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    MSNBC Panel Lose It Over Budget Cuts Compare To Terrorism
It doesn't take much, now does it?

Via: newsbusters.org | Author: Steven
05/23/2017 18:05:29 ET    3 Views     Political 

    Ted Nugent Mulls Run for Senate

Via: conservativetribune.com | Author: Steven
05/23/2017 18:05:09 ET    3 Views     Political 

    Camera Catches Pelosi Laughing as Dems Spew Vile Hate
Nothing new here, move along.

Via: conservativetribune.com | Author: Steven
05/23/2017 18:05:44 ET    3 Views     Political 

    BREAKING: Kim Dotcom Just Admitted He Worked With Seth Rich to Get Info to WikiLeaks

Via: thedailysheeple.com | Author: Steven
05/23/2017 06:05:28 ET    5 Views     Political 

    Iran ReElects Rouhani. Here's Why It Doesn't Matter Much Who Iranian President Is.

Via: dailysignal.com | Author: Steven
05/23/2017 06:05:23 ET    4 Views     Political 

    CNN's Chris Cillizza Begs People to Stop Talking About Anthony Weiner
why? He's a pervert and it's fun to remind you of that.

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
05/23/2017 05:05:21 ET    4 Views     Political 

    A Special Prosecutor for Criminal Leaks

Via: theburningplatform.com | Author: Steven
05/23/2017 05:05:38 ET    4 Views     Political 

    John Podesta Figured Out What Is To Blame For Hillary’s Loss And You Won't Believe What It Is

Via: weaselzippers.us | Author: Steven
05/22/2017 19:05:39 ET    3 Views     Political 

    Proof that owner of bar where Seth Rich was last seen alive visited White House 4 days earlier

Via: dcclothesline.com | Author: Steven
05/22/2017 04:05:32 ET    7 Views     Political 

    John Podesta Received $35 Million from Russia While Advising Clinton and Obama

Via: dcclothesline.com | Author: Steven
05/22/2017 04:05:48 ET    6 Views     Political 

    Newt Gingrich calls murder of Seth Rich an assassination

Via: dcclothesline.com | Author: Steven
05/22/2017 04:05:09 ET    6 Views     Political 

    Camille Paglia: Trump Will Be Reelected Because People Will Vote Against Media

Via: truthrevolt.org | Author: Steven
05/20/2017 08:05:16 ET    10 Views     Political 

    CNN Crap Scoop: Gen Flynn Was Compromised by Russia... But Not the Lady Who Handed Over US Uranium for Millions in Cash

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
05/20/2017 08:05:00 ET    8 Views     Political 

    Tucker Carlson Eviscerates Maxine Waters With BRUTAL Dose of Reality

Via: conservativefighters.com | Author: Steven
05/20/2017 08:05:50 ET    9 Views     Political 

    Limbaugh on Russia Probes: We Are Watching a Silent Coup Here to Oust a Duly Elected President

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
05/20/2017 08:05:18 ET    8 Views     Political 

    Cher Old Out-of-Touch Democrats F*cked Up the 2016 Election
Sounds like she was calling herself out...

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
05/19/2017 19:05:55 ET    9 Views     Political 

    The Humiliating Downfall of Anthony Weiner
Sen. Schumer's protege embarrassed his mentor but disgraced himself

Via: observer.com | Author: Steven
05/19/2017 19:05:47 ET    9 Views     Political 

    Joe Lieberman is too Extreme for Bernie Sanders

Via: freebeacon.com | Author: Steven
05/19/2017 19:05:05 ET    9 Views     Political 

    New Cyber Bill Takes Power Away from NSA
It's about time.

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
05/19/2017 04:05:17 ET    20 Views     Political 

    Video Emerges Of Comey Admitting Under Oath That Investigation Obstructions "Never Happened"

Via: vesselnews.io | Author: Steven
05/19/2017 04:05:46 ET    10 Views     Political 

    FAITHKEEPERS: A groundbreaking new documentary that sounds the alarm on Christian genocide by Muslims worldwide

Via: barenakedislam.com | Author: Steven
05/19/2017 04:05:01 ET    21 Views     Political 

    Maxine Waters Says There's No Evidence Of Trump Collusion
So then why do you keep crying for impeachment? You got nothin'!!!

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
05/18/2017 19:05:09 ET    9 Views     Political 

    BUSTED: Trump NatSec Adviser Dina Habib Powell Leaks to NYTimes Democrat Operative Maggie NYT Haberman

Via: gotnews.com | Author: Steven
05/18/2017 19:05:18 ET    10 Views     Political 

    Democrat Dennis Kucinich: "Deep State Is Trying to Take Down a President - It Is a Threat to Our Republic"

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
05/18/2017 18:05:15 ET    11 Views     Political 

    Trump Mulls Bringing Lewandowski Back

Via: newsmax.com | Author: Steven
05/18/2017 18:05:22 ET    16 Views     Political 

    The Trump Army Is Taking The Names Of The Treasonous Republicans That Are Suggesting Trump Should Be Impeached

Via: endoftheamericandream.com | Author: Steven
05/18/2017 18:05:20 ET    11 Views     Political 

    Columbia University Will Host Six Different Multicultural Graduation Ceremonies
Separate but equal is now alive and well

Via: infowars.com | Author: Steven
05/18/2017 18:05:10 ET    11 Views     Political 

    REPORT: Flynn Never Spoke To Trump About Ending Investigations

Via: vesselnews.io | Author: Steven
05/18/2017 04:05:21 ET    14 Views     Political 

    Gowdy Hints at Clinton Wrongdoing: It's Worse Than You Think

Via: infowars.com | Author: Steven
05/18/2017 04:05:57 ET    14 Views     Political 

    SHOW ME THE MEMO: House Panel Asks Comey to Testify Next Wednesday

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
05/18/2017 04:05:43 ET    12 Views     Political 

    Let's Connect the Dots

Via: theburningplatform.com | Author: Steven
05/18/2017 04:05:14 ET    13 Views     Political 

    Rush Limbaugh: Obama Actually Did What Trump Is Accused of Doing

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
05/18/2017 04:05:43 ET    10 Views     Political 

    CNN gang bangs former Navy SEAL threatening "Do NOT attack the stellar reporters of CNN"
Where are those reporters, all I ever see are Democratic hacks

Via: barenakedislam.com | Author: Steven
05/18/2017 04:05:01 ET    19 Views     Political 

    Protesters Gather to Demand Impeachment of Maxine Waters
Protesters, stay woke.

Via: conservativetribune.com | Author: Steven
05/17/2017 19:05:44 ET    12 Views     Political 

    FBI NOT Investigating Seth Rich Murder

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
05/17/2017 19:05:33 ET    12 Views     Political 

    Dead Democrat Staffer Leaked to Wikileaks Not Russians
New evidence may reveal the true source of the DNC leaks

Via: infowars.com | Author: Steven
05/17/2017 19:05:44 ET    14 Views     Political 

    Corrupt Money Trail Discovered, All Clues Lead Straight To Comey

Via: conservativefighters.com | Author: Steven
05/17/2017 19:05:35 ET    12 Views     Political 

    John Podesta and Seth Rich

Via: ibloga.blogspot.com | Author: Steven
05/17/2017 19:05:11 ET    17 Views     Political 

    If Seth Rich was the source of the WikiLeaks’ DNC email disclosures and the FBI knew it then the Russian hacking story was a fabrication

Via: ibloga.blogspot.com | Author: Steven
05/17/2017 19:05:18 ET    14 Views     Political 

    Congress presses for Comey notes on Trump interactions

Via: washingtontimes.com | Author: Steven
05/17/2017 19:05:29 ET    8 Views     Political 

    TOP GOP Congressman: Collusion Between Clintons and DOJ?

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
05/17/2017 19:05:39 ET    12 Views     Political 

    Seth Rich Family Detective Drops Bombshell on Hannity

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
05/17/2017 04:05:40 ET    8 Views     Political 

    Maxine Waters Haters Come at Her for Paying Daughter 750k to Mail Flyers
Maxine needs to stay woke

Via: eurweb.com | Author: Steven
05/17/2017 04:05:48 ET    7 Views     Political 

    Spin Doctor For Democratic Party Denies Seth Rich Connected to Wikileaks
BuzzFeed story fails to note Bauman's connection to Dems

Via: infowars.com | Author: Steven
05/16/2017 19:05:01 ET    10 Views     Political 

    BREAKING: McMaster Exposed As White House Leaker
Insider information exposes anti-Trump forces in Washington

Via: infowars.com | Author: Steven
05/16/2017 19:05:18 ET    10 Views     Political 

    Kimberly Guilfoyle Talks With Trump Administration About Press Secretary Position
Will Sean Spicer be next on the chopping block?

Via: infowars.com | Author: Steven
05/16/2017 19:05:11 ET    10 Views     Political 

    BREAKING: The Democrats Just Got SUED In Federal Court
Opps, the holier than thou gang is being sued.

Via: conservativefighters.com | Author: Steven
05/16/2017 19:05:01 ET    7 Views     Political 

    Report: Seth Rich Leaked 44,053 Emails to Wikileaks

Via: pjmedia.com | Author: Steven
05/16/2017 18:05:51 ET    7 Views     Political 

    Exposed: FBI Director James Comey's Clinton Foundation Connection

Via: plaintruth.com | Author: Steven
05/16/2017 18:05:51 ET    8 Views     Political 

    Justice Scalia Exposed 1 SICK Thing About Obama Right Before He Died

Via: conservativefighters.com | Author: Steven
05/16/2017 05:05:36 ET    13 Views     Political 

    Lois Lerner Was Clinton Foundation Friend Inside The IRS

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
05/16/2017 05:05:10 ET    9 Views     Political 

    Deep State Leaks Highly Classified Info to Washington Post to Smear President Trump

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
05/16/2017 05:05:22 ET    9 Views     Political 

    Family's private investigator: There is evidence Seth Rich had contact with WikiLeaks prior to death
I have wondered if his involvement with WikiLeaks was what got him killed?

Via: fox5dc.com | Author: Steven
05/16/2017 05:05:26 ET    9 Views     Political 

    Liberals Are An Inferno Of Flaming Crazy And We Should Pour Gasoline On The Fire

Via: theburningplatform.com | Author: Steven
05/15/2017 19:05:08 ET    9 Views     Political 

    In first, U.S. man to be sentenced for transgender hate

Via: news.trust.org | Author: Steven
05/15/2017 19:05:52 ET    10 Views     Political 

    BREAKING: Top Obama Official Seeks Immunity to Spill the Beans
No Immunity for Susan Rice

Via: conservativefighters.com | Author: Steven
05/15/2017 19:05:18 ET    12 Views     Political 

    The Truth About The Hijab
The symbol of modern day feminism is really a sign of oppression

Via: infowars.com | Author: Steven
05/15/2017 19:05:20 ET    13 Views     Political 

    Democrats Are A Cult Of Dumbasses
A look into the psyche of insane liberals

Via: infowars.com | Author: Steven
05/15/2017 19:05:13 ET    11 Views     Political 

    McMaster: WaPo Classified Info Story Is False - I Was In the Room It Didn't Happen

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
05/15/2017 19:05:41 ET    10 Views     Political 

    DNC hit with NEW scandal

Via: allenbwest.com | Author: Steven
05/15/2017 19:05:06 ET    11 Views     Political 

    Liberals trying to move to Canada get NASTY surprise

Via: allenbwest.com | Author: Steven
05/15/2017 19:05:34 ET    12 Views     Political 

    Hilarious Mother's Day card featuring Hillary just BROKE the internet

Via: allenbwest.com | Author: Steven
05/14/2017 20:05:00 ET    17 Views     Political 

    Impeach Maxine Waters street art appears near Inglewood town hall meeting
It's about time... She needs to go.

Via: theamericanmirror.com | Author: Steven
05/14/2017 20:05:44 ET    16 Views     Political 

    LIMBAUGH: Past Time to End This Democratic Witch Hunt

Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
05/14/2017 20:05:01 ET    13 Views     Political 

    Harris Refuses To Back Down From Tweet That Was Rated Four Pinocchios by WAPO
She's not the brightest bulb in the fixture

Via: freebeacon.com | Author: Steven
05/13/2017 05:05:55 ET    15 Views     Political 

    Obama DOJ Took 8 Years To Condemn SJW Running Slave Labor Camp For Illegals Defending Illegal Rapists

Via: gotnews.com | Author: Steven
05/13/2017 05:05:59 ET    16 Views     Political 

    Portland State newspaper fires editor for quoting Muslim students Koran comments
SO now you're not responsible for what you say, if you're a muslim

Via: thecollegefix.com | Author: Steven
05/13/2017 05:05:30 ET    14 Views     Political 

    BREAKING: Maxine Waters Claims She Has Evidence Of Trump Russia Collusion
What does Granny Maxine know that the rest of us don't?

Via: infowars.com | Author: Steven
05/13/2017 04:05:54 ET    15 Views     Political 

    Democrats Do Perfect Form 180 Degree Flip Flop » Alex Jones Infowars Theres a war on for your mind
Highlight real of some of the left's most hypocritical and unhinged leaders

Via: infowars.com | Author: Steven
05/13/2017 04:05:54 ET    12 Views     Political 

    Maxine Waters Would Support Comey's Firing If Hillary Did It
What a libtard

Via: thedailysheeple.com | Author: Steven
05/12/2017 04:05:38 ET    14 Views     Political 

    Trump Unloads on Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, Stephen Colbert
Good for him

Via: freebeacon.com | Author: Steven
05/11/2017 19:05:19 ET    13 Views     Political 

    Maxine Waters Is The Left's New Darling. Here Are 5 Things You Need To Know About 'Auntie Maxine'.
Besides the fact that she's off her rocker...

Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
05/10/2017 19:05:50 ET    14 Views     Political 

    Maxine Waters Smears Jeff Sessions Again Calls Him Racist Throwback to Jim Crow
Maxine, it was Democrats, your party, that came up with Jim Crow, so you should check yourself

Via: truthrevolt.org | Author: Steven
05/10/2017 19:05:56 ET    13 Views     Political 

    Dalai Lama Prayed for Nancy Pelosi to Get Rid of Her ‘Negative Attitude’ Truth Revolt
Why? Then she would be left with nothing...

Via: truthrevolt.org | Author: Steven
05/10/2017 19:05:11 ET    13 Views     Political 

    MAJOR FAILDemocrat Rep. Attempts Patriotic Speech Flubs the Pledge of Allegiance VIDEO
Democrat Representative from Michigan, Brenda Lawrence was angrily screaming at a rally at the Capitol on Thursday when she struggled to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
05/10/2017 05:05:57 ET    13 Views     Political 

    Democrats Comey firing triggers constitutional concerns
Oh please, you should be happy Comey didn't indict Clinton like any other FBI Director would have.

Via: mcclatchydc.com | Author: Steven
05/09/2017 19:05:30 ET    12 Views     Political 

    Cummings wants emergency hearings over Comey firing
But didn't the Dems hate him too back a few months ago? Make up your minds Dems

Via: thehill.com | Author: Steven
05/09/2017 19:05:26 ET    13 Views     Political 

    10 Major FBI Scandals on Comeys Watch
I'm glad that he's gone.

Via: news.grabien.com | Author: Steven
05/09/2017 19:05:31 ET    13 Views     Political 

    Students protest gay conservative speaker as he defends free speech at Portland State

Via: thecollegefix.com | Author: Steven
05/09/2017 04:05:35 ET    11 Views     Political 

    ‘Separate But Equal’: Black Harvard Students to Hold Blacks ONLY Commencement Ceremony
You are heading down a very dangerous road

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
05/09/2017 04:05:10 ET    14 Views     Political 

    Democrats Focus On Retweets Instead Of Voters

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
05/09/2017 04:05:51 ET    14 Views     Political 

    Democrats Critique Their Party, ‘If We Hadn’t Been Caught Lying, We’d Be Running the Country Right Now’
After 8 years of Obama and Clinton, that's way too many lies to atone for.

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
05/08/2017 19:05:25 ET    16 Views     Political 

    Cornyn Shows Yates Overruled Office Of Legal Counsel Which Found Trump Order Legal

Via: weaselzippers.us | Author: Steven
05/08/2017 19:05:25 ET    15 Views     Political 

    Clapper Suggests Huma Abedin Emails to Weiner Could be Criminal
It would seem so...

Via: whitehousedossier.com | Author: Steven
05/08/2017 19:05:39 ET    13 Views     Political 

    BREAKING: Wikileaks Makes BOMBSHELL Announcement About Stephen Colbert

Via: conservativefighters.com | Author: Steven
05/07/2017 19:05:18 ET    16 Views     Political 

    Barbra Streisand Ponders What Might Have Been with Hillary Clinton
Whatever it would have been, it would have been very very corrupt

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
05/07/2017 19:05:13 ET    14 Views     Political 

    Macron Won: Nowhere Left to Run and Everything Will Burn

Via: gatesofvienna.net | Author: Steven
05/07/2017 19:05:39 ET    17 Views     Political 

    Huma Abedin Forwarded Hillary's CLASSIFIED Emails To Her Husband Anthony Weiner

Via: pamelageller.com | Author: Steven
05/07/2017 19:05:32 ET    23 Views     Political 

    Mika: Huma forwarding emails to Weiner was “everything wrong” with Hillary campaign
Clinton campaign thought it played by “totally different rules”

Via: legalinsurrection.com | Author: Steven
05/06/2017 04:05:16 ET    20 Views     Political 

    French candidate Macron claims massive hack as emails leaked

Via: reuters.com | Author: Steven
05/06/2017 04:05:31 ET    18 Views     Political 

    UPDATED: Democrat claims classified evidence shows COLLUSION between Trump campaign and Russians

Via: therightscoop.com | Author: Steven
05/05/2017 19:05:17 ET    22 Views     Political 

    DEMOCRAT Senator Calls For a Special Prosecutor to Investigate Huma Abedin

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
05/05/2017 04:05:11 ET    21 Views     Political 

    How Berkeley Birthed the Right

Via: theburningplatform.com | Author: Steven
05/05/2017 04:05:34 ET    16 Views     Political 

    SORE LOSER: Hillary Starts Organization Solicits Donors To Resist Trump Six Months After Election

Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
05/04/2017 19:05:07 ET    14 Views     Political 

    Abbas Misleads Trump: "We Are Raising Our Children on a Culture of Peace'
Misleads? Abbas is nothing but a liar and a terrorist

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
05/04/2017 04:05:13 ET    19 Views     Political 

    UC-Berkeley Promoting Jew-hatred and Terrorism

Via: truthrevolt.org | Author: Steven
05/03/2017 19:05:30 ET    22 Views     Political 

    Trey Gowdy Calls Out Comeys Inconsistencies

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
05/03/2017 19:05:49 ET    21 Views     Political 

    President Trump Cancels 17th Annual White House Cinco de Mayo Celebration Report

Via: eurweb.com | Author: Steven
05/03/2017 18:05:25 ET    25 Views     Political 

    Hillary Clinton To Launch New PAC
She must need some more money, what a loser. She's what happens when you drag a dollar bill through a trailer park

Via: weaselzippers.us | Author: Steven
05/03/2017 18:05:23 ET    22 Views     Political 

    FBI Investigating Possible Leaks to Giuliani About Clinton Server

Via: newsmax.com | Author: Steven
05/03/2017 18:05:31 ET    24 Views     Political 

    The Tiffany Way: CBS, John Dickerson Silent on Stephen Colbert's Profane Gay-Baiting Attack on Trump
Shame on your Steven Colbert

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
05/03/2017 04:05:14 ET    19 Views     Political 

    Tucker Carlson Scolds Illegal Alien Jose Antonio Vargas
Watch the video

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
05/03/2017 04:05:18 ET    18 Views     Political 

    Inside the Ring: House Intelligence Panel Targets Susan Rice

Via: freebeacon.com | Author: Steven
05/01/2017 19:05:22 ET    19 Views     Political 

    Limbaugh: Many People Would Not Have Voted for Obama If He Were White

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
05/01/2017 18:05:45 ET    18 Views     Political 

    Major prolife advocate Charmaine Yoest appointed to key HHS role

Via: catholicnewsagency.com | Author: Steven
04/30/2017 07:04:54 ET    20 Views     Political 

    Media Bias Got Trump Elected Says Former Federal Prosecutor

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
04/30/2017 07:04:17 ET    20 Views     Political 

    Elizabeth Warren: I want to cut open Republican bodies

Via: louderwithcrowder.com | Author: Steven
04/30/2017 06:04:50 ET    19 Views     Political 


Via: hosted.ap.org | Author: Steven
04/29/2017 12:04:43 ET    21 Views     Political 

    Maxine Waters suffers brain freeze during rant on North Korea

Via: theamericanmirror.com | Author: Steven
04/28/2017 04:04:50 ET    22 Views     Political 

    Andrea Tantaros Gets Surveillance Gaslighting

Via: anonymousconservative.com | Author: Steven
04/27/2017 19:04:57 ET    17 Views     Political 

    Eric Bolling Kicking Off New Mystery Fox News Program With Yuge Interview

Via: ijr.com | Author: Steven
04/27/2017 18:04:52 ET    15 Views     Political 

    Tucker Carlson Schools Leftist Professor Who Opposes Ann Coulter Leaves Him Stuttering

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
04/27/2017 04:04:52 ET    18 Views     Political 

    Trump: 'Absolutely' Considers Breaking Up Rogue 9th Circuit

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
04/27/2017 04:04:57 ET    16 Views     Political 

    Coulters Speech Cancellation Hypocrisy Returns

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
04/27/2017 04:04:21 ET    18 Views     Political 

    Republicans tell Trump to hold up on NAFTA withdrawal

Via: politico.com | Author: Steven
04/26/2017 19:04:16 ET    26 Views     Political 

    Alabama On Verge Of Erasing Separation Of Church And State
Separation Of Church And State: where is that in the Constitution?

Via: trueactivist.com | Author: Steven
04/26/2017 04:04:21 ET    16 Views     Political 

    YAF Pulls Support from Coulter Event Due to Berkeley Police "Stand-Down" Order

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
04/26/2017 04:04:57 ET    12 Views     Political 

    Maxine Waters Floats Harebrained Theory About Jason Chaffetz
I think that Maxine Waters has just lost her mind and there will be no finding it.

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
04/26/2017 04:04:26 ET    16 Views     Political 

    'We Faked It' - Top Obama Official Stabs Him In The Back With Huge Admission

Via: conservativefighters.com | Author: Steven
04/26/2017 04:04:43 ET    15 Views     Political 

    Democrats Threaten Government Shutdown in Effort to Keep Funding Planned Parenthood
Defund Planned Parenthood, they have killed enough babies

Via: christianheadlines.com | Author: Steven
04/25/2017 19:04:39 ET    17 Views     Political 

    Chelsea Clinton Calls Trump a Liar, Twitter Reminds Her Who Her Parents Are
Chelsea should just shut up, each time she speaks someone pounds on her, you'd think she would learn.

Via: freebeacon.com | Author: Steven
04/25/2017 19:04:07 ET    17 Views     Political 

    Homosexual Hatemonger Dan Savage Raises 100K Selling "Impeach the MotherF***er Already' Merch
Keepin' it classy Dems?

Via: truthrevolt.org | Author: Steven
04/25/2017 19:04:48 ET    18 Views     Political 

    Josh Earnest: Obama will speak up if Trump admin. crosses 'red lines'
What red lines Josh, he didn't speak up before when his own were crossed.

Via: theblaze.com | Author: Steven
04/25/2017 19:04:32 ET    15 Views     Political 

    BREAKING: Judge Who Donated $300K to Obama Blocks Trumps Order to Block Funding to Lawless Sanctuary Cities
Wow that stinks of politics

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
04/25/2017 19:04:55 ET    13 Views     Political 

    A Shift as Fusion Quietly Cancels Jorge Ramoss Weekly Show

Via: newsbusters.org | Author: Steven
04/25/2017 19:04:22 ET    15 Views     Political 

    The DNC Chairman Said There Is No Room for ProLife Democrats. This Poll Shows How Wrong He Is
He's shrinking his party... Keep it up Tom

Via: ijr.com | Author: Steven
04/25/2017 18:04:48 ET    14 Views     Political 

    Maxine Waters Leads the Charge to Impeach Trump But Forgets Her Own ‘Russian’ Connections
She's old and forgetful, go easy on her.

Via: heatst.com | Author: Steven
04/25/2017 18:04:41 ET    13 Views     Political 

    Looks Like Trump Is Caving on Funding the Wall The Rush Limbaugh Show

Via: rushlimbaugh.com | Author: Steven
04/25/2017 18:04:57 ET    15 Views     Political 

    Dr. Sebastian Gorka to Astroturf Protesters You Are Victims of Fake News

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
04/25/2017 18:04:06 ET    16 Views     Political 

    The Clinton sex accusers just dropped A BOMBSHELL

Via: allenbwest.com | Author: Steven
04/25/2017 18:04:45 ET    15 Views     Political 

    The Filibuster Has No Purpose In Today's Divided Age

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
04/25/2017 05:04:40 ET    14 Views     Political 

    DNC Disunity Tour Mocks Democrats Failed Attempt to Unite Party

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
04/24/2017 19:04:09 ET    19 Views     Political 

    Sad 'Morning Joe' Is Floored That Only Two Percent of Trump Voters Regret Backing Him

Via: newsbusters.org | Author: Steven
04/24/2017 19:04:49 ET    21 Views     Political 

    Nancy Pelosi: Border Wall Is Immoral Expensive Unwise
No you just want democrat votes and cheap labor and you want all of us to pay for you, you're a fraud and a liar.

Via: nbcnews.com | Author: Steven
04/24/2017 18:04:56 ET    19 Views     Political 

    Venezuela's socialist hell

Via: theweek.com | Author: Steven
04/24/2017 04:04:34 ET    18 Views     Political 

    MSNBC Laughs at Waters' Claim She Never Called for Trumps Impeachment

Via: freebeacon.com | Author: Steven
04/24/2017 04:04:30 ET    16 Views     Political 

    Harry Reid's Role in Obamagate

Via: ibloga.blogspot.com | Author: Steven
04/24/2017 04:04:31 ET    18 Views     Political 

    Maxine Waters: 'I don't respect this president"

Via: thehill.com | Author: Steven
04/24/2017 04:04:47 ET    15 Views     Political 

    Hilarious: Brian Williams Pretends to Be Concerned About the Future of Conservatism

Via: newsbusters.org | Author: Steven
04/22/2017 08:04:01 ET    25 Views     Political 

    WikiLeaks releases more top-secret CIA docs as U.S. considers charges

Via: cbsnews.com | Author: Steven
04/22/2017 07:04:53 ET    22 Views     Political 

    Trump, GOP Race to Avoid Government Shutdown as They Juggle Health-Care Revamp
Democrats say White House demands to fund border wall, immigration enforcement are nonstarters

Via: wsj.com | Author: Steven
04/21/2017 04:04:44 ET    25 Views     Political 

    Crowd at DNC Unity Tour Rally BOOS Democrat Party Leader Perez Again!
Hey Tom, get used to it...

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
04/21/2017 04:04:39 ET    23 Views     Political 

    Maxine Waters On Illegal Immigrants: 'This Is Their Country'
She's gone full fledged whackadoodle

Via: weaselzippers.us | Author: Steven
04/21/2017 04:04:03 ET    23 Views     Political 

    NY Senator Gets Annihilated on Twitter After Praising Sharia Law Activist Linda Sarsour

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
04/21/2017 04:04:03 ET    20 Views     Political 

    Idiot Howard Dean Gets Destroyed After Claiming Hate Speech Is Not Protected by the First Amendment
Shut up fascist get back to your antifa meeting

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
04/21/2017 04:04:12 ET    21 Views     Political 

    Camille Paglia: Trump Already Headed Towards Reelection Democrats Have Overplayed Their Hand

Via: realclearpolitics.com | Author: Steven
04/20/2017 04:04:35 ET    23 Views     Political 

    Democrats have NO ideological center except hatred for TRUMP

Via: therightscoop.com | Author: Steven
04/20/2017 04:04:49 ET    22 Views     Political 

    Oregon State Senator Proposes Law That Would Allow Gun Confiscation Without Due Process

Via: thedailysheeple.com | Author: Steven
04/20/2017 04:04:29 ET    23 Views     Political 

    Ted Cruz warns: 'Democrats want a shutdown'
Let them and they can have the blame too.

Via: theblaze.com | Author: Steven
04/19/2017 19:04:42 ET    21 Views     Political 

    CIA, FBI launch manhunt for leaker who gave top secret documents to WikiLeaks

Via: cbsnews.com | Author: Steven
04/19/2017 18:04:47 ET    20 Views     Political