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    Why Do Millennials Like Socialism Betsy DeVos Cites Lack of Civics Education
Personally, I think that they are just plain stupid, look at the countries that have tried it, they all failed

Via: dailysignal.com | Author: Steven
10/17/2018 18:10:28 ET    0 Views     Financial 

    U.S. Is World's Most Competitive Economy for First Time in a Decade
Country regains top spot in World Economic Forum rankings thanks to strong economic growth; report says room for improvement on social issues

Via: wsj.com | Author: Steven
10/16/2018 19:10:06 ET    3 Views     Financial 

    McConnell Calls National Debt ‘Very Disturbing,’ Blames ‘Bipartisan Reluctance’ to Tackle Entitlements

Via: freebeacon.com | Author: Steven
10/16/2018 19:10:02 ET    2 Views     Financial 

    Dow rallies more than 500 points posts best day since March as earnings fuel rally

Via: cnbc.com | Author: Steven
10/16/2018 19:10:21 ET    3 Views     Financial 

    What if you hold a Congressional Briefing on Anti-Muslim Bias in Politics and nobody shows up?
That’s exactly what happened on Oct.10th when designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) brought their perpetual whine fest about “Islamophobia” to Congress

Via: barenakedislam.com | Author: Steven
10/12/2018 04:10:31 ET    8 Views     Financial 

    Dow tumbles over 500 points, bringing 2-day losses to more than 1,300 points

Via: cnbc.com | Author: Steven
10/12/2018 04:10:33 ET    7 Views     Financial 

    END OF AN ERA: 125-year-old Sears to file for bankruptcy

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
10/10/2018 19:10:20 ET    7 Views     Financial 

    Fabulously Rich Celebrities Celebrate Socialism

Via: investors.com | Author: Steven
10/10/2018 05:10:42 ET    6 Views     Financial 

    Sears Hires Advisers to Prepare Bankruptcy Filing
Troubled retailer working with boutique firm M-III Partners and could file for court protection ahead of Monday debt payment

Via: wsj.com | Author: Steven
10/10/2018 05:10:52 ET    5 Views     Financial 

    What Do The Worst-Run States Have In Common? They're Run By Tax-And-Spend Democrats

Via: investors.com | Author: Steven
10/09/2018 19:10:44 ET    8 Views     Financial 

    Michigan transgender woman attempts legal action after her car insurance rates rose post-transition
He's now a crazy woman driver

Via: theblaze.com | Author: Steven
10/09/2018 19:10:50 ET    9 Views     Financial 

    Doom or Boom: Is China Plotting to Sabotage President Trump’s Winning Economy?

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
10/09/2018 04:10:55 ET    8 Views     Financial 

    Venezuela's annual inflation hits 488,865 percent in September
Democrats would like to have all of the same programs here in the US

Via: reuters.com | Author: Steven
10/08/2018 19:10:31 ET    5 Views     Financial 

    Is Brazilian Democracy On The Brink?

Via: zerohedge.com | Author: Steven
10/06/2018 11:10:09 ET    5 Views     Financial 

    The Retail Apocalypse Picks Up Speed As Sears, JCPenney, Brookstone And Mattress Firm Spiral Toward Bankruptcy

Via: themostimportantnews.com | Author: Steven
10/05/2018 04:10:25 ET    8 Views     Financial 

    Economic 9/11 Markets Will Collapse

Via: usawatchdog.com | Author: Steven
10/01/2018 04:10:49 ET    12 Views     Financial 

    Conservative Journalist Launches GoFundMe For Judge Kavanaugh’s Family

Via: weaselzippers.us | Author: Steven
09/29/2018 18:09:11 ET    13 Views     Financial 

    Stuttering Nancy Pelosi: Calls for Lower Tax Before Catching Herself
I agree with her on this one, well, before she changed her mind. Lower taxes are always good.

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
09/29/2018 11:09:25 ET    15 Views     Financial 

    British Report: U.S. Winning Trade War with China
The Foreign Office Suggests The Impact Will Be Contained To China, Which Is Already Taking A Beating.

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
09/29/2018 11:09:53 ET    10 Views     Financial 

    Venezuela: Queues of Up to Five Days to Access Gasoline

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
09/29/2018 11:09:12 ET    10 Views     Financial 

    Why Are So Many People Talking About The Potential For A Stock Market Crash In October?

Via: themostimportantnews.com | Author: Steven
09/26/2018 05:09:01 ET    13 Views     Financial 

    New Illegal Immigrant Crime Stats and Costs

Via: sharylattkisson.com | Author: Steven
09/20/2018 04:09:09 ET    12 Views     Financial 

    Ocasio-Cortez Couldn’t Tell Tapper How to Pay for $40 Trillion Platform
Tapper: “So I’m assuming I’m not going to get an answer for the other thirty-eight trillion dollars.”

Via: legalinsurrection.com | Author: Steven
09/19/2018 18:09:15 ET    29 Views     Financial 

    Imran Awan Allegedly Tried To Hide His Money While DOJ Negotiates With Him

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
09/19/2018 18:09:48 ET    19 Views     Financial 

    Tax cuts 2.0: What you need to know

Via: foxbusiness.com | Author: Steven
09/19/2018 18:09:55 ET    22 Views     Financial 

    Trump expands tariffs on China by another $200 billion, threatens more

Via: techcrunch.com | Author: Steven
09/18/2018 05:09:06 ET    13 Views     Financial 

    The cargo ships that 'liquefy'

Via: bbc.com | Author: Steven
09/17/2018 19:09:26 ET    14 Views     Financial 

    New Statistics Show Decline in Poverty in Trump's First Year
Winning, Winning, Winning !!!!

Via: dailysignal.com | Author: Steven
09/16/2018 19:09:59 ET    15 Views     Financial 

    Steyer-Backed Study Showed Jobs Losses in Region He Is Running Initiatives

Via: freebeacon.com | Author: Steven
09/16/2018 19:09:04 ET    18 Views     Financial 

    Republicans Unveil Plans for Tax Cuts 2.0
House Ways And Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-Texas) Plans To Bring Three Bills Up For Markup On Thursday.

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
09/12/2018 05:09:18 ET    12 Views     Financial 

    America moves closer to being a cashless society

Via: marketwatch.com | Author: Steven
09/11/2018 14:09:49 ET    10 Views     Financial 

    Report:Blue-collar Job Growth At Highest Level In 30 Years
“The rapid hiring in blue collar sectors is delivering benefits to areas that turned out heavily for Trump”

Via: legalinsurrection.com | Author: Steven
09/10/2018 04:09:11 ET    17 Views     Financial 

    US payrolls top growth projections with 201,000 new jobs in August

Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
09/08/2018 11:09:52 ET    9 Views     Financial 

    Cynthia Nixon on health care for all: 'Pass it and then figure out how to fund it'
And she never will

Via: amp.washingtontimes.com | Author: Steven
09/08/2018 11:09:32 ET    12 Views     Financial 

    Obama's Real Economic Record
Though he tried taking credit for Trump’s economy, the facts paint a different picture of the 44th president

Via: infowars.com | Author: Steven
09/08/2018 10:09:09 ET    13 Views     Financial 

    U.S. adds 201,000 jobs as worker wages accelerate to nine-year high

Via: marketwatch.com | Author: Steven
09/07/2018 11:09:38 ET    16 Views     Financial 

    Venezuelan drivers face long lines for fuel as new payment system flops

Via: reuters.com | Author: Steven
09/07/2018 04:09:59 ET    11 Views     Financial 

    Levi Strauss Launches Million Dollar Gun Control Campaign
I thought that they sold jeans

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
09/07/2018 04:09:24 ET    11 Views     Financial 

    George Soros Working Closely With Iran

Via: clarionproject.org | Author: Steven
09/06/2018 04:09:16 ET    18 Views     Financial 

    Nike shares FALL with calls for boycott flooding social media

Via: therightscoop.com | Author: Steven
09/05/2018 05:09:41 ET    13 Views     Financial 

    $21 Trillion in Dark Money Will Cause Hyperinflation – Rob Kirby

Via: usawatchdog.com | Author: Steven
09/05/2018 05:09:29 ET    16 Views     Financial 

    Huge Number Of Illegals Opting Out Of Welfare Programs Fearing Trump Admin Crackdown

Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
09/05/2018 04:09:48 ET    34 Views     Financial 

    Larry Hogan Hits Ben Jealous for Taking Campaign Cash from Payday Lender
Jealous is invested in payday lender LendUp, has received contributions from top executives

Via: freebeacon.com | Author: Steven
09/04/2018 04:09:15 ET    17 Views     Financial 

    Alleged Source For Steele Dossier Sets Up $1 Million Fundraiser

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
09/04/2018 04:09:47 ET    18 Views     Financial 

    Ditch the dollar: World leaders who challenged reliance on US currency

Via: rt.com | Author: Steven
09/03/2018 11:09:54 ET    13 Views     Financial 

    11 Rage-Inducing Facts About America’s Wildly Out Of Control Student Loan Debt Bubble

Via: themostimportantnews.com | Author: Steven
09/03/2018 11:09:14 ET    12 Views     Financial 

    Ocasio-Cortez Praises Venezuela For Making Everyone A Millionaire Through Hyperinflation

Via: theburningplatform.com | Author: Steven
09/03/2018 11:09:06 ET    18 Views     Financial 

    A call to boycott In-N-Out meets its own resistance

Via: pilotonline.com | Author: Steven
08/31/2018 13:08:47 ET    15 Views     Financial 

    Inflation Has Run Amok – Danielle DiMartino Booth

Via: usawatchdog.com | Author: Steven
08/31/2018 04:08:20 ET    12 Views     Financial 

    California Moonbats Call For Boycott Of In-N-Out Burger After Donation To GOP
Not moonbats but retards

Via: weaselzippers.us | Author: Steven
08/30/2018 19:08:16 ET    20 Views     Financial 

    Elizabeth Warren Earned Royalties From Natural Gas Producer With Long Rap Sheet Of Environmental Violations, Tax Returns Reveal

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
08/30/2018 18:08:39 ET    12 Views     Financial 

    DOW drops 150 points after report says Trump to back $200 billion in Chinese tariffs

Via: cnbc.com | Author: Steven
08/30/2018 13:08:50 ET    14 Views     Financial 

    California Ends Cash Bail Bail Industry
Democrats: Figuring out ways to put people out of work since they started breathing

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
08/29/2018 08:08:05 ET    22 Views     Financial 

    Venezuela: Maduro Proposes Paying Citizens in Gold Bars
Yeah good luck with that Nick

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
08/29/2018 08:08:01 ET    19 Views     Financial 

    Democrats will stop at nothing to help wealthiest earners in blue states

Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
08/28/2018 06:08:00 ET    45 Views     Financial 

    Liberal Lies About Trumps Stock Market Surge

Via: bongino.com | Author: Steven
08/28/2018 05:08:39 ET    13 Views     Financial 

    President Trump slashes financial aid to Palestinians by another $200 million in addition to the $300 million he cut from UNRWA earlier this year

Via: barenakedislam.com | Author: Steven
08/27/2018 04:08:39 ET    21 Views     Financial 

    Trump Derangement Syndrome May Cost This Home Seller More Than $100,000

Via: westernjournal.com | Author: Steven
08/27/2018 04:08:41 ET    18 Views     Financial 

    Millennials May Love Socialism, But Socialism Wont Love Them Back

Via: investors.com | Author: Steven
08/27/2018 04:08:37 ET    13 Views     Financial 

    Trump cuts $200 million in aid to Palestinians

Via: jpost.com | Author: Steven
08/25/2018 19:08:19 ET    30 Views     Financial 

    52.1% of Kids Live in Households Getting Means-Tested Government Assistance

Via: cnsnews.com | Author: Steven
08/25/2018 10:08:44 ET    10 Views     Financial 

    Do Massachusetts Voters Know What Sen. Warren Wants to Do To Their Savings?

Via: realclearmarkets.com | Author: Steven
08/25/2018 10:08:51 ET    12 Views     Financial 

    22 Dem Candidates Who Distanced Themselves from Pelosi and Accepted Her Cash
Discontent with Pelosi grows despite fundraising prowess

Via: freebeacon.com | Author: Steven
08/23/2018 19:08:02 ET    15 Views     Financial 

    BDS Epic Fail: Pepsi Spending $3.2 Billion to Acquire SodaStream

Via: gellerreport.com | Author: Steven
08/22/2018 19:08:41 ET    11 Views     Financial 

    Two Mega-Banks Lose Out On $600 Million Project Over Anti-Gun Policies

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
08/21/2018 19:08:40 ET    15 Views     Financial 

    The Engineered Collapse of Venezuela Was the Beginning of a War on the Free World

Via: shtfplan.com | Author: Steven
08/21/2018 19:08:08 ET    14 Views     Financial 

    Ocasio-Cortez Visits Restaurant Closed by Her Policies
Company employed 150 people before minimum-wage hikes

Via: freebeacon.com | Author: Steven
08/20/2018 18:08:17 ET    29 Views     Financial 

    Economist: Liz Warren's Corporate Charter Bill Would Bring Venezuela's Socialism to the U.S.

Via: pjmedia.com | Author: Steven
08/20/2018 18:08:47 ET    18 Views     Financial 

    US bosses now earn 312 times the average workers wage figures show Business
Astronomical gap between the pay of workers and bosses exposed in report on earnings of America’s top 350 CEOs

Via: theguardian.com | Author: Steven
08/18/2018 06:08:02 ET    17 Views     Financial 


Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
08/15/2018 19:08:25 ET    30 Views     Financial 

    US Household Debt Hits Record $13.3 Trillion

Via: zerohedge.com | Author: Steven
08/15/2018 05:08:48 ET    17 Views     Financial 

    Europe moves on from financial crisis but Greece is still recovering

Via: axios.com | Author: Steven
08/15/2018 05:08:28 ET    17 Views     Financial 

    The Cost of Cortez: Nearly $2 Trillion Per Year

Via: bongino.com | Author: Steven
08/14/2018 18:08:58 ET    14 Views     Financial 

    Feds Collect Record Individual Income Taxes Through July; Still Run $683.9B Deficit

Via: cnsnews.com | Author: Steven
08/14/2018 06:08:02 ET    19 Views     Financial 

    Trump’s Economic War: Turkey Joins Iran on the Rocks

Via: clarionproject.org | Author: Steven
08/14/2018 05:08:54 ET    18 Views     Financial 

    Turkish Lira’s Collapse Accelerates
Some Analysts Fear This Could Be The Spark To A Global Economic Crisis.

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
08/13/2018 19:08:37 ET    21 Views     Financial 

    US Spending On Interest Hits All Time High As Budget Deficit Soars To $684 Billion

Via: zerohedge.com | Author: Steven
08/13/2018 04:08:54 ET    12 Views     Financial 

    Cost of living rises at fastest rate in decade

Via: thehill.com | Author: Steven
08/11/2018 06:08:16 ET    17 Views     Financial 

    US Spending On Interest Hits All Time High As Budget Deficit Soars To $684 Billion

Via: zerohedge.com | Author: Steven
08/11/2018 06:08:22 ET    25 Views     Financial 

    Turkey lira crashes to new lows as market alarm grows

Via: afp.com | Author: Steven
08/10/2018 07:08:25 ET    20 Views     Financial 

    US Regains TOP SPOT as WORLD’S Most Competitive Economy

Via: saraacarter.com | Author: Steven
08/10/2018 07:08:38 ET    22 Views     Financial 

    Someone Calculated How Much The Democratic Socialists' Agenda Would Cost. It's 42 TRILLION Dollars. Just To START.

Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
08/10/2018 04:08:03 ET    42 Views     Financial 

    The Cost of Cortez: Nearly $2 Trillion Per Year

Via: bongino.com | Author: Steven
08/10/2018 04:08:56 ET    21 Views     Financial 

    Amazon Eyes Next Trillion-Dollar Industries to Disrupt
Expert predicts gas stations, travel markets next

Via: infowars.com | Author: Steven
08/07/2018 18:08:48 ET    25 Views     Financial 

    Democratic Socialism Would Cost $218 Trillion Over 30 Years
Would exceed all of Europe’s current levels of spending

Via: infowars.com | Author: Steven
08/07/2018 18:08:30 ET    24 Views     Financial 

    The Jobs Report Is a Validation of Trumps Economic Policies

Via: realclearmarkets.com | Author: Steven
08/07/2018 18:08:46 ET    25 Views     Financial 

    UC Berkeley’s ‘income inequality’ critics earn in top 2%

Via: californiapolicycenter.org | Author: Steven
08/07/2018 06:08:15 ET    22 Views     Financial 

    Worker pay and benefits climbing at fastest pace in 10 years, ECI finds

Via: marketwatch.com | Author: Steven
08/07/2018 06:08:00 ET    34 Views     Financial 

    4.1% Economic Growth It Happened … And It Will Last

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
08/06/2018 19:08:33 ET    34 Views     Financial 

    Stuart Varney Views Venezuela As A Warning Shot To American Socialists

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
08/06/2018 19:08:13 ET    24 Views     Financial 

    Iran currency drops 18% in two days

Via: afp.com | Author: Steven
08/06/2018 04:08:22 ET    20 Views     Financial 

    Payrolls rise 157,000 missing expectations, but overall picture still strong

Via: cnbc.com | Author: Steven
08/03/2018 07:08:40 ET    28 Views     Financial 

    Big jobs report Friday: Strong payrolls growth expected for July with unemployment rate set to fall to 3.9%

Via: cnbc.com | Author: Steven
08/03/2018 06:08:17 ET    25 Views     Financial 

    Venezuela's president admits economy has failed

Via: france24.com | Author: Steven
08/01/2018 10:08:51 ET    28 Views     Financial 

    The Number Of Americans Living In Their Vehicles “Explodes” As The Middle Class Continues To Disappear

Via: themostimportantnews.com | Author: Steven
08/01/2018 10:08:30 ET    32 Views     Financial 

    Apple gets even closer to $1tn market cap, hits new all-time high in after-hours trading

Via: 9to5mac.com | Author: Steven
07/31/2018 19:07:34 ET    24 Views     Financial 

    MAGAnomics Second Quarter Wage Rate Growth 2.8% – Red, White and Blue Collar Growth Well Over 3%

Via: theconservativetreehouse.com | Author: Steven
07/31/2018 19:07:57 ET    25 Views     Financial 

    Maxine Waters vows to reverse Trump’s 'tax scam' if Dems retake Congress
That tax 'scam' is sure working, I'd leave it alone if I were you.

Via: bizpacreview.com | Author: Steven
07/31/2018 19:07:36 ET    30 Views     Financial 

    Feds try to grab 401(k) of city manager who stole $1.8M

Via: washingtontimes.com | Author: Steven
07/31/2018 05:07:22 ET    28 Views     Financial 

    Sorry If Youre Offended but Socialism Leads to Misery and Destitution
Socialism is the leading man-made cause of death and misery in human existence.

Via: reason.com | Author: Steven
07/31/2018 05:07:00 ET    20 Views     Financial 

    How Bill Clinton Faked the “Clinton Surplus”

Via: bongino.com | Author: Steven
07/31/2018 05:07:20 ET    22 Views     Financial 

    Bernie Sanders Socialist Medicare For All Will Cost $33 Trillion Over 10 Years
I guess that it will be called "The Really Affordable Care Act"

Via: thedailysheeple.com | Author: Steven
07/31/2018 05:07:17 ET    31 Views     Financial 


Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
07/30/2018 04:07:53 ET    45 Views     Financial 

    Stripping zeros not the answer to save Venezuelan economy, say analysts
The economy won't be saved there, get over it analysts...

Via: yahoo.com | Author: Steven
07/29/2018 07:07:48 ET    33 Views     Financial 

    Tuition-Free College Bill Coming Down the Pipeline From House Democrats
Good luck with that freeloaders

Via: dailysignal.com | Author: Steven
07/28/2018 10:07:11 ET    29 Views     Financial 

    KABOOM! U.S. Economy Explodes With 4.1% Growth Rate
Winning Winning Winning!!!!

Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
07/27/2018 07:07:07 ET    37 Views     Financial 

    Wall Street investors can't remember the last time a GDP report was so crucial
And the number is????

Via: marketwatch.com | Author: Steven
07/27/2018 07:07:10 ET    36 Views     Financial 

    These American states are drowning in ‘irretrievable’ debt

Via: foxbusiness.com | Author: Steven
07/27/2018 04:07:51 ET    25 Views     Financial 

    Home Industries Internet/Online Services Earnings Results GET EMAIL ALERTS Facebook stock drops roughly 20%, loses $120 billion in value after warning that revenue growth will take a hit

Via: marketwatch.com | Author: Steven
07/27/2018 04:07:46 ET    27 Views     Financial 

    U.S. second-quarter GDP growth expected to top 4%

Via: cbsnews.com | Author: Steven
07/27/2018 04:07:14 ET    27 Views     Financial 

    Zuckerberg Loses $16.8 Billion As Facebook PLUNGES And InZuckerberg Loses 16.8 Billion As Facebook PLUNGES And Insiders SELL

Via: shtfplan.com | Author: Steven
07/26/2018 19:07:57 ET    22 Views     Financial 

    SOCIALIST ECONOMICS 101: Venezuela Lops Five Zeros Off Currency To Combat Gigantic Inflation

Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
07/26/2018 19:07:30 ET    22 Views     Financial 

    Mattel is laying off more than 2,200 workers after Toys ‘R’ Us went bankrupt

Via: themostimportantnews.com | Author: Steven
07/26/2018 19:07:51 ET    26 Views     Financial 

    Trump Gains Trade Concessions from Europeans

Via: whitehousedossier.com | Author: Steven
07/26/2018 04:07:38 ET    22 Views     Financial 

    Warren Trump Wants To Set 'Black Working People Against White Working People'
Oh please granny Warren settle down

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
07/25/2018 19:07:00 ET    36 Views     Financial 

    Zuckerberg Loses $16.8 Billion in a Snap as Facebook Plunges
Yeah, couldn't happen to bigger jerk

Via: bloombergquint.com | Author: Steven
07/25/2018 19:07:01 ET    20 Views     Financial 

    Tech stocks poised for bloodbath on Thursday with Facebook on track for biggest drop ever
No mo sweet mo-ney

Via: cnbc.com | Author: Steven
07/25/2018 19:07:00 ET    21 Views     Financial 

    This perfectly describes the differences between capitalism and socialism.

Via: danieljmitchell.wordpress.com | Author: Steven
07/25/2018 05:07:14 ET    24 Views     Financial 

More BS from Warren, she's wading in it.

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
07/25/2018 05:07:09 ET    25 Views     Financial 

    Venezuela Surpasses Weimar As Hyperinflation Expected To Hit 1,000,000% By Year End

Via: zerohedge.com | Author: Steven
07/25/2018 05:07:36 ET    22 Views     Financial 

    The Gap Between The Rich And The Poor In The United States Hasn't Been This Large Since The 1920's

Via: endoftheamericandream.com | Author: Steven
07/24/2018 04:07:57 ET    31 Views     Financial 

    Venezuela's Inflation to Reach 1 Million Percent, IMF Forecasts

Via: bloombergquint.com | Author: Steven
07/23/2018 19:07:43 ET    26 Views     Financial 

    The RNC Has Over Five Times As Much Cash As The DNC Did In May

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
07/22/2018 18:07:23 ET    50 Views     Financial 

    The uninformed economic views of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in 2 charts
Keep on following her Democrats, put all of your marbles in her basket and it could be a gift to the Republicans

Via: aei.org | Author: Steven
07/18/2018 05:07:48 ET    22 Views     Financial 

    US retail sales rose 0.5 in June as expected

Via: cnbc.com | Author: Steven
07/17/2018 04:07:21 ET    23 Views     Financial 

    The $247 trillion global debt bomb

Via: washingtonpost.com | Author: Steven
07/16/2018 18:07:19 ET    23 Views     Financial 

    Chicagos last Sears to close for good Sunday

Via: chicagotribune.com | Author: Steven
07/14/2018 13:07:23 ET    65 Views     Financial 


Via: theburningplatform.com | Author: Steven
07/13/2018 04:07:24 ET    32 Views     Financial 

    As restaurants go cashless, a backlash is building. Will D.C. intervene?

Via: washingtonpost.com | Author: Steven
07/11/2018 05:07:14 ET    35 Views     Financial 

    Thousands of Americans stand to be denied passports due to unpaid taxes

Via: thehill.com | Author: Steven
07/10/2018 05:07:46 ET    33 Views     Financial 

    Millionaires Flee California After Tax Hike

Via: forbes.com | Author: Steven
07/10/2018 04:07:24 ET    44 Views     Financial 


Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
07/06/2018 19:07:24 ET    66 Views     Financial 

    Even Bernie Sanders knows single-payer is painful

Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
07/06/2018 19:07:54 ET    54 Views     Financial 

    US first-quarter growth slowed more than estimated, weighed down by the weakest consumer spending in nearly 5 years

Via: cnbc.com | Author: Steven
07/05/2018 19:07:58 ET    32 Views     Financial 

    As Socialist Support Soars In America, The Price Of A Cup Of Venezuelan Coffee Reaches Historic Threshold

Via: zerohedge.com | Author: Steven
07/02/2018 04:07:32 ET    38 Views     Financial 

    Over Half of Americans Happy With Economy Under Trump

Via: stream.org | Author: Steven
06/29/2018 04:06:10 ET    28 Views     Financial 

    Dem Congressman Turns Welfare Leech, Introduces Bill To Force Taxpayers To Pay His Rent
Shame on you, welfare leach...

Via: westernjournal.com | Author: Steven
06/25/2018 19:06:22 ET    59 Views     Financial 

    Millennials Are Waking Up to a Grim Financial Future

Via: theburningplatform.com | Author: Steven
06/23/2018 13:06:41 ET    38 Views     Financial 

    Trade war escalates Trump threatens to hit China with tariffs on $200 billion worth of goods. China responds.

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06/21/2018 04:06:54 ET    36 Views     Financial 

    Does California Prove that Liberal Economics Works?
Yeah keep thinking that it does...

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06/20/2018 18:06:11 ET    37 Views     Financial 

    This Could be the Next Job Lost to AI
Microsoft Is Looking For Ways For Big-Box Retailers To Stay Competitive With Amazon.

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
06/15/2018 19:06:48 ET    34 Views     Financial 

    Trump's economic boom

Via: washingtontimes.com | Author: Steven
06/14/2018 04:06:00 ET    84 Views     Financial 

    Big Globalist Deals are Money Laundering Frauds

Via: usawatchdog.com | Author: Steven
06/13/2018 19:06:36 ET    43 Views     Financial 

    Argentina's Peso Is Collapsing Again

Via: zerohedge.com | Author: Steven
06/13/2018 05:06:20 ET    43 Views     Financial 

    Venezuela's hyperinflation at new dizzying high

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06/12/2018 04:06:02 ET    41 Views     Financial 

    Sweden Tries to Halt Total Cashlessness With Lawmaker Proposal

Via: bloombergquint.com | Author: Steven
06/12/2018 04:06:49 ET    37 Views     Financial 

    Report Obama Gave Iran Access to U.S. Banking System
Desperate For A Deal, The Administration Also Urged Other Countries To Do Business With The Islamic Republic.

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
06/09/2018 16:06:27 ET    40 Views     Financial 

    ‘Fight for 15’ gets results: McDonald’s to use self-service kiosks in all American stores by 2020

Via: theblaze.com | Author: Steven
06/09/2018 16:06:50 ET    43 Views     Financial 

    Some good news, and bad news, about the recent job numbers

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06/08/2018 19:06:20 ET    70 Views     Financial 

    Minnesota Raised Minimum Wage. Wisconsin Didn't. Heres What Happened.

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06/07/2018 04:06:30 ET    75 Views     Financial