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'Never again': Peter Navarro says America will never rely on rest of the world for help
Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
04/06/2020 6:14 AM ET    0 Views      Political 
Beware The Creeps Who Enjoy Their New Pandemic Power
Via: townhall.com | Author: Steven
04/06/2020 5:57 AM ET    0 Views      Political 
President Trump Tweets Support For a 2nd Coronavirus Task Force to Re-Open Economy
Via: trendingpolitics.com | Author: Steven
04/06/2020 5:56 AM ET    0 Views      Political 
Joe Biden Speaks Gibberish, Forgets When 1918 'Spanish Flu' Pandemic Occurred
Joe, your time is up... Please get out of whatever race or fight you think you're in
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
04/06/2020 5:50 AM ET    0 Views      Political 
GOP Rep Authors Bill to Allow Prosecution of China over COVID-19 Outbreak
Via: warroom.org | Author: Steven
04/06/2020 5:45 AM ET    0 Views      Political 
Italy gave China PPE to help with coronavirus — then China made them buy it back
China sucks, Reports of Beijing’s diplomacy go from bad to worse
Via: spectator.us | Author: Steven
04/06/2020 5:39 AM ET    0 Views      Political 
Trump admin weighs legal action over alleged Chinese hoarding of PPE
Via: nypost.com | Author: Steven
04/06/2020 5:37 AM ET    0 Views      Political 
Trump slams 'complaining' Dem Pritzker at coronavirus briefing, signals openness to more stimulus checks
Via: foxnews.com | Author: Steven
04/06/2020 5:35 AM ET    1 Views      Political 
Clyburn Tapped to Chair Coronavirus Committee after Calling Pandemic ‘Tremendous Opportunity’ to Achieve Dem Spending Goals
Spending money wisely is something that Democrats know nothing about
Via: nationalreview.com | Author: Steven
04/05/2020 11:21 AM ET    1 Views      Political 
Oil set to ‘crater’ Monday as OPEC meeting delayed, tensions flare between Saudi Arabia and Russia
Via: cnbc.com | Author: Steven
04/05/2020 9:36 AM ET    0 Views      Political 
PURE EVIL: Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar Praises Mass Death Of Americans
Via: thewashingtonstandard.com | Author: Steven
04/03/2020 5:59 AM ET    3 Views      Political 
Hypocritical Democrats Completely Silent About Sexual Assault Allegations Against Joe Biden
Via: americanlookout.com | Author: Steven
04/03/2020 5:53 AM ET    2 Views      Political 
A Blow to Liberal Media: OANN Reporter Chanel Rion Invited Back into White House Briefings by Trump Press Secretary
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
04/03/2020 5:43 AM ET    2 Views      Political 
Pretty Awkward Start to Joe Biden's Coronavirus Presser Today... And He Only Took 4 Questions From Reporters
He's so soft in the head
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
04/03/2020 5:42 AM ET    2 Views      Political 
China Concealed Extent Of Virus Outbreak, U.S. Intelligence Says
Via: warroom.org | Author: Steven
04/03/2020 5:38 AM ET    3 Views      Political 
Mueller's hidden evidence Translator exonerated Don Jr. in Trump Tower meeting
Infamous meeting did not focus on Clinton dirt but on Magnitsky Act, newly released FBI memos show.
Via: justthenews.com | Author: Steven
04/03/2020 5:33 AM ET    3 Views      Political 
China emerging as 2020 issue: House hopeful calls it ‘criminal enterprise’
Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
04/03/2020 5:30 AM ET    3 Views      Political 
Pelosi creates new House committee with subpoena power for coronavirus oversight
The Dems are at it again...
Via: foxnews.com | Author: Steven
04/03/2020 5:26 AM ET    3 Views      Political 
Trump fires back at Schumer over coronavirus criticism: 'No wonder AOC is thinking about running against you'
Via: foxnews.com | Author: Steven
04/03/2020 5:26 AM ET    2 Views      Political 
Ilhan Omar Defends Herself From Adultery Charge With Quran Verse Calling for Flogging of Those Who Falsely Accuse "Chaste Women"
Chaste women? You'd had three husbands, what's chaste about that? In Somalia you'd probably be stoned for sleeping with that many men
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
04/02/2020 6:10 AM ET    2 Views      Political 
Here We Go... Adam Schiff Announces Legislation to Investigate the Coronavirus Emergency ...And Then Trump
We've had enough of you and your crap shifty Schiff
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
04/02/2020 6:07 AM ET    2 Views      Political 
Putin sends military plane to U.S. with supplies to fight coronavirus after talking with Trump
Via: cbsnews.com | Author: Steven
04/02/2020 6:01 AM ET    4 Views      Political 
Here's How To Apply For A Coronavirus Loan For Your Small Business
Via: thefederalist.com | Author: Steven
04/02/2020 5:45 AM ET    3 Views      Political 
Pandemic of Neglect: How U.S. health care failed to heed repeated warnings of supply shortages
More than a dozen government reports dating to the 1990s warned of the sort of medical supply shortages now being experienced in the coronavirus pandemic.
Via: justthenews.com | Author: Steven
04/02/2020 5:42 AM ET    2 Views      Political 
Joe Biden Looks Down At Notes During Live MSNBC Interview
He's pathetic
Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
04/01/2020 6:59 AM ET    4 Views      Political 
DEMOCRATS EATING THEIR OWN: Jake Tapper Devours Mayor De Blasio For Previous Coronavirus Comments

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
04/01/2020 5:54 AM ET    4 Views      Political     Video 
Dr. Birx's Connections with the Clinton Foundation and Obama Unfortunately Indicate Conflicted Loyalties
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
04/01/2020 5:50 AM ET    3 Views      Political 
House Republicans demand hearing on FBI FISA failures after new bombshell revelations
Rep. Jim Jordan, top Republican on House Judiciary Committee, demands Democrat hold hearing on FBI inaccuracies in surveillance warrant applications.
Via: justthenews.com | Author: Steven
04/01/2020 5:46 AM ET    4 Views      Political 
How Obama’s failure to resupply respirators in federal stockpile created a 2020 crisis
The stockpile's 100 million supply of N95 respirator masks was never fully replenished after 2009 swine flu pandemic, experts say.
Via: justthenews.com | Author: Steven
04/01/2020 5:44 AM ET    4 Views      Political 
Joe Biden has yet another gaffe-filled media appearance
He's gaffe-tastic
Via: nypost.com | Author: Steven
04/01/2020 5:43 AM ET    4 Views      Political 
King of Thailand ‘isolates’ from coronavirus with 20 women
Via: nypost.com | Author: Steven
03/31/2020 6:27 AM ET    4 Views      Political 
Biden Struggles to Speak Coherently as He Attacks President Trump’s Coronavirus Response
He speaks like a typical Democrat
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/31/2020 5:36 AM ET    3 Views      Political 
Attorney Requests All Documents Related to Seth Rich from FBI After New Testimony from former DOJ Asst. US Attorney Discloses the FBI DID Examine Seth Rich’s Computer
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/31/2020 5:34 AM ET    4 Views      Political 
NY Prisoners Say They're Re-Packaging Hand Sanitizer, Not Making It From Scratch, Under Cuomo's Program
Via: zerohedge.com | Author: Steven
03/30/2020 6:08 AM ET    4 Views      Political 
Biden Claims “Over 20 Million People” Have Watched His Livestreams… But Only 632 People Watched His Coronavirus Town Hall on YouTube
He's delusional Joe
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/30/2020 5:50 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
Pelosi Blames Trump for Coronavirus: After She Pushed Tourists to Visit Chinatown in Late February Weeks After Trump Bans China Flights
Is being soft in the head a requirement for Democrat leadership?
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/30/2020 5:48 AM ET    4 Views      Political 
Trump says social distancing guidelines will remain until April 30
The announcement differs from his previously expressed hope of opening up more by Easter
Via: justthenews.com | Author: Steven
03/30/2020 5:41 AM ET    4 Views      Political 
Joe Biden Said To Believe Women Who Say They’re Sexual Assault Victims. Now He’s Denying A Woman’s Sexual Assault Accusation
Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
03/30/2020 5:37 AM ET    4 Views      Political 
Democrats fret as Joe Biden becomes ‘irrelevant’ in coronavirus crisis
Via: foxnews.com | Author: Steven
03/30/2020 5:36 AM ET    4 Views      Political 
About That Anthony Weiner Laptop…
Via: redstate.com | Author: Steven
03/29/2020 12:52 PM ET    4 Views      Political 
Don Jr. Stands Up for Christians, Blasts NYT over Piece Blaming COVID Crisis on Evangelicals
The NYT is un-American
Via: westernjournal.com | Author: Steven
03/29/2020 12:50 PM ET    4 Views      Political 
NYC Mayor to synagogues: Close for coronavirus or be shut down permanently
Commie Bill is too big for his britches, he's a typical leftist
Via: jpost.com | Author: Steven
03/29/2020 12:49 PM ET    4 Views      Political 
Pelosi Accuses Trump of Killing Americans in Coronavirus Crisis: “As President Fiddles, People are Dying”; Raises Watergate Impeachment Question
Like you've got room to talk, go back to your sh*thole Nancy
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/29/2020 12:42 PM ET    4 Views      Political 
Flashback: Former Joe Biden Secret Service Agent: We Had to Protect Women From Him, ‘Weinstein Level Stuff’
He's being described as "Pervert Joe"
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/29/2020 12:41 PM ET    4 Views      Political 
How coronavirus compares with the flu opioid overdoses
At this point, coronavirus appears to have a higher mortality rate than common illnesses such as seasonal flu
Via: justthenews.com | Author: Steven
03/29/2020 12:30 PM ET    4 Views      Political 
Hillary Clinton's toxic coronavirus commentary uses dead Americans as a political weapon
She's just a disgusting person
Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
03/29/2020 12:27 PM ET    4 Views      Political 
Pence says virus taskforce soon to deliver recommendation on whether to re-open economy
Via: reuters.com | Author: Steven
03/29/2020 12:26 PM ET    13 Views      Political 
Joe Biden Said He Believes All Women. Does He Believe Tara Reade?
A former staffer says he sexually assaulted her in 1993.
Via: reason.com | Author: Steven
03/27/2020 7:25 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
Gallup: News Media Ranked Worst in Response to Coronavirus
Via: cnsnews.com | Author: Steven
03/27/2020 7:11 AM ET    4 Views      Political 
MeToo Movement Refused to Help Woman Who Accused Biden of Sexual Assault
What did you expect?
Via: trendingpolitics.com | Author: Steven
03/27/2020 7:07 AM ET    5 Views      Political 
“I’m Going to Barack, Significantly Increase the Number of Pell Grants” – Biden Talks Gibberish About Pell Grants
This is the man that Democrats are pinning their 2020 hope to. Joe Biden, the Gibberish Man
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/27/2020 6:44 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
So Wicked: Pelosi Slams Republicans and Lies About GOP “Tax Scam” that Cut Taxes for Working Americans, Saying it Cost America $2 Trillion
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/27/2020 6:43 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
Wicked, Immoral Woman: Pelosi Tried to Ram Illegal Ballot Harvesting into Coronavirus Stimulus Bill
They will stop at nothing to keep their power, Pelosi is a disgusting swamp creature
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/27/2020 6:41 AM ET    5 Views      Political 
Full text of stimulus hasn't been released but vote is expected today
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says chamber will vote Wednesday on a $2 trillion coronavirus release package but text of final bill isn't public
Via: justthenews.com | Author: Steven
03/26/2020 10:08 AM ET    5 Views      Political 
Pelosi's Coronavirus Plan Up to $1 Billion for Sanctuary Cities
Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
03/26/2020 6:51 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
Pompeo: Chinese Communist Party Denying World Vital Coronavirus Information
Via: harbingersdaily.com | Author: Steven
03/26/2020 6:47 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
Joe Biden Rape Story from 1993 Finally Goes Mainstream Just as Slow-Joe Continues his Meltdown, Day after Day on Live TV
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/26/2020 6:46 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
As Trump Coronavirus Handling Hits 60% Approval Taxpayer Funded NPR Station Says Wont Air White House Briefings on Crisis
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/26/2020 6:40 AM ET    5 Views      Political 
Tucker Carlson: Dems Want Bailout for Foreign Workers During Employment Crisis
Ah, hell no

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
03/26/2020 6:17 AM ET    5 Views      Political     Video 
After Impeaching Trump Over Ukraine, Nancy Pelosi Demands Quid Pro Quo Before Releasing Aid To Americans
She's gone mad
Via: thefederalist.com | Author: Steven
03/26/2020 6:17 AM ET    5 Views      Political 
Joe Biden Says He ‘Became A Professor’ After Leaving White House — He Never Taught A Class
He's clearly gone soft in the head, he's delusional

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
03/26/2020 6:16 AM ET    4 Views      Political     Video 
Senate passes coronavirus economic rescue bill
Via: catholicnewsagency.com | Author: Steven
03/25/2020 11:57 AM ET    5 Views      Political 
"We have a deal": Senate, White House agree to massive $2T coronavirus stimulus bill
Via: disrn.com | Author: Steven
03/25/2020 5:34 AM ET    5 Views      Political 
Pelosi Coronavirus Plan Calls For Nationwide Ballot Harvesting for 2020 Election
They will stop at nothing to keep their power, including letting you die
Via: trendingpolitics.com | Author: Steven
03/25/2020 5:31 AM ET    5 Views      Political 
Democrat Rep. Clyburn Says Coronavirus “Is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision”
Democrats always want to control you...
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/25/2020 5:28 AM ET    5 Views      Political 
Pelosi Backs Down From Her Coronavirus Bill (For Now) – Says Will Try to Pass Senate’s Economic Stimulus Package
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/25/2020 5:27 AM ET    5 Views      Political 
Biden Actually Said This… “We Have to Take Care of the Cure That Will Make the Problem Worse No Matter What”
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/25/2020 5:25 AM ET    5 Views      Political 
Gaetz offers bill to block taxpayer dollars to state-owned Chinese businesses
Gaetz's legislation comes as Congress works to pass stimulus measures to help Americans and businesses impacted by the coronavirus crisis
Via: justthenews.com | Author: Steven
03/25/2020 5:22 AM ET    5 Views      Political 
The Bigger The Government, The More Incompetent
Via: finance.townhall.com | Author: Steven
03/25/2020 5:21 AM ET    5 Views      Political 
Los Angeles Times and Bloomberg News: Federal stockpile of N95 masks was depleted under Obama and never restocked
Thanks Obama and Biden
Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
03/24/2020 19:45 PM ET    5 Views      Political 
Nancy Pelosi’s Coronavirus Bill Gives $300 Million To Refugees, Migrants
That section should be labeled DEPORTATION FUNDS
Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
03/24/2020 12:42 PM ET    7 Views      Political 
New Yorkers Flood Florida – Governor DeSantis Writes Executive Order Requiring 14 Day Self-Quarantine…

Via: theconservativetreehouse.com | Author: Steven
03/24/2020 5:59 AM ET    6 Views      Political     Video 
NBC Actually Calls Out Dems for Playing Politics With Virus Relief
It's really bad when your own media mouthpiece calls you out
Via: newsbusters.org | Author: Steven
03/24/2020 5:54 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
Joe Biden Stumbles, Loses His Train of Thought and Has to Signal to Staff He Needs Help During His Coronavirus Briefing
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/24/2020 5:50 AM ET    10 Views      Political 
Biden slow to explain why he'd be quicker than Trump in tackling coronavirus
Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
03/24/2020 5:43 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
Schumer holding up $50 billion in farm aid Spectator USA
The farm aid is just the latest piece of the stimulus package to which Democrats have raised objections
Via: spectator.us | Author: Steven
03/24/2020 5:43 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
Democratic pundit says Republican governor and legislature 'should be shot'
Via: theblaze.com | Author: Steven
03/23/2020 6:10 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
Giddy Democrats Planning to Exploit the Economic Crisis to Hurt Trump
It's not going to work, we see what you're doing and your days are numbered
Via: amgreatness.com | Author: Steven
03/23/2020 5:56 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
U.S. Futures Dive as Democrats Accuse GOP of Rushing Rescue Bill
Thanks Nancy for screwing the whole country
Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
03/23/2020 5:54 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
McConnell Furious After Senate Democrats Screw American Public – Block Emergency Coronavirus Package
Thanks Democrats... playing politics with people's lives
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/23/2020 5:49 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
When virus recedes GOP plans to unleash sweeping health care reform plan
Protecting pre-existing conditions, ensuring easier generics, buying insurance across state lines and empowering doctors are key tenets.
Via: justthenews.com | Author: Steven
03/23/2020 5:46 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
Hillary and Chinese Gov’t Reading From Same Script In Calling Trump Racist Over “Chinese Virus”
Via: legalinsurrection.com | Author: Steven
03/23/2020 5:43 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
Pelosi: Trump Should Assume Dictatorial Powers NOW
Now you want him to become a dictator? Based on everything you've been saying, I though he already was one. Guess I was wrong.
Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
03/22/2020 16:43 PM ET    6 Views      Political 
Judicial Watch: FBI Finds New Clinton Emails, Including Discussion about Benghazi and Additional Classified Material
Via: judicialwatch.org | Author: Steven
03/22/2020 16:30 PM ET    15 Views      Political 
Adam Schiff Claims ‘Immunity’ To Avoid Lawsuit
Via: trendingpolitics.com | Author: Steven
03/22/2020 16:23 PM ET    6 Views      Political 
Biden Emerges From Hiding, Plans to Attack President Trump with Shadow Coronavirus Briefings From His Home in Delaware
He's emerging from the shadows. Joe, sit down, be quiet and let the President lead.
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/22/2020 16:10 PM ET    6 Views      Political 
Washington Post Publishes Call for End to Live Broadcasts of Trump’s Coronavirus Briefings as Four New Polls Show Majority Approval for President’s Handling of Crisis
The Post needs to start getting the real news out instead of it's propaganda
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/22/2020 16:09 PM ET    6 Views      Political 
Biden At Fundraising Disadvantage Against Trump
Via: warroom.org | Author: Steven
03/22/2020 16:08 PM ET    6 Views      Political 
Americans Rejecting Hysterical Criticism of Trump
Via: pjmedia.com | Author: Steven
03/22/2020 15:54 PM ET    6 Views      Political 
SWAMP REUNION: Obama’s Three Muses Reappear In Mueller’s Trump Investigation
Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
03/20/2020 19:46 PM ET    6 Views      Political 
Four senators dumped millions in stocks while Capitol Hill was being briefed on the coronavirus threat but BEFORE markets started tanking
Shame on all four of them, they all need to resign now
Via: dailymail.co.uk | Author: Steven
03/20/2020 15:33 PM ET    7 Views      Political 
Stunning: Corrupt Roger Stone Jury Forewoman Is Connected To Court Appointed Lawyer
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/20/2020 5:49 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
Schiff claims 'immunity' in bid to keep impeachment phone subpoenas secret
Judicial Watch is seeking to obtain subpoenas the House Intel Committee issued during the impeachment inquiry to get Americans’ phone records.
Via: justthenews.com | Author: Steven
03/20/2020 5:44 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
Trump supports government taking equity in companies that get coronavirus aid
President opposes uses of aid for stock buybacks, bonuses
Via: marketwatch.com | Author: Steven
03/20/2020 5:43 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
Democrat Dark Money Groups To Spend Millions Politicizing Wuhan Flu
Via: thefederalist.com | Author: Steven
03/20/2020 5:41 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
Try to Keep Up, Joe! Biden Demands Trump Invoke the Defense Production Act Minutes After Trump… Invokes the Defense Production Act
Joe is just getting slower, slower, slower
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/19/2020 6:00 AM ET    8 Views      Political 
GOP Wins 3 Special Pennsylvania House Races, Including A ‘Hillary District’
Via: warroom.org | Author: Steven
03/19/2020 5:58 AM ET    8 Views      Political 
Reps. Mario Diaz-Balart, Ben McAdams are first lawmakers to announce testing positive for coronavirus
Via: foxnews.com | Author: Steven
03/19/2020 5:47 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
Trump Becomes Presumptive GOP Nominee After Winning Florida and Illinois Primaries – Crushes Record Vote Totals
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/18/2020 6:13 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
Many Get Rude Awakening On Online Gun Sales
Stupid, lying leftists sowing fear, proven wrong AGAIN !!!
Via: bearingarms.com | Author: Steven
03/18/2020 6:07 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
Joe Biden Lies About Coronavirus Testing To Make Trump Look Bad
At Sunday night’s debate, Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden blatantly lied to the American public about the Trump administration’s handling of coronavirus testing.
Via: thefederalist.com | Author: Steven
03/18/2020 5:59 AM ET    8 Views      Political 
McConnell says Senate will pass House coronavirus bill without changes
Via: thehill.com | Author: Steven
03/18/2020 5:57 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
90% of Seattle coronavirus infections came from a single introduction from China
And these Democrat idiots want open borders
Via: noqreport.com | Author: Steven
03/17/2020 6:17 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
Wuhan Virus Will Give President Trump His Biggest Win — MAGA Can Use the Coronavirus to Crush Globalism
Via: frontpagemag.com | Author: Steven
03/17/2020 6:16 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
Trump Lays Out 15 Day Plan To Slow Coronavirus Spread
Via: trendingpolitics.com | Author: Steven
03/17/2020 6:15 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
Trump's State Department Blisters China Over Coronavirus Lies
Via: trendingpolitics.com | Author: Steven
03/17/2020 6:14 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
Hillary Clinton Appeals Federal Court Order to Go Under Oath
Via: judicialwatch.org | Author: Steven
03/17/2020 5:47 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
Durham Probe to Wrap Up by Summer
Via: bongino.com | Author: Steven
03/17/2020 5:41 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
Staffer that left Schiff’s office tested positive for coronavirus
Via: therightscoop.com | Author: Steven
03/16/2020 5:53 AM ET    9 Views      Political 
Did Joe Biden Plagiarize His Story about the Suffering Mother? — The Same Story Was Written Up in the Oregonian Last Week
He's done it before, so probably yes...
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/16/2020 5:43 AM ET    10 Views      Political 
Joe Biden Backs Taxpayer Funded Abortions During Dem Debate, Says His Healthcare Plan Requires It
The Democrats sure do love to kill people
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/16/2020 5:42 AM ET    9 Views      Political 
CNN Asks Bernie About his Heart Condition — Then Forgets to Ask Joe Biden about his Brain Aneurysms and Dementia
Would you expect anything less from the Democrats?
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/16/2020 5:41 AM ET    9 Views      Political 
Trump considering ‘full pardon’ of former national security advisor Michael Flynn
Via: cnbc.com | Author: Steven
03/16/2020 5:24 AM ET    13 Views      Political 
Trump campaign accuses Biden of 'plagiarizing' Trump's coronavirus plan
Via: justthenews.com | Author: Steven
03/15/2020 10:57 AM ET    8 Views      Political 
CNN's Jim Acosta flagged for bias in coverage of Trump pandemic
Jim is just a douche, that's all. Acosta said Trump's use of the term "foreign virus" would strike many Americans as "smacking of xenophobia"
Via: justthenews.com | Author: Steven
03/15/2020 10:53 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
Feds spending $7.5 million on retirement village for chimps
Government primates are being retired to New Mexico, with accounts of nearly $200,000 each.
Via: justthenews.com | Author: Steven
03/15/2020 10:52 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
World closes borders, restricts travel to contain coronavirus spread
So now according to Democrats the whole world is racist... Take a cue Democrats, close the US borders to ALL illegals
Via: reuters.com | Author: Steven
03/15/2020 10:49 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
Trump tests negative for coronavirus, White House doctor says
Via: cnbc.com | Author: Steven
03/15/2020 10:49 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
Ex-Rochester teacher sent to prison for sex with students
Via: detroitnews.com | Author: Steven
03/14/2020 16:33 PM ET    6 Views      Political 
Bernie Bros warn of ‘massive exodus’ if Democrats nominate Joe Biden
Via: nypost.com | Author: Steven
03/14/2020 16:32 PM ET    7 Views      Political 
Tump Has Been Tested for Wuhan Virus; Media Who Were Unhappy He Wasn’t Tested Now Unhappy He Has Been
Boo Hoo MSM, you need to stop your childish antics
Via: redstate.com | Author: Steven
03/14/2020 16:21 PM ET    5 Views      Political 
Former Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Gillum Found With Crystal Meth, Two Men, In Miami Hotel Room
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/14/2020 16:20 PM ET    5 Views      Political 
Joe Biden Wanders Off Camera During Live Town Hall, Campaign Tries to Cover it Up with Logo
Better outfit Joe with GPS
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/14/2020 16:17 PM ET    10 Views      Political 
Bad News For Democrats – A ‘Never Biden’ Movement Is Growing On The Left
How about just starting the "never Democrats" movement and keeping it going FOREVER
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/14/2020 16:14 PM ET    6 Views      Political 
Joe Biden Gets Confused Again – Has No Idea When He Would be President, ‘Two Years, Another Year… November, Or Actually January’
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/14/2020 16:12 PM ET    5 Views      Political 
U.S. puts China on notice over virus deflections
Via: the-japan-news.com | Author: Steven
03/14/2020 16:09 PM ET    5 Views      Political 
Louisiana Postpones Democratic Primary Over Coronavirus
Via: warroom.org | Author: Steven
03/14/2020 16:08 PM ET    5 Views      Political 
Trump adds England, Ireland to travel ban, gets coronavirus test
White House now screening those who get close to Trump, Pence
Via: justthenews.com | Author: Steven
03/14/2020 16:07 PM ET    11 Views      Political 
Mexico considering restrictions on US border amid coronavirus fears
Mexico so far has confirmed 26 cases of the coronavirus, with no deaths. In the United States, 48 people have died so far.
Via: jpost.com | Author: Steven
03/14/2020 16:06 PM ET    6 Views      Political 
Adam Schiff accused of bombshell power abuses
Via: thehornnews.com | Author: Steven
03/13/2020 11:15 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
Ben Rhodes slapped with reality check when he longs for Obama leadership under coronavirus outbreak
Via: bizpacreview.com | Author: Steven
03/13/2020 9:05 AM ET    8 Views      Political 
Media Claims Calling Virus ‘Wuhan Virus’ Or ‘Chinese Coronavirus’ Is Racist, Here’s Media Calling It That
Via: weaselzippers.us | Author: Steven
03/13/2020 9:04 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
Is Joe Biden mentally fit to be president ?
From 'Super Thursday' to putting '720 million women back in the work force,' Biden's miscues are epic
Via: washingtontimes.com | Author: Steven
03/13/2020 6:12 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
Coronavirus: European Leaders Finally Acknowledge Scale of Crisis
Via: gatestoneinstitute.org | Author: Steven
03/13/2020 6:01 AM ET    13 Views      Political 
ICE chief gives mind-boggling stats: Will take 140 yrs to clear ‘backlog’ of illegal immigrants after border surge
Via: bizpacreview.com | Author: Steven
03/13/2020 5:56 AM ET    9 Views      Political 
Coronavirus: Facts vs. Panic
Separating facts from irrational fear in the global virus pandemic.
Via: justthenews.com | Author: Steven
03/13/2020 5:52 AM ET    18 Views      Political 
SIT DOWN JOE… Biden Attacks Trump on Coronavirus – But Biden-Obama Waited Til Over One Million Infected, 1,000 Deaths Before Declaring H1N1 National Emergency
They always talk a big game, but their actions show how inept they really are
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/13/2020 5:45 AM ET    9 Views      Political 
Demon Pelosi Pushed to Include Federal Funding For Abortion Into Coronavirus Response Bill
They never stop trying to fund their most holy sacrament of abortion
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/13/2020 5:38 AM ET    8 Views      Political 
WE WILL NEVER FORGET: Pelosi Held Up Vote on Coronavirus So Democrats Could Run Ads Against GOP on Super Tuesday
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/13/2020 5:36 AM ET    8 Views      Political 
Why Trump’s coronavirus speech, designed to calm, deepened panic
Via: statnews.com | Author: Steven
03/13/2020 5:34 AM ET    9 Views      Political 
Biden Appoints Former O’Rourke Aide as New Campaign Manager
Via: warroom.org | Author: Steven
03/13/2020 5:30 AM ET    8 Views      Political 
Pressure grows on Bernie Sanders to drop out
Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
03/12/2020 20:00 PM ET    7 Views      Political 
Capitol to close to public until April 1 amid coronavirus outbreak
Via: axios.com | Author: Steven
03/12/2020 10:17 AM ET    10 Views      Political 
Top Intel Official Says NO EVIDENCE Russia Is Interfering in 2020 Election Despite Previous Junk Reports by Leftie Media
Not it's verified, because we all knew this already
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/12/2020 8:09 AM ET    10 Views      Political 
Over 600 Alleged Members of Mexican Cartel Arrested Thanks to Trump Executive Order
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/12/2020 8:08 AM ET    19 Views      Political 
The level of media opposition and snark against President Trump is simply so ridiculous at this point there’s a desperation to it
Via: theconservativetreehouse.com | Author: Steven
03/12/2020 8:02 AM ET    11 Views      Political 
‘Buy American’ — White House Confirms Executive Order That Will End Medical Supply Chain Reliance On China
Via: weaselzippers.us | Author: Steven
03/12/2020 7:20 AM ET    9 Views      Political 
'Alhamdulillah' Ilhan Omar Marries her Campaign Consultant After Extramarital Affair
Via: saraacarter.com | Author: Steven
03/12/2020 7:15 AM ET    10 Views      Political 
Democrats Reject Trump’s Call For Unity To Fight Pandemic
Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
03/12/2020 7:05 AM ET    9 Views      Political 
Coronavirus Outbreak Strikes U.S. Senator’s Office
Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
03/12/2020 7:02 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
Travel from Europe Suspended by Order of President, Designed To Protect Americans, UK Only Exception
Via: westernjournal.com | Author: Steven
03/12/2020 7:01 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
"He Kinda Went Off The Deep End" Says Blue Collar Worker Cussed By Biden Todd Starnes
Via: toddstarnes.com | Author: Steven
03/11/2020 11:50 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
China's coronavirus cover-up "cost the world" two months
Via: toddstarnes.com | Author: Steven
03/11/2020 11:44 AM ET    8 Views      Political 
CNN Cancels Audience and Media Attendance For Sanders -v- Biden Debate – Clyburn Says Cancel All Joe Biden Debates Now…
Th eDNC knows that Biden can't stop gaffing, so they want to shut him up. Losers...
Via: theconservativetreehouse.com | Author: Steven
03/11/2020 11:27 AM ET    8 Views      Political 
Jim Clyburn: Shut Down Primaries, Debates To Protect Biden From Saying Something He ‘Cannot Overcome’
Jim, you might have started by not endorsing such a moron, he says stupid things as often as he breathes
Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
03/11/2020 8:03 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
Scott Presler: Homeless Americans, Not Illegal Aliens Should Be Priority
Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
03/11/2020 6:17 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
Brit Hume on Joe Biden: ‘Like So Many People His Age, is Losing His Memory and is Getting Senile’
Via: foxnews.com | Author: Steven
03/11/2020 5:58 AM ET    8 Views      Political 
Joe Biden Suffers Dentures Malfunction Dung Victory Speech
Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
03/11/2020 5:57 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
Joe Biden Has No Regrets After Swearing at Detroit Auto Worker
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/11/2020 5:50 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
AWKWARD: Woman Introduces Joe Biden at Ohio Event as “Our Next Vice President”
Not awkward but par for the course, after all, he wants to ban AK-14's
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/11/2020 5:49 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
Joe Biden Drops Names of Possible Cabinet Members in Desperate Move to Gain Votes — Includes Obama Deep State Hacks and Pocahontas
He's the King of desperate land now
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/11/2020 5:48 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
“Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait…” – JOE BIDEN Tours Michigan Auto Plant — Ends Up Screaming at Worker Over “AR-14” Guns
Dumb ass Joe strikes again.
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/11/2020 5:46 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
Biden Wins Mississippi And Missouri in Early Blow to Sanders
But does Joe know where he is...
Via: warroom.org | Author: Steven
03/11/2020 5:39 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
Hunter Biden Says Coronavirus Is Keeping Him From Attending Child Support Deposition
Hunter, cocaine doesn't cause coronavirus
Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
03/11/2020 5:36 AM ET    9 Views      Political 
Sanders: No Regrets for Praising Castro
Only one problem Castro turned Cuba into a hellhole

Via: freebeacon.com | Author: Steven
03/11/2020 5:34 AM ET    7 Views      Political     Video 
Biden’s Detroit Rally Looks Packed…Until Camera Pans Out
Now that's excitement, well sort of, well not really.
Via: 100percentfedup.com | Author: Steven
03/10/2020 6:20 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
Trump suggests there’s “trouble ahead” for Chuck Schumer over SCOTUS threat
Via: therightscoop.com | Author: Steven
03/10/2020 6:18 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
Right After Tulsi Gabbard Reaches Previous Requirement DNC Changes Debate Rules News Pushed
Of course, they keep changing the rules and will deserve the ire of their voters
Via: newspushed.com | Author: Steven
03/10/2020 6:16 AM ET    5 Views      Political 
Fox News Reporting John Durham Knows The Crimes That Were Committed, What Group Was Involved, And What Charges to File
Via: waynedupree.com | Author: Steven
03/10/2020 6:15 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
Bernie Sanders would not close the borders to prevent coronavirus spread

Via: noqreport.com | Author: Steven
03/10/2020 6:09 AM ET    6 Views      Political     Video 
“NAFTA Killed Our Jobs!” – Protesters Disrupt Joe Biden’s Low Energy Rally in Detroit at High School Gym
What a loser...
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/10/2020 6:06 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
Joe Biden Gets Confused Again: ‘Together, I think We Can Win Back the House’
He's usually confused, we should only note when he has a moment of clarity
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/10/2020 6:05 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
Joe Biden’s Former IT Director, Warren Flood, Implicated in ‘Russia Hacked the DNC Email’ Narrative
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/10/2020 6:03 AM ET    5 Views      Political 
Howard Dean Lashes Out at Rep. Elise Stefanik after She Is Threatened while Shopping
What do you expect - Yeeehaaa
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/10/2020 6:02 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
More Than 18,000 Democrats Have attended Trump Rallies This Year
Via: warroom.org | Author: Steven
03/10/2020 6:00 AM ET    5 Views      Political 
Politico Uncovers Allegations Of Suspicious Business Dealings Involving Joe Biden’s Brother
Via: redstate.com | Author: Steven
03/10/2020 5:47 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
Are Trump’s MAGA rallies a hotbed of ‘hidden voters’?
Democrats are skeptical, but the Trump campaign claims it's drawing people who didn't vote for Trump in 2016, and even some Democrats.
Via: politico.com | Author: Steven
03/10/2020 5:29 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
Christopher Steele Discusses Dossier At University Event, Defends ‘What We Did’
Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
03/10/2020 5:27 AM ET    6 Views      Political 
Illegal immigrants are voting in California and 'it's going to happen in your state soon': Tomi Lahren
Via: foxnews.com | Author: Steven
03/09/2020 5:39 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
Sketchy – 44 Dallas County Precincts Were NOT Included in Super Tuesday Results – Election Officials Request Recount…
Via: theconservativetreehouse.com | Author: Steven
03/09/2020 5:32 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
DNC Caters to Old Joe – Changes Rules So Biden Can Sit Down During Arizona Debate
Anything to help him before he goes to the home...
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/09/2020 5:30 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
“We Can Not Win This Election – We Can Only Reelect Donald Trump” – Bumbling Joe Biden Accidentally Speaks Truth at KC Rally
Why are they even letting him run? He's empty-headed Joe
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/09/2020 5:28 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
Did Amy Klobuchar Just Accidentally Reveal That She’s Been Chosen As Biden’s Running Mate?
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/09/2020 5:24 AM ET    8 Views      Political 
Mitt Romney Will Vote Next Week in Favor of A Subpoena Seeking Records About The Work Joe Biden’s Son Hunter Did For Burisma
Via: warroom.org | Author: Steven
03/09/2020 5:19 AM ET    8 Views      Political 
Omar attacks Kavanaugh and Thomas as 'two accused sexual predators'
Says the woman who married her brother
Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
03/09/2020 5:16 AM ET    9 Views      Political 
Gabbard Urges Her Opponents to Stand Up to the DNC
Via: townhall.com | Author: Steven
03/09/2020 5:16 AM ET    7 Views      Political 
Michelle Obama Schedules Voter Advocacy Rally in Detroit in Late March
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/05/2020 5:35 AM ET    16 Views      Political 
Josh Hawley to File for Censure of Chuck Schumer Over Supreme Court Threats
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/05/2020 5:34 AM ET    14 Views      Political 
Chief Justice Roberts Condemns Chuck Schumer For Threatening Gorsuch and Kavanaugh
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/05/2020 5:33 AM ET    12 Views      Political 
The Untold Story of Super Tuesday… President Trump Trounces Vote Totals of All Past Incumbents in BLUE States!
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/05/2020 5:33 AM ET    13 Views      Political 
Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank All Rush to Contain Coronavirus Contagion
Via: pandemic.warroom.org | Author: Steven
03/05/2020 5:30 AM ET    13 Views      Political 
Far-left congressional candidate Cenk Uygur melts down on his YouTube show, disastrous election numbers roll in
The angry anti-Trump progressive did not have a good night
Via: theblaze.com | Author: Steven
03/05/2020 5:29 AM ET    11 Views      Political 
House easily passes $8.3B spending bill to battle coronavirus outbreak
Via: foxnews.com | Author: Steven
03/05/2020 5:26 AM ET    11 Views      Political 
California Primary: Los Angeles County Reporting Technical Issues: Long Lines, Malfunctioning Machines, Lack Of Staff
Typical for Democrats... They need to get it all together
Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
03/04/2020 5:56 AM ET    13 Views      Political 
Trump Sets The Internet On Fire With His Response To Warren Losing Her HOME STATE
Go have that beer Fauxahontas, you're the BIGGEST LOSER
Via: trendingpolitics.com | Author: Steven
03/04/2020 5:54 AM ET    13 Views      Political 
Joe Biden Introduces His WIFE as His SISTER! — The Hope of the Democrat Party!
Dems, this is really what you want? He's soft in the head and he's gonna be destroyed in the General
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/04/2020 5:52 AM ET    14 Views      Political 
Scary Moment as Protesters Storm Stage During Joe Biden Victory Speech; Photo: Jill Biden Protects Husband
Dems you built this monster and now it's coming for you.
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/04/2020 5:50 AM ET    18 Views      Political 
Embarrassing… Top Democrat Joe Biden Starts Mumbling, Loses His Place During Super Tuesday Speech
Mumbling, Bumbling Joe

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/04/2020 5:47 AM ET    15 Views      Political     Video 
Joe Biden Spends Super Tuesday Sniffing Baby’s Hair in Oakland
Dems, behold your frontrunner. "Sniffer Joe".
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/04/2020 5:45 AM ET    13 Views      Political 
‘If I do get the Coronavirus I’m attending every MAGA rally I can’ – Denver Communist Official Says She Will Use Deadly Virus as Bio Weapon Against Trump Supporters
You're sick already.
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/04/2020 5:44 AM ET    15 Views      Political 
Sanders Wins California, Super Tuesday’s Biggest Prize
Via: warroom.org | Author: Steven
03/04/2020 5:38 AM ET    14 Views      Political 
Alabama GOP Senate Primary Goes to Runoff With Sessions And Former Auburn Football Coach
Via: warroom.org | Author: Steven
03/04/2020 5:37 AM ET    13 Views      Political 
Bloomberg to reassess after disappointing results
Via: apnews.com | Author: Steven
03/04/2020 5:34 AM ET    12 Views      Political 
Denver Democrat Candi CdeBaca Stands In ‘Solidarity’ With Wanting To Use Coronavirus On Trump Supporters
What a disgusting, evil woman
Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
03/03/2020 11:09 AM ET    15 Views      Political 
Super Tuesday Could Leave Race Even More Unsettled, as Biden Aims to Check Sanders’ Momentum
Via: warroom.org | Author: Steven
03/03/2020 11:04 AM ET    15 Views      Political 
Senate Panel Plans To Issue First Subpoena In Burisma-Biden Probe
Via: weaselzippers.us | Author: Steven
03/03/2020 10:59 AM ET    16 Views      Political 
Supreme Court Takes Up Case That Could Wipe Out Obamacare
Congressional Dems push for quick action to keep individual mandate amid 2020 campaign
Via: freebeacon.com | Author: Steven
03/03/2020 10:59 AM ET    15 Views      Political 
Forget the Steele Dossier - Now There's a Bloomberg Dossier & It's Devastating
Via: westernjournal.com | Author: Steven
03/03/2020 10:55 AM ET    14 Views      Political 
Democratic Sen. Doug Jones spent $3,500 on European trip, billed reelection campaign
Via: foxnews.com | Author: Steven
03/02/2020 5:45 AM ET    16 Views      Political 
77-Year-Old Joe Biden Now The Youngest Man Left In The Democratic Primary
Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
03/02/2020 5:39 AM ET    16 Views      Political 
Mike Bloomberg Attends Black Church in Alabama — Attendees Stand and Turn Their Backs on Him
What about that separation of church and state Democrats?
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/02/2020 5:38 AM ET    17 Views      Political 
No, Trump Didn't Call The Coronavirus A "Hoax" - Here's The Truth...
Via: trendingpolitics.com | Author: Steven
03/02/2020 5:37 AM ET    16 Views      Political 
Communism 101: Democrats in Ohio, California and Oregon Push Laws Demanding That Private Property Owners Allow Homeless to Camp on Their Land
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/02/2020 5:36 AM ET    17 Views      Political 
Flashback: Barack Obama Waited Until “Millions” Infected and 1,000 Americans Dead Before Declaring H1N1 a National Emergency
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/02/2020 5:32 AM ET    18 Views      Political 
CONFUSION: Joe Biden Says He is “In the State of North South Carolina”
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
03/02/2020 5:31 AM ET    16 Views      Political 
Bannon On Fox: ‘This Is Trump’s Churchill Moment’

Via: warroom.org | Author: Steven
03/02/2020 5:30 AM ET    17 Views      Political     Video 
'Political interference': Jerry Nadler seeks testimony from John Durham about Russia inquiry review
Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
03/02/2020 5:27 AM ET    20 Views      Political 
Democrat Superdelegates Warn They’ll Block Bernie Sanders Nomination At Convention
Big trouble is coming at their convention
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
02/28/2020 5:35 AM ET    20 Views      Political 
Joe Biden Asks Crowd If Anyone Benefited from Trump Tax Cuts – One Man Raises His Hand and Biden Promises to Take His Money
Because that's what Democrats do, take your money to give to someone else.
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
02/28/2020 5:34 AM ET    22 Views      Political 
MORE BAD NEWS FOR DEMOCRATS: New Poll Shows Only 29% of US Voters Have Favorable View of Socialism
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
02/28/2020 5:30 AM ET    19 Views      Political 
LA Times: GOP Optimistic About Winning Back California House Seats
Via: warroom.org | Author: Steven
02/28/2020 5:26 AM ET    22 Views      Political 
Rasmussen: 31% of Likely Voters Say Democrat Party Should ‘Officially Declare Itself a Socialist Party’
Via: cnsnews.com | Author: Steven
02/28/2020 5:12 AM ET    20 Views      Political 
Biden Claims Over 150 MILLION People Have Died From Gun Violence; That Is Half Of America
Via: trendingpolitics.com | Author: Steven
02/27/2020 5:41 AM ET    23 Views      Political 
Democrats Are Losing A Significant Amount Of Support From Black Voters
Via: americanlookout.com | Author: Steven
02/27/2020 5:41 AM ET    22 Views      Political 
Idiot Leftist Group Sues Trump Admin for Info on Stephen Miller’s Role in Creating “Public Charge” Rule — That Was Created in 1882
Liberals are constantly showing how stupid they really are
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
02/27/2020 5:40 AM ET    22 Views      Political 
Bernie Sanders Appears to Be Fading, Not Surging
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
02/27/2020 5:39 AM ET    22 Views      Political 
“A Fish Rots from the Head” – the FBI and DOJ Are Now Corrupted – Joe diGenova: “Where Are the Whistleblowers?”
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
02/27/2020 5:36 AM ET    24 Views      Political 
Trump’s Tariffs and China Strategy to “Reorient the Entire Supply Chain” Is Working – Coronavirus Simply Speeds Up Process
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
02/27/2020 5:36 AM ET    22 Views      Political 
‘It’s a New Day in Mississippi’ as 8 Elected State Officials Announce Party Switch, Join GOP
Via: redstate.com | Author: Steven
02/27/2020 5:33 AM ET    22 Views      Political 
Van Jones: "Unbelievable" Bernie Failed to Reject Soviet-style Socialism
Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
02/26/2020 6:26 AM ET    19 Views      Political 
Bernie Sanders believes the DNC stacked the audience against him
Via: noqreport.com | Author: Steven
02/26/2020 6:25 AM ET    16 Views      Political 
Did Billionaire Bloomberg Just Slip and Say He “Bought” House Democrats?
Yes he did...
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
02/26/2020 6:21 AM ET    16 Views      Political 
Dem Debate Meltdown! Candidates Scream at Each Other as Debate Turns Into Clown Show
A total clown show
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
02/26/2020 6:18 AM ET    18 Views      Political 
Biden Claims Half the Population of the United States Has Been Killed by Gun Violence Since 2007
He's soft in the head...
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
02/26/2020 6:18 AM ET    16 Views      Political 
Bernie Sanders Again Praises Castro, Lauds Communist China: ‘Has Taken More People Out of Extreme Poverty Than Any Country in History’
But That Wasn’t Communism, Bernie!
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
02/26/2020 6:16 AM ET    18 Views      Political 
Biden Claims He Worked with Chinese Leader Deng Xiaoping on Paris Climate Accord… Except Xiaoping Has Been Dead For 23 Years
He's not sure anymore which planet he's on. He's soft in the head.
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
02/26/2020 6:15 AM ET    17 Views      Political 
Despite Record Media Bias, Trump More Popular Than Obama at Same Point in Presidency
Via: bongino.com | Author: Steven
02/26/2020 6:10 AM ET    17 Views      Political 
Rep. King: Whistleblower Haney Did NOT Kill Himself; Had Ins Policy Of Obama Admin Officials’ Dirty Deeds
Via: illicitinfo.com | Author: Steven
02/25/2020 5:48 AM ET    19 Views      Political 
Is Pete Buttigieg copying Barack Obama The former mayor is being accused of plagiarism.
Barely Anyone Shows Up to Joe Biden’s South Carolina Rally as His “Firewall” Crumbles. He's pulling a Biden... The are no original thoughts in Democrats heads...
Via: theblaze.com | Author: Steven
02/25/2020 5:46 AM ET    15 Views      Political 
Tom Steyer Accused of Buying Black Support in South Carolina
When you don't have any, you better throw some money around
Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
02/25/2020 5:45 AM ET    16 Views      Political 
Barely Anyone Shows Up to Joe Biden’s South Carolina Rally as His “Firewall” Crumbles
Poor old creepy Joe
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
02/25/2020 5:44 AM ET    17 Views      Political 
Trump Flips 9th Circuit Court, Leftists In Panic Mode, Legacy Judges Violate Ethics To Complain To Media
It's a circus no more and the left is freakin' out
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
02/25/2020 5:43 AM ET    16 Views      Political 
JOHN SOLOMON: Newly Declassified FBI Memos Directly Conflict with Mueller Team Claims in Papadopoulos Sentencing Memo
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
02/25/2020 5:42 AM ET    15 Views      Political 
Financial Times: The SlowMotion Democratic Train Wreck
You just can't look away, can you?
Via: warroom.org | Author: Steven
02/25/2020 5:38 AM ET    15 Views      Political 
What You Need to Know About The South Carolina Democratic Primary
Via: warroom.org | Author: Steven
02/25/2020 5:38 AM ET    29 Views      Political 
The Democratic Party has become the Socialist Party
Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
02/25/2020 5:35 AM ET    14 Views      Political 
Maryland High School Teacher Compares Donald Trump to Nazis and Communists
No, that would be Bernie and the Democrats
Via: harbingersdaily.com | Author: Steven
02/24/2020 5:38 AM ET    18 Views      Political 
Bernie Sanders Appoints Daughter of Muslim Brotherhood Affiliate As A State Campaign Co-Chair
Via: rightjournalism.com | Author: Steven
02/24/2020 5:38 AM ET    15 Views      Political 
De Blasio Tells Buttigieg to ‘Try to Not Be So Smug When You Just Got Your Ass Kicked’
He is a smug little man
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
02/24/2020 5:32 AM ET    15 Views      Political 
CBS News Poll: Most Voters Expect Trump Will be Reelected
Via: warroom.org | Author: Steven
02/24/2020 5:29 AM ET    14 Views      Political 
Biden to gun manufacturers Im coming for you. Period
You better grow some, pack a lunch and bring some help Creepy Joe
Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
02/24/2020 5:28 AM ET    13 Views      Political 
James Carville rips DNC as Bernie Sanders wins Nevada: 'One of the truly stupid parties in the world'
Via: theblaze.com | Author: Steven
02/24/2020 5:26 AM ET    13 Views      Political 
Buttigiegs campaign alleges numerous errors in caucus vote-counting
Dems just can't count votes
Via: thenevadaindependent.com | Author: Steven
02/24/2020 5:25 AM ET    19 Views      Political 
Bernie Sanders Says His Campaign is Based on These Words of Jesus Christ
Via: cnsnews.com | Author: Steven
02/21/2020 5:56 AM ET    17 Views      Political 
Tucker Carlson Calls For The Impeachment of Roger Stone Obama-Judge Amy Berman Jackson: ‘Democratic Activist Wearing Robes’
Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
02/21/2020 5:54 AM ET    15 Views      Political 
ICE Throws Down the Gauntlet, Arresting Two Illegal Aliens in a California Courthouse
Via: pjmedia.com | Author: Steven
02/21/2020 5:53 AM ET    16 Views      Political 
Trump Announces New Ethics Board for Government-Funded Research on Aborted Baby Parts
Via: harbingersdaily.com | Author: Steven
02/21/2020 5:52 AM ET    21 Views      Political 
‘Mafia’ Michael Bloomberg, The Bailout Billionaire
Via: thenationalpulse.com | Author: Steven
02/21/2020 5:37 AM ET    12 Views      Political 
Elizabeth Warren Bashes Trans Athlete Bill That Would Limit Girls’ Sports To Biological Females
Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
02/21/2020 5:36 AM ET    12 Views      Political 
K.T. McFarland Opens Up About Her Abuse at the Hands of Mueller’s Henchmen
Via: redstate.com | Author: Steven
02/21/2020 5:36 AM ET    16 Views      Political 
When Bloomberg News’s Reporting on China Was Challenged, Bloomberg Tried to Ruin Me for Speaking Out
Via: warroom.org | Author: Steven
02/20/2020 5:31 AM ET    16 Views      Political 
Why South Bend residents are warning America about Pete Buttigieg
Via: nypost.com | Author: Steven
02/20/2020 5:29 AM ET    13 Views      Political 
Sanders Backtracks on Promise to Release Medical Records
Via: nationalreview.com | Author: Steven
02/20/2020 5:28 AM ET    12 Views      Political 
Justice Department picks US attorney to oversee all Ukraine investigations
Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
02/19/2020 19:38 PM ET    13 Views      Political 
CFR Seeks to Sovietize U.S. Education
Via: thenewamerican.com | Author: Steven
02/19/2020 6:32 AM ET    12 Views      Political 
Michael Bloomberg Was In Jeffrey Epstein's Little Black Book
Via: nationalfile.com | Author: Steven
02/19/2020 6:24 AM ET    13 Views      Political 
Bernie Bros Brawl at Colorado Rally After White Guy Accuses Black Guy of Wearing Racist “Black Guns Matter” T-Shirt
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
02/19/2020 6:12 AM ET    17 Views      Political 
Poll: Sanders Leads The Field, Bloomberg Qualifies For His 1st Debate
Via: warroom.org | Author: Steven
02/19/2020 6:11 AM ET    13 Views      Political 
Bloomberg’s Biggest Problem Is Bloomberg
Via: townhall.com | Author: Steven
02/19/2020 5:24 AM ET    15 Views      Political 
Dershowitz: Obama Personally Asked FBI to Investigate Someone on Behalf of George Soros
Via: bongino.com | Author: Steven
02/19/2020 5:23 AM ET    13 Views      Political 
Trump Administration Officials to Reassign Victoria Coates from NSC – Was Labeled the “Anonymous” Author
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
02/18/2020 7:26 AM ET    12 Views      Political 
McConnell Readies Senate For Two Major Pro-Life Bills
Via: harbingersdaily.com | Author: Steven
02/18/2020 6:21 AM ET    13 Views      Political 
Stacey Abrams Says She ‘Would Be Honored’ to Run for Vice President in 2020
Via: hannity.com | Author: Steven
02/18/2020 6:08 AM ET    13 Views      Political 
Prosecutor John Durham examining interagency turf war over Obama emails hacked by Russia: Report
Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
02/18/2020 6:05 AM ET    12 Views      Political 
New 1776 Project Aims to Counter ‘Lethal’ Narrative of 1619 Project
Via: freebeacon.com | Author: Steven
02/18/2020 6:02 AM ET    11 Views      Political 
Ilhan Omar’s ex allegedly learned of affair after walking in on her and lover in pajamas
Via: nypost.com | Author: Steven
02/17/2020 10:33 AM ET    12 Views      Political 
Gun Rights Activists Crash Bloomberg Rally in Virginia, Chant ‘Guns Save Lives’

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
02/17/2020 9:26 AM ET    12 Views      Political     Video 
Biden admits South Carolina may be make-or-break for campaign
You're already broken Joe, get out now...
Via: warroom.org | Author: Steven
02/17/2020 9:20 AM ET    12 Views      Political 
Schiff Admits Burisma Biden Deal “At a Minimum” Looks Bad
Schiff: "Hunter Biden’s deal with Burisma had at a minimum an appearance of a conflict.”
Via: thegreggjarrett.com | Author: Steven
02/17/2020 9:18 AM ET    11 Views      Political 
'Order at the border': Klobuchar demands illegal immigrants learn English in 2006 clip
Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
02/17/2020 9:17 AM ET    25 Views      Political 
Topless protester confronts Bernie Sanders at rally
Via: nypost.com | Author: Steven
02/17/2020 9:16 AM ET    12 Views      Political 
Commies Unite! Bernie Sanders Takes 10 Point Lead in Latest Democrat Party Poll
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
02/14/2020 5:39 AM ET    15 Views      Political 
Russian Pranksters Say Bernie Sanders Fell for Wild Greta Call
Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
02/14/2020 5:33 AM ET    13 Views      Political 
Three House Judiciary Democrats Charged – Accused of Ethics Complaints For ‘Suspicious’ Fundraising
Via: thepatriotjournal.com | Author: Steven
02/14/2020 5:32 AM ET    14 Views      Political 
Joe Biden Bombs Big Time on ‘The View’
The co-hosts tried their best to explain away Biden’s cratering campaign. He didn’t exactly help his cause.
Via: thedailybeast.com | Author: Steven
02/14/2020 5:30 AM ET    23 Views      Political 
Rashida Tlaib seemed today to have never heard of Ben Bernanke before
Not the smartest knife in the drawer

Via: youtube.com | Author: Steven
02/14/2020 5:26 AM ET    26 Views      Political     Video 
ADVERTISEMENT ELECTIONSPublished 1 day ago Democracy 2020 Digest: Struggling Warren pulls back from South Carolina, puts her chips on Nevada
Via: foxnews.com | Author: Steven
02/14/2020 5:22 AM ET    13 Views      Political 
Virginia Passes Bill to Give Electoral Votes to Popular Vote Winner
Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
02/14/2020 5:21 AM ET    13 Views      Political 
‘Not sure’ third in latest 2020 Democratic poll, ahead of Bloomberg
Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
02/14/2020 5:20 AM ET    13 Views      Political 
Is Tucker Carlson Right Saying the New Way Forward Act ‘Protect[s] Criminals From Deportation’?
The Fox News host called the immigration reform bill "the most radical single piece of legislation we’ve seen proposed." What exactly did it propose?
Via: snopes.com | Author: Steven
02/14/2020 5:18 AM ET    12 Views      Political 
House Democrats' immigration bill would use tax dollars to import crime to America
The "Way Forward Act" must be stopped
Via: thehill.com | Author: Steven
02/14/2020 5:17 AM ET    13 Views      Political 
Bernie Sanders's primary win has put Democrats on the road to serfdom
Via: washingtonexaminer.com | Author: Steven
02/13/2020 19:49 PM ET    12 Views      Political 
Low IQ Sheila Jackson Lee Compares Trump’s Budget Cuts to “Slavery”…Because Minorities Will Be Forced To Work and Get Off Government Benefits
Via: 100percentfedup.com | Author: Steven
02/13/2020 5:46 AM ET    12 Views      Political 
Ted Cruz Exposes Radical Democrat Plan To Allow Abortion AFTER BIRTH

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
02/13/2020 5:41 AM ET    13 Views      Political     Video 
Rep. Ratcliffe Gets Failed FBI Chief Chris Wray to Admit FBI Tampered with Evidence and Conducted Illegal Surveillance on Trump Admin.
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
02/13/2020 5:38 AM ET    12 Views      Political 
Senator “Cryin’ Chuck” Schumer Just Inadvertently OUTED One of Schiff’s Whistleblowers – Again!
Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
02/13/2020 5:38 AM ET    14 Views      Political 
Judiciary Committee Dems hit with ethics complaints over ‘suspicious’ conduct
Via: foxnews.com | Author: Steven
02/13/2020 5:30 AM ET    18 Views      Political 
MSNBC anchors tout Warren as 'really, really, really good candidate' after 4th-place New Hampshire finish
Via: foxnews.com | Author: Steven
02/13/2020 5:22 AM ET    13 Views      Political 
MSNBC Tries To Speak To Bernie Supporter, Accidentally Interviews Trump Supporter Who Unloads On The Left
Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
02/12/2020 11:56 AM ET    16 Views      Political 
RED SCARE: Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire, Takes Command of Democratic Party
Klobuchar surges, Biden hunkers down in South Carolina, Warren tries her best
Via: freebeacon.com | Author: Steven
02/12/2020 6:05 AM ET    12 Views      Political