views      Financial 
Senate GOP unveils $1,200 direct cash payments in massive stimulus proposal
Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
03/20/2020 5:39 AM ET    5 Views      Financial 
Let's Talk About Joe Biden's Terrible, Economy-Destroying Ideas
Via: pjmedia.com | Author: Steven
03/19/2020 5:55 AM ET    9 Views      Financial 
Report: There Would Be 95% Fewer Coronavirus Cases Without China Cover-up
Via: rasmussenreports.com | Author: Steven
03/19/2020 5:54 AM ET    7 Views      Financial 
Oil Slumps To Lowest Since 2003 On Global Recession Threat
Via: investors.com | Author: Steven
03/18/2020 6:41 AM ET    6 Views      Financial 
Sinking stock futures trigger limit down levels after Fed slashes interest rates to near zero Daily Mail Online
Via: dailymail.co.uk | Author: Steven
03/16/2020 5:57 AM ET    8 Views      Financial 
Canada Ratifies USMCA Trade Agreement
Via: theconservativetreehouse.com | Author: Steven
03/14/2020 16:24 PM ET    6 Views      Financial 
MIT Biologist and Inventor of Email – Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai – Says Deep State Fear Mongering on Coronavirus Will Go Down as Biggest Fraud to Manipulate Economies
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/13/2020 5:35 AM ET    8 Views      Financial 
Dr Drew calls for media to ‘SHUT UP!’ Fear-reporting on coronavirus is ‘absolutely reprehensible’
The media is using this to pummel Trump and try to cause a recession. They have no shame.
Via: bizpacreview.com | Author: Steven
03/11/2020 10:35 AM ET    8 Views      Financial 
Coronavirus Exposes Workers to the Risks of the Gig Economy
Drivers for Uber and Lyft in Seattle say demand for rides has plummeted, and they have few workplace benefits to fall back on.
Via: wired.com | Author: Steven
03/11/2020 10:32 AM ET    5 Views      Financial 
The Push Towards Cashless Society
Via: prophecyupdate.blogspot.com | Author: Steven
03/11/2020 10:31 AM ET    7 Views      Financial 
Russia Says It Can Weather $25 Oil For Up To 10 Years
Via: zerohedge.com | Author: Steven
03/11/2020 5:37 AM ET    6 Views      Financial 
Trump pitched 0% payroll tax rate for the rest of the year, White House official says
Via: cnbc.com | Author: Steven
03/11/2020 5:34 AM ET    5 Views      Financial 
The market triggered a ‘circuit breaker’ that kept stocks from falling through the floor. Here’s what you need to know
Via: cnbc.com | Author: Steven
03/10/2020 6:26 AM ET    6 Views      Financial 
Wealth wipeout from market meltdown reshapes ranks of world's richest people
Via: business.financialpost.com | Author: Steven
03/10/2020 5:59 AM ET    7 Views      Financial 
IRS data show progressive plans require huge middle-class tax hikes
Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
03/10/2020 5:31 AM ET    7 Views      Financial 
IRS data show progressive plans require huge middle-class tax hikes
Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
03/09/2020 5:17 AM ET    6 Views      Financial 
Americans continue to vote with their feet towards low-tax states
Via: thehill.com | Author: Steven
03/04/2020 6:07 AM ET    16 Views      Financial 
‘I’m Now Nervous’: CNBC’s Jim Cramer Predicts Fed’s Drastic Rate Cut Will Stoke Investor ‘Fear’ Over Coronavirus
Via: mediaite.com | Author: Steven
03/04/2020 6:06 AM ET    17 Views      Financial 
Socialist Sanders Finds A Brand New Way To Give Away Another Trillion Dollars Of U.S. Taxpayer Money
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
02/25/2020 5:41 AM ET    19 Views      Financial 
Gordon Chang: Coronavirus Is Killing China’s Factories and Creating Economic Chaos
Via: pandemic.warroom.org | Author: Steven
02/25/2020 5:39 AM ET    15 Views      Financial 
10 Reasons China’s Economy Is Crashing and Won’t Recover Anytime Soon
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
02/20/2020 5:40 AM ET    14 Views      Financial 
There’s now a record number of 401(k) and IRA millionaires, according to Fidelity
Via: cnbc.com | Author: Steven
02/18/2020 6:11 AM ET    15 Views      Financial 
Mitt Romney Caught Taking Big Money Donations from George Soros
Anti-Trump Republican accepted large payments from Soros Fund Management READ MORE: https://neonnettle.com/news/10340-mitt-romney-caught-taking-big-money-donations-from-george-soros?utm_source=Neon+Nettle+News&utm_campaign=908cb8743d-EMAIL&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_463f93dbc0-908cb8743d-274855153
Via: neonnettle.com | Author: Steven
02/17/2020 10:30 AM ET    11 Views      Financial 
Bernie Sanders Wants New Wealth Tax That Would Target Assets And Savings
Via: americanlookout.com | Author: Steven
02/17/2020 10:05 AM ET    14 Views      Financial 
Maxine Waters: Iowa and NH Aren’t “Reflective” of This Country”…Dem Primary Should Be With “Very Rich” in California
And has the most homeless too, you're totally out of touch Maxine
Via: 100percentfedup.com | Author: Steven
02/14/2020 5:31 AM ET    12 Views      Financial 
Ilhan Omar’s Second Highest Donor, Basim Omar Sabri, Is A Convicted Felon Who Regularly Raises Funds for Hamas
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
02/13/2020 5:37 AM ET    12 Views      Financial 
Household debt jumps the most in 12 years, Federal Reserve report says
Via: cnbc.com | Author: Steven
02/13/2020 5:31 AM ET    16 Views      Financial 
Bloomberg's Super Tuesday splurge
Via: axios.com | Author: Steven
02/12/2020 5:46 AM ET    10 Views      Financial 
China FLOODING the markets with liquidity to counter any loss of faith stemming from the coronavirus pandemic and a looming supply chain catastrophe
Via: naturalnews.com | Author: Steven
02/11/2020 5:56 AM ET    11 Views      Financial 
Coronavirus causes Chinese economy to stop
Via: pravdareport.com | Author: Steven
02/11/2020 5:54 AM ET    10 Views      Financial 
An Economics Reality Check
Via: dailysignal.com | Author: Steven
02/06/2020 19:28 PM ET    7 Views      Financial 
$900,000 in FAKE U.S. Banknotes Seized by Customs from China
Via: varietyerrors.com | Author: Steven
02/06/2020 5:45 AM ET    10 Views      Financial 
The "Oracle of Omaha" Lost a Lot of Money on the Media
Via: frontpagemag.com | Author: Steven
01/30/2020 5:30 AM ET    10 Views      Financial 
The Economics Of Pandemics And Quarantines
Via: zerohedge.com | Author: Steven
01/29/2020 6:09 AM ET    10 Views      Financial 
Democrats Should Be Terrified: Voters Love The Economy and Credit Trump For It
Via: pjmedia.com | Author: Steven
01/29/2020 5:24 AM ET    9 Views      Financial 
With Worst Economy in Decades, Will Wuhan’s Deadly Coronavirus Be the Catalyst for China’s Economic Collapse?
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
01/24/2020 5:41 AM ET    14 Views      Financial 
Job openings slide by more than half a million as the labor market tightens
Via: cnbc.com | Author: Steven
01/18/2020 11:42 AM ET    9 Views      Financial 
Middle Class Increasingly Hollowed Out As Robots Take Millions Of Jobs
Via: technocracy.news | Author: Steven
01/18/2020 11:38 AM ET    10 Views      Financial 
What Automation Means for Jobs

Via: cfr.org | Author: Steven
01/18/2020 11:27 AM ET    9 Views      Financial     Video 
Cramer says ‘tariffs worked,’ Trump’s strategy forced China to agree to a trade deal
Via: cnbc.com | Author: Steven
01/17/2020 5:40 AM ET    10 Views      Financial 
DOW Closes Over 29,000 For First Time Ever – Greatest Market Rally in US History Continues!
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
01/16/2020 5:45 AM ET    9 Views      Financial 
Socialists Complain Free 50k Isn’t Enough
They need to pay the full amount, they borrowed it, they need to pay it back
Via: bongino.com | Author: Steven
01/14/2020 5:55 AM ET    22 Views      Financial 
AOC Refuses to Pay Her $250,000 Dues to House Democratic Campaign Arm
Typical socialist move, thinks that everything should be free
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
01/11/2020 10:11 AM ET    13 Views      Financial 
How Long Will It Take For The US To Collapse?
Via: alt-market.com | Author: Steven
01/03/2020 5:40 AM ET    20 Views      Financial 
At least 18 central banks are developing sovereign digital currencies
Via: theblockcrypto.com | Author: Steven
12/30/2019 5:17 AM ET    20 Views      Financial 
Corporations Brought Back $1 Trillion From Overseas Due to Trump Tax Plan
Via: bongino.com | Author: Steven
12/27/2019 5:31 AM ET    17 Views      Financial 
Hunter Biden Was Paid $100k by Same Credit Card Company Joe Biden Helped in Senate
Via: nationalfile.com | Author: Steven
12/20/2019 15:01 PM ET    20 Views      Financial 
Reparations for Illegal Aliens May Cost Americans Up to 2.2 Trillion
Mayor Pete Buttigieg (Booty) wants to give YOUR money to lawbreakers
Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
12/20/2019 14:45 PM ET    20 Views      Financial 
Former U.S. ambassador to Canada: USMCA deal is a rare 'win, win, win'
Via: finance.yahoo.com | Author: Steven
12/12/2019 5:18 AM ET    20 Views      Financial 
Study: Minimum-Wage Hikes Harm Small Businesses
Via: nationalreview.com | Author: Steven
12/10/2019 7:31 AM ET    13 Views      Financial 
Job discrimination: 1 in 5 won’t hire Trump supporters
Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
12/09/2019 5:32 AM ET    42 Views      Financial 
Eight People Indicted For Illegally Funnelling Millions In Foreign Donations To Top Democrats Including Crooked Hillary and Shifty Adam Schiff
Via: 100percentfedup.com | Author: Steven
12/09/2019 5:31 AM ET    20 Views      Financial 
Transferism, Not Socialism, Is the Drug Americans Are Hooked On
The very usage of the terms “capitalism” and “socialism” has evolved past the point of clear meaning.
Via: fee.org | Author: Steven
12/09/2019 5:28 AM ET    31 Views      Financial 
Rep. Bradley Byrne Stuns Hearing Room With True Cost to Taxpayers to Educate 3.9 Million Illegal Children in the US
It's about $60 Billion dollars...
Via: 100percentfedup.com | Author: Steven
12/07/2019 18:53 PM ET    14 Views      Financial 
The New York Times Finally Admits They Are Terrible at Economic Predictions
Via: redstate.com | Author: Steven
12/07/2019 18:41 PM ET    13 Views      Financial 
Hunter Biden will now have to hand over FIVE YEARS of financial records - including his time at Ukrainian oil company - and his baby mama has to disclose her stripper tips at DC club where the two met
Via: dailymail.co.uk | Author: Steven
12/06/2019 5:23 AM ET    15 Views      Financial 
Perfect Storm: Trump Admin To Cut 750,000 From Food Stamps Ahead Of Recession
Via: zerohedge.com | Author: Steven
12/05/2019 5:34 AM ET    29 Views      Financial 
Debt Bubble to End All Bubbles

Via: usawatchdog.com | Author: Steven
12/04/2019 5:24 AM ET    16 Views      Financial     Video 
Steve Moore: Holiday shopping sales prove it – It's a blowout Trump economy and folks are feeling great
American's incomes are bulging and this Thanksgiving weekend we saw first-hand what prosperity looks like
Via: foxbusiness.com | Author: Steven
12/04/2019 5:17 AM ET    15 Views      Financial 
France Vows to Retaliate Over $2.4 Billion U.S. Tariff Threat
Via: finance.yahoo.com | Author: Steven
12/03/2019 5:34 AM ET    12 Views      Financial 
Rand Paul: ‘Don’t Forget the First Thanksgiving Only Happened When the Pilgrims Rejected Socialism’
Socialism just causes pain...
Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
11/28/2019 13:00 PM ET    13 Views      Financial 
Black Friday Is Coming And 48 Million Americans Still Have Holiday Debt From Last Year
It has become exceedingly clear that very hard times are coming
Via: newswars.com | Author: Steven
11/26/2019 7:04 AM ET    11 Views      Financial 
Bank Collapse In China! $40 Trillion Dollar Debt Heading To Economic Collapse & China’s Yuan CRASH

Via: investmentwatchblog.com | Author: Steven
11/26/2019 6:58 AM ET    58 Views      Financial     Video 
Thanks to Trump. the Mullahs in Iran Are Going Bankrupt
Via: gatestoneinstitute.org | Author: Steven
11/22/2019 5:28 AM ET    15 Views      Financial 
The national debt is exploding, and we’re all going to pay soon.
Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
11/21/2019 20:04 PM ET    16 Views      Financial 
Dow tops 28,000 for first time, capping 4-week win streak
Via: msn.com | Author: Steven
11/16/2019 13:05 PM ET    24 Views      Financial 
Gerald Celente: BUCKLE UP – You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet, Global Collapse To Accelerate
Via: kingworldnews.com | Author: Steven
11/16/2019 13:04 PM ET    17 Views      Financial 
Vladimir Putin Sums Up The New World Order In 5 Words
Via: zerohedge.com | Author: Steven
11/16/2019 13:02 PM ET    21 Views      Financial 
Some Would Be Taxed Over 100% Under Elizabeth Warren's Plan
Like that is going to work...
Via: pjmedia.com | Author: Steven
11/16/2019 13:01 PM ET    26 Views      Financial 
Millions Went to Bidens and Kerry’s Firm Rosemont from Ukrainians Connected to $1.8 Billion in Missing Funds and Latvians Connected to Whistleblower Ciaramella!
Opps, something IS going on here.
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
11/16/2019 12:35 PM ET    18 Views      Financial 
70% of Americans say they are struggling financially
Via: cbsnews.com | Author: Steven
11/15/2019 5:26 AM ET    15 Views      Financial 
President Trump wants Supreme Court to block subpoena for his taxes
Via: apnews.com | Author: Steven
11/15/2019 5:23 AM ET    13 Views      Financial 
'Money-making enterprise': Intelligence officer files complaint over whistleblower donations
Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
11/14/2019 20:23 PM ET    13 Views      Financial 
Citi Warns of a ‘War on Wall Street and Wealth’ in the 2020 Election
Via: news.yahoo.com | Author: Steven
11/14/2019 5:16 AM ET    12 Views      Financial 
A dose of reality on Medicare for All's cost
Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
11/13/2019 5:26 AM ET    15 Views      Financial 
Trump wants more money in middle America's wallets: Kudlow
Via: foxbusiness.com | Author: Steven
11/04/2019 7:58 AM ET    20 Views      Financial 
Warren Reveals $52 Trillion Medicare for All Plan, Claims No Middle-Class Tax Increase Necessary
Warren is not coming clean on the cost of her programs, and there is not enough money in the world to pay for them.
Via: nationalreview.com | Author: Steven
11/02/2019 9:50 AM ET    20 Views      Financial 
Impeachment on collision course with possible shutdown
Schumer already suggesting Trump may “want to shut down the government”
Via: rollcall.com | Author: Steven
10/31/2019 5:20 AM ET    15 Views      Financial 
NCAA Starts Process to Allow Athletes to Profit From Their Names and Likeness
Via: stream.org | Author: Steven
10/30/2019 19:51 PM ET    15 Views      Financial 
Private payrolls increase by 125,000 in October, topping expectations
Via: cnbc.com | Author: Steven
10/30/2019 19:29 PM ET    21 Views      Financial 
Confiscating wealth of all billionaires wouldn't pay for three average years of 'Medicare for all'
Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
10/30/2019 11:30 AM ET    50 Views      Financial 
Trillion-Dollar Deficits Are Here To Stay Thanks To Entitlements
Via: thefederalist.com | Author: Steven
10/30/2019 11:30 AM ET    33 Views      Financial 
Elizabeth Warren’s many plans would reshape American capitalism
Via: outline.com | Author: Steven
10/29/2019 5:29 AM ET    24 Views      Financial 
Subprime Auto Loans Are Defaulting At Fastest Rate Since 2008
Via: zerohedge.com | Author: Steven
10/28/2019 5:26 AM ET    20 Views      Financial 
Republican Study Committee Proposes an $11 Trillion Tax Cut
Via: cato.org | Author: Steven
10/26/2019 9:51 AM ET    16 Views      Financial 
Elizabeth Warren’s Financial Berlin Wall
Via: nationalreview.com | Author: Steven
10/26/2019 9:48 AM ET    12 Views      Financial 
Goodbye Middle Class: 50 Percent Of American Workers Make Less Than 33,000 Dollars A Year
Via: theeconomiccollapseblog.com | Author: Steven
10/25/2019 5:30 AM ET    24 Views      Financial 
China gives on key US trade-war demand
A big win for Trump. Winning, Winning Winning!!!
Via: foxbusiness.com | Author: Steven
10/25/2019 5:28 AM ET    23 Views      Financial 
Rambling Joe Biden Says People Clip Coupons “in the Stock Market”
He's out of touch...
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
10/16/2019 5:51 AM ET    36 Views      Financial 
Bacon shortage could hit US amid pork crisis in China
Via: foxbusiness.com | Author: Steven
10/12/2019 11:39 AM ET    14 Views      Financial 
Healthcare for Illegal Immigrants What would it cost Center for Immigration Studies
Affordable Care Act subsidies for illegal immigrants could cost $10-23 billion a year
Via: cis.org | Author: Steven
10/11/2019 5:23 AM ET    50 Views      Financial 
More than 2.5 Million Households Drop Off Food Stamps Under Trump
Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
10/10/2019 5:27 AM ET    22 Views      Financial 
World on brink of unavoidable 'black swan' apocalypse, security panel warns
This type of disaster event is unforeseen and could have catastrophic consequences
Via: dailystar.co.uk | Author: Steven
10/09/2019 5:49 AM ET    46 Views      Financial 
GE Freezes Pension Benefits For 20,000 Employees To Lower Debt Burden
Via: zerohedge.com | Author: Steven
10/08/2019 5:51 AM ET    14 Views      Financial 
Elite American Institutions Keep Bowing To Communist China… Over And Over Again
It's only about the $$$$ and they should be ashamed of themselves, they will sell us out for a dollar.
Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
10/08/2019 5:41 AM ET    18 Views      Financial 
Corporate America Has Found a Way to Turn a Profit Off Being Green
Via: finance.yahoo.com | Author: Steven
09/23/2019 5:28 AM ET    32 Views      Financial 
American "economic refugees" are increasingly retiring abroad
Via: cbsnews.com | Author: Steven
09/23/2019 5:28 AM ET    25 Views      Financial 
Anti-Loitering Siren Outside Sacramento McDonald’s Could Be Bad For Business
Via: sacramento.cbslocal.com | Author: Steven
09/23/2019 5:27 AM ET    28 Views      Financial 
Why is the NY Fed pumping billions into the money market?
Via: news.yahoo.com | Author: Steven
09/19/2019 5:13 AM ET    23 Views      Financial 
Over A Million Households Have Risen To Middle Class Under Trump, According To Census Data
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
09/16/2019 5:39 AM ET    13 Views      Financial 
Oil Explodes 20% Higher, Biggest Jump On Record
Via: zerohedge.com | Author: Steven
09/16/2019 5:25 AM ET    21 Views      Financial 
Carl Icahn Is Heading to Florida for Lower Tax Rates
Via: finance.yahoo.com | Author: Steven
09/13/2019 19:57 PM ET    18 Views      Financial 
Elizabeth Warren is Still Dodging the Middle Class Tax Question Americans for Tax Reform
She can't take a punch...

Via: atr.org | Author: Steven
09/13/2019 5:41 AM ET    23 Views      Financial     Video 
Joe Biden Demands Financial Transparency but Hides Wealth
Typical action from a Democrat...
Via: theintercept.com | Author: Steven
09/12/2019 5:32 AM ET    28 Views      Financial 
California law on rideshare drivers may hurt 'gig economy'
Via: news.yahoo.com | Author: Steven
09/12/2019 5:26 AM ET    15 Views      Financial 
Jim Cramer Says Wall Street Execs Are Panicking About Elizabeth Warren Presidency: ‘She’s Gotta Be Stopped!’
Then stop funding her campaign, she will destroy this country with her free giveaways and high taxes
Via: mediaite.com | Author: Steven
09/12/2019 5:19 AM ET    26 Views      Financial 
CA Lawmakers Pass Bill to Establish Toll, Reservation System for San Francisco’s Famed Lombard Street
Via: ktla.com | Author: Steven
09/07/2019 12:30 PM ET    59 Views      Financial 
Alan Greenspan says it’s ‘only a matter of time’ before negative rates spread to the US
Via: cnbc.com | Author: Steven
09/05/2019 5:27 AM ET    21 Views      Financial 
Obama is Earning More Than Any Former President – And Costing Taxpayers the Most
Via: bongino.com | Author: Steven
09/04/2019 5:57 AM ET    13 Views      Financial 
The Moral Dimension to Our National Debt
Via: nationalreview.com | Author: Steven
09/04/2019 5:56 AM ET    25 Views      Financial 
U.S. Manufacturing Gauge Contracts for First Time in Three Years
Via: finance.yahoo.com | Author: Steven
09/04/2019 5:40 AM ET    24 Views      Financial 
California city tests buzzy campaign idea for income
Via: apnews.com | Author: Steven
09/04/2019 5:39 AM ET    21 Views      Financial 
Sorry, Bernie: America's Poorest Are Richer Than 60 Percent of Developed Countries
Via: pjmedia.com | Author: Steven
08/29/2019 5:23 AM ET    17 Views      Financial 
Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $572m for driving opioid epidemic
Via: catholicnewsagency.com | Author: Steven
08/28/2019 6:28 AM ET    20 Views      Financial 
Key yield curve inverts to worst level since 2007, 30-year rate under 2%
Via: cnbc.com | Author: Steven
08/28/2019 5:26 AM ET    16 Views      Financial 
Gerald Celente-The Plan Has Been Revealed And Everyone Needs To Brace For The Impact – The Collapse Has Already Begun. Watch Out For China!
Via: mydailyinformer.com | Author: Steven
08/26/2019 5:26 AM ET    20 Views      Financial 
Greyerz – The World Is Minutes From Total Collapse As Panic Across The Globe Escalates
Via: kingworldnews.com | Author: Steven
08/26/2019 5:24 AM ET    12 Views      Financial 
Paul Krugman Predictions Gone Wrong
Via: bongino.com | Author: Steven
08/24/2019 11:09 AM ET    17 Views      Financial 
Get Woke Go Broke: Gillette Backflips After $12 Billion Toxic Masculinity Disaster — Hopes to Lure Sexist Pigs Back with New Ad Campaign
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
08/23/2019 5:28 AM ET    17 Views      Financial 
Germany for First Time Sells 30-Year Bonds Offering Negative Yields
Bond sale adds to the roughly $16 trillion of negative-yielding bonds outstanding world-wide
Via: wsj.com | Author: Steven
08/22/2019 5:29 AM ET    13 Views      Financial 
America’s Priciest Listing Sells at Foreclosure Auction
Once asking $1 billion, The Mountain in Beverly Hills sold to its lender for $100,000–far less than the $200 million said to be outstanding on the property
Via: wsj.com | Author: Steven
08/22/2019 5:28 AM ET    13 Views      Financial 
U.S. created 500,000 fewer jobs since 2018 than previously reported, new figures show
Via: marketwatch.com | Author: Steven
08/22/2019 5:25 AM ET    13 Views      Financial 
Trump Weighs Options to Spur the Economy
President says indexing capital-gains taxes to inflation is among the measures considered
Via: wsj.com | Author: Steven
08/21/2019 5:58 AM ET    16 Views      Financial 
Wide implications as Germany teeters toward recession
Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
08/20/2019 5:37 AM ET    16 Views      Financial 
Ignoring the Debt Will Come Back to Bite Us
Via: heritage.org | Author: Steven
08/18/2019 8:35 AM ET    15 Views      Financial 
Maher doubles down on call for recession to oust Trump; says it would be 'very worth' it
He's very anti-American and is blinded by his hatred of the President. Bill it will all be over in January 2025, hold on, you can last that long.
Via: foxnews.com | Author: Steven
08/17/2019 6:53 AM ET    16 Views      Financial 
China's economy worsens in July, industrial growth at 17-year low as trade war escalates
Via: reuters.com | Author: Steven
08/16/2019 5:20 AM ET    17 Views      Financial 
Bankruptcy filings rising across the country and it could get worse
Via: nypost.com | Author: Steven
08/13/2019 5:41 AM ET    19 Views      Financial 
$3,727,014,000,000: Federal Spending Sets Record Through July; Treasury Runs $866,812,000,000 Deficit
Via: cnsnews.com | Author: Steven
08/13/2019 5:40 AM ET    16 Views      Financial 
Florida raking in billions as Americans abandon high-tax states
Via: foxbusiness.com | Author: Steven
08/09/2019 8:43 AM ET    21 Views      Financial 
U.S. Labels China a Currency Manipulator after Beijing Pushes Down Yuan
Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
08/06/2019 6:07 AM ET    36 Views      Financial 
Trump Hits Venezuela With Full Economic Embargo
Via: newsmax.com | Author: Steven
08/06/2019 5:55 AM ET    15 Views      Financial 
Big Tech lost $162 billion in value in Monday’s market rout, led by plunge in Apple
Via: cnbc.com | Author: Steven
08/06/2019 5:44 AM ET    18 Views      Financial 
Joe Biden Claims The Economy Is Collapsing Because Of The Trump Presidency
Joe isn't fit to run a lemonade stand
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
08/04/2019 9:34 AM ET    18 Views      Financial 
Pollster Frank Luntz on Dem Debate: I’ve Been Following This Since 1992 I’ve Never Heard Candidates This Extreme… This Hostile to Economic Freedom
When the candidate spout communism each day, what do you expect?

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
08/02/2019 5:30 AM ET    24 Views      Financial     Video 
Top 20% of Americans Will Pay 87% of Income Tax
Households with $150,000 or more in income make up 52% of total income nationally but pay large portion of total taxes
Via: wsj.com | Author: Steven
08/02/2019 5:21 AM ET    22 Views      Financial 
What the Green New Deal Could Cost a Typical Household
Via: cei.org | Author: Steven
08/02/2019 5:19 AM ET    113 Views      Financial 
Baltimore’s $1.8 Billion Stimulus Boondoggle Proves Trump Right
Via: bongino.com | Author: Steven
08/02/2019 5:18 AM ET    19 Views      Financial 
Mayor Pete’s Minimum-Wage Hypocrisy
Via: nationalreview.com | Author: Steven
08/01/2019 5:40 AM ET    15 Views      Financial 
Get Woke, Go Broke: Gillette Loses BILLIONS After Sexist and Lecturing "MeToo" Razor Ads
Told ya...
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
08/01/2019 5:30 AM ET    27 Views      Financial 
Where did the $16 Billion in US Grants Given to Baltimore in 2018 Disappear to?
Cummings' pockets of course
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
07/31/2019 6:11 AM ET    22 Views      Financial 
Sanders and Warren Leading Liberals Fight Off Accusations They Are Impractical
Via: enmnews.com | Author: Steven
07/31/2019 6:07 AM ET    18 Views      Financial 
Trump can’t be both the president of growth and the president of debt
Via: conservativereview.com | Author: Steven
07/31/2019 5:56 AM ET    32 Views      Financial 
Oberlin College Says It Can't Pay Defamed Baker Judge Orders College to Post Bond of Over $36 Million Judgment PLUS Interest
Boo-Hoo, you should have thought about this before you did what you did
Via: dcclothesline.com | Author: Steven
07/28/2019 9:04 AM ET    22 Views      Financial 
The Myth of the Clinton Surplus
Via: craigsteiner.us | Author: Steven
07/26/2019 20:39 PM ET    19 Views      Financial 
Nissan Announces 12,500 Layoffs As Profits Plunge
Via: shtfplan.com | Author: Steven
07/26/2019 5:44 AM ET    19 Views      Financial 
Netflix Sheds $24 Billion in Value in Six Days After Growth Miss
Via: hollywoodreporter.com | Author: Steven
07/24/2019 5:33 AM ET    16 Views      Financial 
BRING IN THE ROBOTS: Rep. Rashida Tlaib Calls for a $20 Minimum Wage
Why not $25 or $30 or even $50?

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
07/23/2019 6:02 AM ET    21 Views      Financial     Video 
The biggest bull market ever — yet disaster looms for millions of retirees
The biggest bull market ever — yet disaster looms for millions of retirees
Via: marketwatch.com | Author: Steven
07/21/2019 20:05 PM ET    15 Views      Financial 
The Dangerous Cult of Income Equality
Wage gaps and equal pay don’t help us to judge how “just” a society is.
Via: spectator.org | Author: Steven
07/18/2019 5:26 AM ET    48 Views      Financial 
Retail Apocalypse: 12,000 Stores Are Forecasted To Close This Year
Via: zerohedge.com | Author: Steven
07/15/2019 5:44 AM ET    42 Views      Financial 
India lifted 271 million people out of poverty in 10 years
Via: thehindu.com | Author: Steven
07/15/2019 5:26 AM ET    32 Views      Financial 
$3,355,970,000,000: Federal Spending Sets Record Through June; Deficit Hits $747,115,000,000
Via: cnsnews.com | Author: Steven
07/12/2019 5:25 AM ET    32 Views      Financial 
Kevin McCarthy: 140 GOP Reps Vote for Democrat Plan to Outsource Jobs
Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
07/11/2019 5:36 AM ET    39 Views      Financial 
Funny numbers: California projections show taxpayers will only pay $99 per month per illegal immigrant covered
Yeah, good luck with that buttercup
Via: noqreport.com | Author: Steven
07/11/2019 5:35 AM ET    35 Views      Financial 
Census Bureau Data: Non Citizens Earn $9K More Per Year Than Black Americans
Via: redstate.com | Author: Steven
07/10/2019 6:08 AM ET    25 Views      Financial 
Make America's deficits great again
Deficit 25% higher since the 2016 election
Via: thehill.com | Author: Steven
07/10/2019 5:54 AM ET    31 Views      Financial 
Yes, There Is A Soccer Pay Gap: The Women Make More Than The Men Do
But of course for women, math is too hard.
Via: thefederalist.com | Author: Steven
07/09/2019 20:12 PM ET    29 Views      Financial 
Federal $15 Minimum Wage Would Eliminate 1.3 Million Jobs, CBO Says
Via: nationalreview.com | Author: Steven
07/09/2019 20:12 PM ET    18 Views      Financial 
1 in 4 Americans have no plans to retire
Via: washingtontimes.com | Author: Steven
07/09/2019 6:08 AM ET    24 Views      Financial 
June Jobs Report Massive – 224,000 New Jobs – Unemployment at 3.7%!
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
07/06/2019 20:43 PM ET    24 Views      Financial 
Company Sells 1000 Betsy Ross Flags a Day After Nike Purges US Symbol

Via: newswars.com | Author: Steven
07/05/2019 6:18 AM ET    22 Views      Financial     Video 
Woke Brawny Paper Towels Dumps Buff Men in Pine Forests and Replaces Packaging with Butch Women in Flannel Shirts
Get Woke, Go Broke
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
07/04/2019 11:27 AM ET    24 Views      Financial 
Trump administration imposing up to $500K fines on illegal immigrants who defy deportation orders
Via: theblaze.com | Author: Steven
07/02/2019 20:00 PM ET    37 Views      Financial 
Get Woke, Go BROKE: Americans Are Boycotting Nike After Company Stops Selling “Offensive” Betsy Ross American Flag Themed Shoes
Get Woke, Go BROKE !!!
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
07/02/2019 19:59 PM ET    37 Views      Financial 
Manhattan Chick-Fil-A Vandalized During Pride Event
Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
07/01/2019 5:45 AM ET    33 Views      Financial 
Boeing's 737 Max Software Outsourced to $9-an-Hour Engineers
Via: finance.yahoo.com | Author: Steven
06/29/2019 19:26 PM ET    33 Views      Financial 
Hard Working Americans Sure Do See The Economy A Lot Differently Than The "Experts" Do
Via: theeconomiccollapseblog.com | Author: Steven
06/28/2019 5:46 AM ET    40 Views      Financial 
4 Takeaways From a New Report on the National Debt
Via: dailysignal.com | Author: Steven
06/27/2019 19:38 PM ET    22 Views      Financial 
The Problem with Student Loan Forgiveness No Liberal DARES Talk About
Via: bongino.com | Author: Steven
06/27/2019 19:37 PM ET    27 Views      Financial 
Elizabeth Warren introduces legislation for gay reparations
Via: worldtribune.com | Author: Steven
06/25/2019 5:39 AM ET    42 Views      Financial 
Sanders to propose canceling entire 1.6 trillion in US student loan debt
Via: stamfordadvocate.com | Author: Steven
06/24/2019 5:29 AM ET    40 Views      Financial 
The Case Against The Reparations Guilt Circus – NewsWars
Dems want to keep African Americans dependent on their party and on whites

Via: newswars.com | Author: Steven
06/23/2019 10:04 AM ET    37 Views      Financial     Video 
Michigan Man Who Won $80 Million Lottery Jackpot During Divorce Ordered to Pay Half to Ex-Wife
They were separated for two years. I wonder if she'd won if she would have to give up half? Probably not...
Via: yahoo.com | Author: Steven
06/23/2019 10:02 AM ET    45 Views      Financial 
Can Americans Resist the Siren Song of “Free” Stuff?
Hey kids, there is no such thing as free stuff
Via: fee.org | Author: Steven
06/23/2019 9:59 AM ET    61 Views      Financial 
Danny Glover, Others Call for Slavery Reparations in House Hearing: "A Moral, Democratic and Economic Imperative"
How much have we all spent on the Great Society program? 20-25 Trillion dollars?
Via: hollywoodreporter.com | Author: Steven
06/20/2019 5:32 AM ET    38 Views      Financial 
The flying saddle: Would you give it a try?
Say goodbye to whatever personal space you had left on a plane
Via: sfgate.com | Author: Steven
06/20/2019 5:17 AM ET    34 Views      Financial 
Mastercard Supports Mass Delusion — to Let Gender-Confused Customers Pick Their Fake Names on Credit Cards
Via: lifesitenews.com | Author: Steven
06/19/2019 6:22 AM ET    33 Views      Financial 
Paul Krugman’s WORST Economic Predictions
Via: bongino.com | Author: Steven
06/19/2019 6:07 AM ET    73 Views      Financial 
Kevin O’Leary Shreds Bernie Sanders’ $15/hr Minimum Wage Platform
Via: westernjournal.com | Author: Steven
06/17/2019 5:44 AM ET    57 Views      Financial 
Income inequality isn't as bad as you may think
Via: thehill.com | Author: Steven
06/15/2019 10:48 AM ET    106 Views      Financial 
Federal Spending Tops $3 Trillion Through May for First Time; Deficit Hits $738 Billion
Via: cnsnews.com | Author: Steven
06/15/2019 10:47 AM ET    30 Views      Financial 
Federal Spending Tops $3 Trillion Through May for First Time; Deficit Hits $738 Billion
Via: cnsnews.com | Author: Steven
06/13/2019 5:45 AM ET    25 Views      Financial 
Foxconn Plans Increase In US Manufacturing Thanks To Trump Tariffs
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
06/12/2019 6:29 AM ET    30 Views      Financial 
Investigation Into Ilhan Omar Reveals Alleged Fraudulent Tax Returns Linked to Marriage to Her Brother
Do all muslims marry family members?
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
06/07/2019 5:38 AM ET    32 Views      Financial 
Retirement? Four in 10 Americans Don't See It Ever Happening
Via: bnnbloomberg.ca | Author: Steven
06/07/2019 5:32 AM ET    53 Views      Financial 
Yes a nationwide $15 minimum wage would be quite damaging
Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
06/06/2019 19:43 PM ET    83 Views      Financial 
Goodbye Middle Class: The Percentage Of Wealth Owned By The Top 10% Just Got Even BIGGER
Via: themostimportantnews.com | Author: Steven
06/05/2019 6:06 AM ET    35 Views      Financial 
Donald Trump Declares Tariffs on Mexico Until Illegal Immigration Stops
Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
06/03/2019 5:35 AM ET    33 Views      Financial 
"A Big Wake Up Call": Chinese Bond Market Roiled By First Ever Bank Failure
Via: zerohedge.com | Author: Steven
05/31/2019 7:24 AM ET    31 Views      Financial 
Biden money trail exposed in court documents
Former VP 'offshored' corruption through son

Via: wnd.com | Author: Steven
05/24/2019 5:46 AM ET    48 Views      Financial     Video 
Planned Parenthood donating $38 MILLION to 2020 Democrat candidates

Via: intellihub.com | Author: Steven
05/23/2019 5:37 AM ET    25 Views      Financial     Video 
Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Message to 2019 Graduates: ‘My Generation Has Failed You’
But Tim says: I'm rich and you're not serfs...
Via: observer.com | Author: Steven
05/21/2019 10:50 AM ET    47 Views      Financial 
China 'Green Shoots' Are Dead - Retail Sales, Industrial Production, & FAI Slump
Via: zerohedge.com | Author: Steven
05/15/2019 6:22 AM ET    47 Views      Financial 
China’s ‘self-destructive nuclear option’ in trade war: Selling US Treasury bonds
Via: cnbc.com | Author: Steven
05/15/2019 6:21 AM ET    30 Views      Financial 
Federal Spending Sets Record Through April
It's totally out of control
Via: cnsnews.com | Author: Steven
05/14/2019 20:49 PM ET    51 Views      Financial 
Warren Refloats $100 Billion Opioid Plan
How much is she going to spend? Big spending offers few new ideas on fighting crisis
Via: freebeacon.com | Author: Steven
05/14/2019 6:24 AM ET    47 Views      Financial 
China retaliates on tariffs, stock markets go into a slide
Via: apnews.com | Author: Steven
05/14/2019 5:55 AM ET    28 Views      Financial 
The Postal Service Lost $3.9 Billion Last Year – Bartender Ocasio Cortez Wants to Give Them Banking Duties
Yeah, like that's gonna work...
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
05/11/2019 10:55 AM ET    50 Views      Financial 
Liberals Were Very Wrong About Tax Cuts. Again.
Via: thefederalist.com | Author: Steven
05/10/2019 10:33 AM ET    45 Views      Financial 
Epic Fail: Universal Basic Income (UBI) Is A Waste Of Money
Via: technocracy.news | Author: Steven
05/08/2019 6:13 AM ET    29 Views      Financial 
12M Americans Out of Workforce as DHS Approves 30K Foreign Workers
Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
05/08/2019 6:01 AM ET    42 Views      Financial 
Report: Minimum Wage Hike Could Cost Wisconsin at Least 350,000 Jobs
Via: freebeacon.com | Author: Steven
05/08/2019 5:58 AM ET    34 Views      Financial 
Democratic Candidates Say Obama Is The Reason The Economy Is So Good
Yeah right, the delusion is strong with the Dems

Via: weaselzippers.us | Author: Steven
05/06/2019 5:47 AM ET    49 Views      Financial     Video 
$220,000 For Every Man, Woman And Child - America Is Now 72 Trillion Dollars In Debt
Via: zerohedge.com | Author: Steven
04/26/2019 5:26 AM ET    53 Views      Financial 
What Social Security’s Shortfall Means for You
Via: dailysignal.com | Author: Steven
04/25/2019 5:16 AM ET    33 Views      Financial 
Watch: Beto Forced to Defend his Lack of Charitable Giving
Via: bongino.com | Author: Steven
04/25/2019 5:12 AM ET    48 Views      Financial 
Unions Have Lost Hundreds Of Thousands Of Members Since SCOTUS Decision On Forced Dues
Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
04/20/2019 12:32 PM ET    29 Views      Financial 
Baptist Pastor Says Bank of America Shut Down All Of His Church's Bank Accounts

Via: informationliberation.com | Author: Steven
04/16/2019 19:44 PM ET    50 Views      Financial     Video 
No Kidding… Cory Booker Admits Releasing Illegal Migrants into Sanctuary Cities Would “Make Us Less Safe”
Another stupid Progressive, trying to take everyone's money to by votes
Via: pjmedia.com | Author: Steven
04/15/2019 5:31 AM ET    44 Views      Financial 
Pete Buttigieg: What to know about his plan for debt-free college
More ways to put the US into more and more debt
Via: axios.com | Author: Steven
04/15/2019 5:24 AM ET    33 Views      Financial 
Capital One Says ‘No’ to Democrats Request For Trump Records
Via: saraacarter.com | Author: Steven
04/06/2019 6:38 AM ET    58 Views      Financial 
Trump Abruptly Cuts Direct Aid to 3 Central American Countries
Via: westernjournal.com | Author: Steven
03/30/2019 15:16 PM ET    45 Views      Financial 
Central Banks Going Long Gold
World renowned precious metals expert Andrew Maguire says pay attention to the new rule that goes into effect at the end of March that will allow gold to become fully valued and monetized as a tier 1 asset for banks around the world.

Via: usawatchdog.com | Author: Steven
03/20/2019 6:25 AM ET    51 Views      Financial     Video 
CNN Poll: 7 in 10 say economy in good shape -- and Trump may reap the benefits
This is a CNN poll. The real number is probably closer to 85%
Via: cnn.com | Author: Steven
03/19/2019 6:16 AM ET    35 Views      Financial 
$275 Million Lawsuit Filed Against CNN for Their Smearing of Covington Catholic Student
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/13/2019 6:15 AM ET    57 Views      Financial 
Deadbeat Nation? 37 Million Credit Cards Were 90 Days Past Due In 4Q18
Via: zerohedge.com | Author: Steven
03/08/2019 5:47 AM ET    60 Views      Financial 
More Retail Closings: Dollar Tree Closing Up To 390 Stores - 'Retail Apocalypse'
Via: prophecyupdate.blogspot.com | Author: Steven
03/08/2019 5:46 AM ET    40 Views      Financial 
US households see biggest decline in net worth since the financial crisis
Via: cnbc.com | Author: Steven
03/07/2019 20:04 PM ET    47 Views      Financial 
Jeff Bezos’ Whole Foods Employees Learn The Truth About Mandatory Minimum Wage Hikes The Hard Way
Via: redstate.com | Author: Steven
03/07/2019 5:30 AM ET    45 Views      Financial 
$100 bill is surging — why so many Benjamins?
Via: chicagotribune.com | Author: Steven
03/05/2019 20:22 PM ET    55 Views      Financial 
Feds Seize $2.6 Million in Drugs at Arizona Border
The amount or drugs and humans picked up just keeps on growing
Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
03/03/2019 16:58 PM ET    51 Views      Financial 
George Soros-Linked Money Used To Promote BDS Movement Against Israel
Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
03/03/2019 16:56 PM ET    39 Views      Financial 
Green New Deal Would Cost up to $94 TRILLION, 600k Per Household
Where is everyone going to get that type of money and still keep the economy rolling along?
Via: bongino.com | Author: Steven
03/03/2019 16:43 PM ET    50 Views      Financial 
Cuomo, De Blasio Announce 10-Point Proposal for MTA Overhaul
Always with the taxes, what about you stop spending so much on useless projects?
Via: nbcnewyork.com | Author: Steven
02/27/2019 5:48 AM ET    49 Views      Financial 
Time for Action: Chase Bank Denies Service to Conservatives
Via: pjmedia.com | Author: Steven
02/25/2019 21:00 PM ET    41 Views      Financial 
Democrats’ ‘Green New Deal’ Communist Takeover Could Cost Over $94 Trillion — More Than $650,000 Per American Household
Via: theblaze.com | Author: Steven
02/25/2019 20:59 PM ET    98 Views      Financial 
PayPal Admits They Collude With the Communist Hate Group SPLC [Southern Poverty Law Center] to Blacklist Conservatives
Via: bigleaguepolitics.com | Author: Steven
02/25/2019 20:58 PM ET    144 Views      Financial 
"Sleepwalking Into A Crisis": Most Americans & Europeans Are Terrified About Retirement
Via: zerohedge.com | Author: Steven
02/22/2019 5:45 AM ET    61 Views      Financial 
Smollett Distraction, Trump Coup Confirmed, Economy Tanking

Via: usawatchdog.com | Author: Steven
02/22/2019 5:44 AM ET    71 Views      Financial     Video 
PepsiCo Plans Massive Layoffs Sparked By ‘Relentlessly Automating’ Its Factories
Via: technocracy.news | Author: Steven
02/21/2019 5:53 AM ET    125 Views      Financial 
Illinois Nearly Doubles Its Minimum Wage To $15
Wonder how many jobs will be lost?
Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
02/20/2019 8:06 AM ET    43 Views      Financial 
Sen. Elizabeth Warren releases $700 billion plan for free child care plans to make millionaires pay for it
The plan would rely on money raised by her tax on 'ultra-millionaires', Warren is a millionaire herself, but she's exempt
Via: theblaze.com | Author: Steven
02/20/2019 8:04 AM ET    72 Views      Financial 
The Unbelievable Scale Of U.S. Debt
This week, the United States national debt ticked above US$22 trillion for the first time, an amount equivalent to $67,000 per U.S. citizen.
Via: prophecyupdate.blogspot.com | Author: Steven
02/19/2019 6:03 AM ET    50 Views      Financial 
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is celebrating a major economic loss for New York.
AOC actively protested against the development, which would have brought thousands of jobs & development to her district.
Via: legalinsurrection.com | Author: Steven
02/16/2019 9:35 AM ET    59 Views      Financial 
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets baited by a twitter troll into a bizarre debate about pizza coupons
AOC is a pizza short of a happy meal

Via: theblaze.com | Author: Steven
02/15/2019 19:54 PM ET    90 Views      Financial     Video 
As Ocasio-Cortez celebrates, some NYC business owners mourn Amazon's HQ2 cancellation
Amazon's presence would've helped a lot of people, but she's AOC and she knows best.
Via: theblaze.com | Author: Steven
02/15/2019 5:43 AM ET    62 Views      Financial 
National debt tops $22 trillion for the first time as experts warn of ripple effects
Via: usatoday.com | Author: Steven
02/13/2019 5:39 AM ET    49 Views      Financial 
Phil Murphy wants to tax the rain in New Jersey
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02/13/2019 5:23 AM ET    64 Views      Financial 
Liberals are lying again, and twisting the numbers, to make it appear that Trump raised your taxes.
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02/12/2019 17:52 PM ET    54 Views      Financial 
Taxes, Taxes And More Taxes: The Radical Economic Agenda Of The Left Has A Surprising Level Of Public Support
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02/11/2019 5:46 AM ET    47 Views      Financial 
Just 13% of Americans approve of “Medicare for all” when they find out private insurance plans would be banned.
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02/09/2019 12:16 PM ET    89 Views      Financial 
How expensive would the ridiculous “Green New Deal” be?
Climate change is the excuse; radically remaking the American economy is the aim.
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02/09/2019 12:15 PM ET    102 Views      Financial 
Price Tag for AOC’s ‘Green New Deal’ Is Absolutely Staggering
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02/05/2019 19:59 PM ET    88 Views      Financial 
Cuomo announces income tax revenues have dropped by $2.3B
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02/05/2019 19:50 PM ET    56 Views      Financial 
Pelosi Aide Tells Insurance Executives Not to Worry About "Medicare for All"
So everything that the Dems want they will never get? Must suck to be a Dem.
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02/05/2019 6:09 AM ET    39 Views      Financial 
Even Sweden abandoned its wealth tax
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02/04/2019 5:57 AM ET    60 Views      Financial 
Can Liberals Do Math? The Problem With Warren’s Wealth Tax
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02/02/2019 9:33 AM ET    59 Views      Financial 
Ohio Steel Mill Idled from Free Trade, to Reopen Thanks to Trumps Tariffs
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01/25/2019 5:49 AM ET    48 Views      Financial 
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is promoting Zimbabwe-like economics
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01/19/2019 11:25 AM ET    99 Views      Financial 
ANOTHER HUGE WIN FOR AMERICA! China Plans $1 Trillion Buying Spree of US Goods to Reconfigure Trade Imbalances
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01/19/2019 11:04 AM ET    55 Views      Financial 
The $1.2 Trillion College Debt Crisis Is CRIPPLING The Economy
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01/16/2019 11:40 AM ET    44 Views      Financial 
Los Angeles teachers go on strike, blaming 'privatization drain' by charter schools
Picketers demanding higher pay, smaller class sizes, and an end to the rise of private competition too bad CA doesn't have any more money to spend
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01/16/2019 11:34 AM ET    78 Views      Financial 
Ted Cruz explains how to pay for the Wall
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01/15/2019 19:38 PM ET    83 Views      Financial 
The Top 20% of Households Pay 88% of Federal Income Taxes
Seems like they pay MORE than their fair share.
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01/08/2019 20:02 PM ET    49 Views      Financial 
Disturbing Poll: Democrats are Now More Positive About Socialism Than Capitalism
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01/08/2019 20:02 PM ET    128 Views      Financial 
Did We Really Used To Tax the Rich at 90%+?
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01/08/2019 20:00 PM ET    72 Views      Financial 
Stephen Moore: Can Red State And Blue State America Coexist?
Via: investors.com | Author: Steven
01/07/2019 5:44 AM ET    133 Views      Financial 
Steyer Dumps More Cash Into Impeach Movement As Dems Jump On Board
Steyer is plowing another $6 million into what some Democratic leaders worry is an ill-fated attempt to impeach the president
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01/06/2019 11:20 AM ET    123 Views      Financial 
Beware: The worldwide debt monster is rearing its ugly head
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01/04/2019 20:00 PM ET    160 Views      Financial 
US payrolls shatter expectations, surge 312,000 in December
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01/04/2019 19:59 PM ET    87 Views      Financial 
Block out the noise: Here's the 2019 economic outlook
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01/02/2019 8:06 AM ET    79 Views      Financial 
An Economy With Zero Human Beings In It
Via: zerohedge.com | Author: Steven
01/01/2019 20:27 PM ET    70 Views      Financial 
The Truth About Money Laundering and Why Top Banks Are Crumbling
Via: dollarvigilante.com | Author: Steven
01/01/2019 20:12 PM ET    84 Views      Financial 
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01/01/2019 9:56 AM ET    71 Views      Financial 
5 Ways We Are Worse Off Fiscally After 2018
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12/31/2018 17:04 PM ET    45 Views      Financial 
The U.S.'s interest payments are about to skyrocket. Does it matter?
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12/31/2018 17:00 PM ET    51 Views      Financial 
Minimum wage increases force price increases
$1-an-hour bump in Maine, Massachusetts and for California employers with more than 25 workers
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12/31/2018 5:45 AM ET    66 Views      Financial