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    Golden Vessel Used in Jewish Ceremony for First Time Since Second Temple
Come quickly Lord Jesus

Via: charismamag.com | Author: Steven
10/09/2018 05:10:38 ET    6 Views     Spiritual 

    Still No Churches in Saudi Arabia, But Small Steps Toward Religious Freedom

Via: christianitytoday.com | Author: Steven
10/09/2018 05:10:31 ET    5 Views     Spiritual 

    Thousands of Christians Vow to Pray Around the Clock for Revival in America

Via: signpostsofthetimes.blogspot.com | Author: Steven
09/29/2018 11:09:58 ET    6 Views     Spiritual 

    The Kavanaugh fight is spiritual warfare

Via: wnd.com | Author: Steven
09/22/2018 10:09:12 ET    13 Views     Spiritual 

    End Times Persecution Is Here: The Largest Country In The World Is Destroying 1000's Of Crosses And Bibles

Via: endoftheamericandream.com | Author: Steven
09/20/2018 04:09:43 ET    10 Views     Spiritual 

    D.C. Cardinal Wuerl Announces Resignation Amidst Allegations

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
09/16/2018 19:09:59 ET    9 Views     Spiritual 

    It's Time for Another Jesus Revolution

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
09/15/2018 19:09:13 ET    14 Views     Spiritual 

    Franklin Graham says ‘Christians in Nigeria Are Being Brutally Slaughtered’, Urges Church Not to Turn ‘A Deaf Ear to Their Cries’

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
09/15/2018 19:09:40 ET    13 Views     Spiritual 

    Church Members Take Gospel to Streets After Chinese Officials Close Church

Via: christianheadlines.com | Author: Steven
09/14/2018 19:09:10 ET    13 Views     Spiritual 

    Cardinal Wuerl To Meet With The Pope About RESIGNATION
Come out of her my people...

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
09/12/2018 05:09:00 ET    7 Views     Spiritual 

    Chinese gov’t burning Bibles, shutting churches, ordering Christians to renounce faith, group says

Via: theblaze.com | Author: Steven
09/10/2018 19:09:47 ET    8 Views     Spiritual 

    Demonology Expert: Satan Could Be Behind The Current Political Division

Via: shtfplan.com | Author: Steven
09/10/2018 19:09:51 ET    12 Views     Spiritual 

    ‘Islam is the Solution’ Muslim Screams at Plane Passengers Mid-Air, Calling Christians “Infidels” and “Sharia the Fairest Rule of Law”
Islam is a fake religion with a made up prophet and god

Via: gellerreport.com | Author: Steven
09/07/2018 18:09:58 ET    12 Views     Spiritual 

    Protester Shouts 'Shame on You' at Archbishop Wuerl during Mass

Via: christianheadlines.com | Author: Steven
09/06/2018 19:09:19 ET    9 Views     Spiritual 

    FALLING AWAY: Pastor Who Cusses During Sermons Really Doesn’t Care What Critics Think

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
09/06/2018 04:09:53 ET    10 Views     Spiritual 

    FALLING AWAY: Church goers leaving the Church to embrace New Age and Paganism

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
09/04/2018 05:09:05 ET    17 Views     Spiritual 

    From The Heart Of The Bible Belt To The California Coast, Satanism Is Experiencing Explosive Growth In America

Via: endoftheamericandream.com | Author: Steven
09/04/2018 05:09:07 ET    19 Views     Spiritual 

    Source Close To Pope Benedict Confirms Private Sanctions Were Placed On Abusive Cardinal; He Regularly Disobeyed Them

Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
09/03/2018 11:09:47 ET    35 Views     Spiritual 

    SHAMEFUL: Catholic bishops in Australia reject mandatory reporting of sexual abuse in the church

Via: jewsnews.co.il | Author: Steven
09/03/2018 11:09:29 ET    14 Views     Spiritual 

    Leftism as a Secular Religion

Via: dailysignal.com | Author: Steven
08/29/2018 08:08:40 ET    11 Views     Spiritual 

    Sunday Newspaper Headlines in Italy: “The Pope knew about the sexual abuses of the gay Cardinal and covered them up”

Via: barnhardt.biz | Author: Steven
08/25/2018 19:08:53 ET    15 Views     Spiritual 

    White Nationalist, KKK Member Who Marched in Charlottesville Baptized by Those He Once Hated
No one but Jesus could have changed this man's life

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
08/14/2018 05:08:51 ET    18 Views     Spiritual 

    BLOCKING THE GOSPEL: Christian Evangelist Forced To Remove Billboards Advertising His Massive Outreach Series

Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
08/08/2018 19:08:41 ET    51 Views     Spiritual 

    Burning Man: Recreating a Mount Sinai for Idolatry

Via: bptnews.org | Author: Steven
08/06/2018 19:08:23 ET    25 Views     Spiritual 

    Massachusetts Fails To Ban Therapy For Unwanted SameSex Attraction
"A potential way to remove children from religious parents."

Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
08/06/2018 19:08:04 ET    20 Views     Spiritual 

    Megachurch Pastor Says Christians Can Support Gay Marriage and Not Be Heretical

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
08/06/2018 04:08:06 ET    23 Views     Spiritual 

    China Forces All Religious Buildings to Fly Communist Flag

Via: themostimportantnews.com | Author: Steven
08/03/2018 04:08:07 ET    28 Views     Spiritual 

    A Christian student group refuses to be bullied by its university

Via: thecollegefix.com | Author: Steven
08/01/2018 10:08:13 ET    22 Views     Spiritual 

    Christian Ministry Translates Teen Culture for Moms and Dads

Via: stream.org | Author: Steven
07/17/2018 04:07:24 ET    25 Views     Spiritual 

    Episcopal Church Overrules Local Leaders, Says Priests Can Marry Homosexuals

Via: westernjournal.com | Author: Steven
07/16/2018 04:07:31 ET    24 Views     Spiritual 

    FALLING AWAY: The United Methodist Church has appointed a transgender deacon

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
07/14/2018 13:07:27 ET    30 Views     Spiritual 

    RIOTS: 3 Places All Hell Has Broken Loose in the Last Few Days

Via: themostimportantnews.com | Author: Steven
07/12/2018 04:07:30 ET    29 Views     Spiritual 

    CNN Contributor Continues to Slam Christians
Liberal Talk Radio Host Wants A Constitutional Amendment To Prohibit Any Law ‘Based On A Religious Text’.

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
07/11/2018 05:07:51 ET    32 Views     Spiritual 

    Why Is Man Drawn to Sin?

Via: endtimesprophecyreport.com | Author: Steven
07/09/2018 04:07:18 ET    55 Views     Spiritual 

    LGBT-Affirming Church Takes Out Billboard 'God Takes Pride in You'
The apostasy is here, it is now.

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
07/09/2018 04:07:54 ET    53 Views     Spiritual 

    Episcopal Church Debates Whether to Make God Gender-Neutral in Book of Common Prayer

Via: christianpost.com | Author: Steven
07/05/2018 04:07:13 ET    37 Views     Spiritual 

    Does the Bible Require the Christian Always to Obey Laws?

Via: virtueonline.org | Author: Steven
06/26/2018 05:06:29 ET    30 Views     Spiritual 

    Church's Freedom Sunday Billboards Taken Down
The Company That Rented Out The Space To First Baptist Dallas Claims The Message Of The Billboard Is ‘Anger Provoking.’

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
06/21/2018 04:06:54 ET    36 Views     Spiritual 

    Rise of Secularism in UK Fuels Violence Against Clergy
A New Study Is Being Conducted To Determine How Widespread The Problem Has Become.

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
06/13/2018 05:06:26 ET    37 Views     Spiritual 

    FALLING AWAY: Record Number of Christians Think Pornography Is Acceptable

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
06/12/2018 04:06:52 ET    40 Views     Spiritual 

    Franklin Graham: ‘Godless’ policies turned Calif. cities to ‘picture of hell’; Christians can fix it

Via: theblaze.com | Author: Steven
06/01/2018 04:06:12 ET    34 Views     Spiritual 

    Pope God Made Loves Gays as They Are
It's still an abomination pope

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
05/21/2018 19:05:18 ET    41 Views     Spiritual 

    What did Jesus say about Hell?

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
05/12/2018 10:05:55 ET    51 Views     Spiritual 

    Megachurch Pastor Calls Christians to "Unhitch" their Faith from the Old Testament

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
05/11/2018 19:05:01 ET    69 Views     Spiritual 

    Archeologists Discover 'City of David'
Researchers Have Found What They Believe Was Once The City Of Eglon Mentioned In The Bible.

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
05/02/2018 05:05:18 ET    47 Views     Spiritual 

    Chuck Missler 1934-2018
Koinonia House announces the death of its Founder and retired Board Chairman, Dr. Charles W. “Chuck” Missler. He was 83 years old, and passed away peacefully at his home in Reporoa, New Zealand. He was preceded in death by his wife Nancy and his two sons, Charles “Chip” and Mark. He is survived by t

Via: khouse.org | Author: Steven
05/01/2018 18:05:51 ET    48 Views     Spiritual 

    Former LGBT to rally in DC to celebrate how Jesus SAVED them from homosexuality, transgenderism!

Via: therightscoop.com | Author: Steven
05/01/2018 05:05:43 ET    51 Views     Spiritual 

    ‘If You Were To Die Tonight’: Preacher Causes Panic In Theater At ‘Avengers’ Showing

Via: losangeles.cbslocal.com | Author: Steven
04/30/2018 04:04:30 ET    90 Views     Spiritual 

    You Hate Racism? Jesus is a Better Cure Than Social Policy

Via: themaven.net | Author: Steven
04/30/2018 04:04:02 ET    58 Views     Spiritual 

    Bavarian Premier Orders Crosses in Gov’t Buildings
Markus Soder Has Been Criticized By Secularists And Christians Alike With His Decision.

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
04/26/2018 04:04:50 ET    45 Views     Spiritual 

    Communist China BANS BIBLE from being sold, increasing CRACKDOWN on Christianity
Their numbers will increase, trust me, trust God.

Via: therightscoop.com | Author: Steven
04/05/2018 19:04:24 ET    41 Views     Spiritual 

    Erdogan Recites Qur'an Inside Hagia Sophia in Honor of "Istanbul's Conqueror"

Via: gellerreport.com | Author: Steven
03/31/2018 15:03:08 ET    46 Views     Spiritual 

    NPR doesn’t know meaning of Easter; describes it incorrectly to billions of Christians worldwide

Via: bizpacreview.com | Author: Steven
03/31/2018 15:03:31 ET    48 Views     Spiritual 

    Vatican scrambles after pope appears to deny existence of hell

Via: theguardian.com | Author: Steven
03/31/2018 09:03:45 ET    70 Views     Spiritual 

    Does the “U.S. Pentagon” know what is in this Koran?

Via: jihadwatch.org | Author: Steven
03/31/2018 08:03:33 ET    58 Views     Spiritual 

    How Should Christians Think About Social Justice ?

Via: stream.org | Author: Steven
03/26/2018 04:03:37 ET    55 Views     Spiritual 

    Kentucky: Muslims Buy Paducah Church, Convert to a Mosque

Via: creepingsharia.wordpress.com | Author: Steven
03/26/2018 04:03:58 ET    57 Views     Spiritual 

    Is the Church Going to Collapse in America?

Via: themaven.net | Author: Steven
03/20/2018 05:03:16 ET    65 Views     Spiritual 

    Bishop Abortion Supporters Aren't Christian
He Said To Be Truly Catholic, Or To Be Truly Christian, One Must Be Pro-Life.

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
03/15/2018 04:03:45 ET    75 Views     Spiritual 

    London Closes 500 Churches; Opens 423 New Mosques

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
03/08/2018 04:03:47 ET    66 Views     Spiritual 

    Christian group sues Michigan university after it is kicked off campus

Via: foxnews.com | Author: Steven
03/08/2018 04:03:03 ET    58 Views     Spiritual 

    Billy Graham's Dangerous Advice

Via: stream.org | Author: Steven
03/04/2018 15:03:41 ET    72 Views     Spiritual 

    Librarians at Simmons College warn Christian students that “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Easter,” and “God bless you” are considered to be micro-aggressions against Muslims
These people are cowards, give them a praise Jesus then.

Via: barenakedislam.com | Author: Steven
03/03/2018 06:03:27 ET    71 Views     Spiritual 

    Billy Graham, 99, Dies; Pastor Filled Stadiums and Counseled Presidents

Via: nytimes.com | Author: Steven
02/21/2018 08:02:42 ET    70 Views     Spiritual 

    'America's Pastor' Billy Graham Dies At 99
The end of an era in the church of the Lord Jesus Christ

Via: npr.org | Author: Steven
02/21/2018 08:02:30 ET    114 Views     Spiritual 

    Pastor His Wife and Daughter Beat Up Sunday School Teacher in Toledo Ohio

Via: caseyanthony.com | Author: Steven
02/21/2018 04:02:48 ET    94 Views     Spiritual 

    Joy Behar Insists She’s a Christian after Trashing VP Mike Pence’s Christian Faith as “Mental Illness”
She was brought up Catholic, I'm sure she probably hasn't set foot in a church in years.

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
02/18/2018 10:02:07 ET    80 Views     Spiritual 

    Pence Slams ABC Over ‘The View’ Suggesting Christianity Is A Mental Illness

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
02/14/2018 19:02:09 ET    69 Views     Spiritual 

    Female Rabbi Publishes The Single Stupidest Piece On Biblical Adam And Eve Ever Written. It's Not Close.

Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
02/09/2018 04:02:29 ET    66 Views     Spiritual 

    Islam could have died with Muhammad

Via: jihadwatch.org | Author: Steven
02/09/2018 04:02:53 ET    70 Views     Spiritual 

    Illinois Christians refuse to accept 'Same God' indoctrination in public school
What rubbish, allah and Yahweh ARE NOT the same.

Via: facingislam.blogspot.com | Author: Steven
02/08/2018 04:02:53 ET    82 Views     Spiritual 

    Plenty of the ‘Nones’ Actually Head Back to Church
Americans who identify as agnostic or “nothing in particular” are four times more likely to change their religious affiliation than Protestants or Catholics.

Via: christianitytoday.com | Author: Steven
02/07/2018 04:02:11 ET    137 Views     Spiritual 

    First Full Trailer For 'Paul Apostle Of Christ' Released

Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
02/05/2018 04:02:22 ET    85 Views     Spiritual 

    Artificial Intelligence, Transhumanism and the Church How Should Christians Respond?

Via: christianpost.com | Author: Steven
01/29/2018 04:01:56 ET    64 Views     Spiritual 

    Germany Rejects Popes Lord's Prayef

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
01/26/2018 19:01:47 ET    101 Views     Spiritual 

    Sorry World, But Jesus Offers Homosexuals Redemption Too

Via: themaven.net | Author: Steven
01/24/2018 05:01:00 ET    67 Views     Spiritual 

    Iranians pray for rain as water crisis worsens
No water? allah hates you. Look how he loves everyone but his followers, get a clue

Via: worldtribune.com | Author: Steven
01/17/2018 18:01:55 ET    100 Views     Spiritual 

    Did Kevin Sorbo Get Kicked From A Comic Convention For Being Christian?

Via: worldreligionnews.com | Author: Steven
01/17/2018 04:01:50 ET    90 Views     Spiritual 

    God’s Fingerprints: See the Curious Shape of This Key Human Protein

Via: faithwire.com | Author: Steven
01/17/2018 04:01:22 ET    74 Views     Spiritual 

    Middle East Christians on the Eve of Destruction

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
01/16/2018 18:01:43 ET    102 Views     Spiritual 

    Muslim converts to Christianity ask Pope in open letter to stop proselytizing for Islam, ‘your teaching about Islam …is dangerous’

Via: pamelageller.com | Author: Steven
01/16/2018 05:01:44 ET    123 Views     Spiritual 

    Are Charismaniac Churches Teaching New Age Mysticism?

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
01/11/2018 19:01:20 ET    102 Views     Spiritual 

    China Offering 10-Year Visas to ‘High-End’ Foreign Talent
The PCUSA's time is up.

Via: christianpost.com | Author: Steven
01/06/2018 10:01:20 ET    117 Views     Spiritual 

    Charismatic Humbug: Occult Deception in the Church

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
01/06/2018 09:01:27 ET    109 Views     Spiritual 

    Israeli archaeologists find a 2,700 year old artifact that backs biblical record

Via: rightwingnews.com | Author: Steven
01/02/2018 04:01:00 ET    132 Views     Spiritual 

    New synagogue opens UNDER Temple Mount

Via: wnd.com | Author: Steven
01/01/2018 19:01:48 ET    115 Views     Spiritual 

    A conservative wish-list for 2018.

Via: conservativereview.com | Author: Steven
01/01/2018 18:01:51 ET    105 Views     Spiritual 

    Haroon Moghul: Christians don't have a Christmas monopoly on Jesus. Muslims honor him too
Muslims honor the false Jesus of Allah. Remember that according to muslims Allah has no son.

Via: jihadwatch.org | Author: Steven
12/30/2017 07:12:11 ET    102 Views     Spiritual 

    LIFE AFTER DEATH: Christmas miracle strikes as man speaks to Jesus in afterlife

Via: express.co.uk | Author: Steven
12/29/2017 06:12:03 ET    165 Views     Spiritual 

    What Would the World Look Like if Christ had Never Been Born?

Via: theburningplatform.com | Author: Steven
12/29/2017 06:12:10 ET    158 Views     Spiritual 

    Archbishop of Canterbury Slams Populism

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
12/28/2017 05:12:31 ET    94 Views     Spiritual 

    Pope's Christmas message seeks peace in Jerusalem

Via: yahoo.com | Author: Steven
12/25/2017 19:12:33 ET    88 Views     Spiritual 

    Christmas Message 2017 – Greg Hunter

Via: usawatchdog.com | Author: Steven
12/22/2017 04:12:31 ET    93 Views     Spiritual 

    Church holds 'inclusive' birthday party for Muhammad and Jesus
The Church of England has gone mad

Via: wnd.com | Author: Steven
12/16/2017 07:12:23 ET    104 Views     Spiritual 

    Get Ready For Atheists’ Annual Use Of Christmas To Attempt Relevancy

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
12/05/2017 05:12:08 ET    91 Views     Spiritual 

    Famous Lyon, France Christmas market cancelled due to high security costs
Thank you muslims

Via: barenakedislam.com | Author: Steven
12/03/2017 15:12:43 ET    130 Views     Spiritual 

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! Trump Lights Christmas Tree, “The Birth of Jesus Christ Forever Changed Course of History” … AMAZING!

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
11/30/2017 19:11:46 ET    89 Views     Spiritual 

    Is a Door Opening for Christianity in Saudi Arabia?

Via: .cbn.com | Author: Steven
11/28/2017 05:11:00 ET    179 Views     Spiritual 

    Saudi Arabia to Restore a 900 Year-Old Christian Church
Will Christians be allowed to have services inside after the restoration?

Via: stevenmcollins.com | Author: Steven
11/24/2017 05:11:56 ET    106 Views     Spiritual 

    Church of Sweden Sets New Gender Neutral Rules God Will No Longer Be Called "He" or "Lord"
And they wonder why the muslims are taking over, who are you to call God what He called Himself

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
11/24/2017 05:11:40 ET    101 Views     Spiritual 

    Bible Museum blasted for leaving out Islam
Islam isn't in the bible

Via: wnd.com | Author: Steven
11/23/2017 18:11:48 ET    103 Views     Spiritual 

    Do all Religions have the same Heavenly Father?

Via: facingislam.blogspot.com | Author: Steven
11/16/2017 19:11:44 ET    149 Views     Spiritual 

    Only 1 Quran? Hafs and Doori Quran Variants

Via: answeringmuslims.com | Author: Steven
11/14/2017 04:11:36 ET    109 Views     Spiritual 

    Allahu Akbar! Muhammad's War Cry

Via: answeringmuslims.com | Author: Steven
11/13/2017 19:11:38 ET    154 Views     Spiritual 

    Pastor Sets Record Straight, Tells MSNBC Reporter Why Prayers Are Enough

Via: conservativetribune.com | Author: Steven
11/08/2017 19:11:13 ET    90 Views     Spiritual 

    These are the Countries Where You CAN'T be a Christian

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
11/08/2017 19:11:22 ET    99 Views     Spiritual 

    The Texas Church Killer? A Diehard Atheist Who Said People Who Believe in God Are Stupid

Via: rightwingnews.com | Author: Steven
11/06/2017 19:11:43 ET    117 Views     Spiritual 

    FALLING AWAY: Churches Embrace NonBinary Deacons Drag Shows Transgender Baptisms

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
11/03/2017 06:11:25 ET    105 Views     Spiritual 

    More students, young Americans turn to paganism

Via: thecollegefix.com | Author: Steven
10/31/2017 04:10:42 ET    94 Views     Spiritual 

    Jordan's Queen Rania: "Many around the world are unable to see Muslims as victims"
All muslims are victims of mohammed and his god allah, but they choose their victimhood

Via: jihadwatch.org | Author: Steven
10/28/2017 13:10:10 ET    128 Views     Spiritual 

    Church Promotes ‘Drag-o-Ween’ for Adolescents

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
10/27/2017 04:10:10 ET    117 Views     Spiritual 

    God Using Trump to Provide Window of Time – Jonathan Cahn

Via: usawatchdog.com | Author: Steven
10/25/2017 05:10:39 ET    191 Views     Spiritual 

    Atheists demand public school take down Christian flag. Then students respond with defiant action
That's how to show them.

Via: theblaze.com | Author: Steven
10/23/2017 18:10:26 ET    124 Views     Spiritual 

    Churches merge, close We no longer live in Christendom. We really have to accept that its a thing of the past
Maybe it's that wonderful LGBTQ policy that they are pushing that makes real believers stay away

Via: baltimoresun.com | Author: Steven
10/23/2017 04:10:50 ET    102 Views     Spiritual 

    Database Targets LGBT Opposed Churches

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
10/19/2017 18:10:12 ET    120 Views     Spiritual 

    Presbyterian Church Mega-Minister Says Jesus is a Liar So That's Lovely
Coming from a lesbian bishop, I guess is par for the course

Via: theresurgent.com | Author: Steven
10/18/2017 04:10:16 ET    117 Views     Spiritual 

    Airmen Charged Over Satanic Graffiti

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
10/14/2017 18:10:01 ET    124 Views     Spiritual 

    A Methodist Church Stops All Weddings Until They Can Marry Same Sex Couples
Don't remember Christ saying same-sex weddings were okay, He said they were an abomination

Via: worldreligionnews.com | Author: Steven
10/08/2017 18:10:16 ET    113 Views     Spiritual 

    Fifteen things that must happen before the Lord returns

Via: z3news.com | Author: Steven
10/06/2017 08:10:32 ET    251 Views     Spiritual 

    Lesbian Methodist Bishop Calls Jesus a Bigot

Via: rightwingnews.com | Author: Steven
10/03/2017 05:10:51 ET    120 Views     Spiritual 

    TWO GENERATIONS FROM NOW will Europe will have a Muslim majority?

Via: barenakedislam.com | Author: Steven
09/29/2017 04:09:09 ET    147 Views     Spiritual 

    Roy Moore Says Shootings Happen Because We Don't Acknowledge God Enough
Acknowledge, no people don't even know Him at all

Via: worldreligionnews.com | Author: Steven
09/21/2017 19:09:42 ET    129 Views     Spiritual 

    Christianity Is Dead In The UK, Major Study Confirms Only 6% Of People Are Practicing Christians

Via: shoebat.com | Author: Steven
09/21/2017 19:09:07 ET    124 Views     Spiritual 

    Church Apologizes For Hosting Satanic Fashion Show
All that is left in England is satanism, good luck with your muslim invaders

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
09/21/2017 19:09:53 ET    126 Views     Spiritual 

    Franklin Graham: Current Events Could be ‘Biblical Signs before Christ’s Return’

Via: christianheadlines.com | Author: Steven
09/15/2017 04:09:01 ET    123 Views     Spiritual 

    Top New Age Guru Renounces the Occult to Embrace Jesus

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
09/14/2017 04:09:18 ET    117 Views     Spiritual 

    Report Attacks on Religious Liberty Expanding in U.S.

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
09/13/2017 19:09:39 ET    115 Views     Spiritual 

    China Bans Christian Children From Attending Church

Via: trunews.com | Author: Steven
09/13/2017 19:09:13 ET    110 Views     Spiritual 

    Christian America is on the Decline

Via: worldreligionnews.com | Author: Steven
09/08/2017 04:09:51 ET    145 Views     Spiritual 

    The Nashville Statement: Maybe the issue isn't the issue

Via: baptistnews.com | Author: Steven
09/07/2017 04:09:16 ET    130 Views     Spiritual 

    ABSOLUTE DISGRACE: 83% Of U.S. Catholics Think Satan Is Just A Symbol

Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
09/03/2017 04:09:10 ET    116 Views     Spiritual 

    150 Evangelical Leaders release strong statement on homosexuality transgenderism

Via: therightscoop.com | Author: Steven
08/31/2017 04:08:54 ET    146 Views     Spiritual 

    Japanese Robots Trained To Perform Buddhist Funeral Rites

Via: geek.com | Author: Steven
08/27/2017 08:08:40 ET    175 Views     Spiritual 

    Rev. Franklin Graham Addresses Crowd at President Trump's Phoenix Rally: 'Lord, I Pray Tonight That You Would Unite Us'

Via: christianheadlines.com | Author: Steven
08/24/2017 04:08:55 ET    144 Views     Spiritual 

    After School Satan Clubs Attempt to Undermine Christian Clubs

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
08/24/2017 04:08:07 ET    137 Views     Spiritual 

    Franklin Graham at Trump Rally Prays to God: "Shut Their Mouths"

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
08/23/2017 04:08:53 ET    150 Views     Spiritual 

    North Korea Is Punishing Religious Citizens

Via: worldreligionnews.com | Author: Steven
08/17/2017 04:08:37 ET    133 Views     Spiritual 

    Officials downplay NKorea threat as residents hope, pray

Via: guampdn.com | Author: Steven
08/10/2017 06:08:09 ET    132 Views     Spiritual 

    EXCLUSIVE: Al-Aqsa Mosque Chief Preacher Warns Temple Mount Tensions Not Over Yet

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
08/02/2017 05:08:53 ET    154 Views     Spiritual 

    FALLING AWAY: Pastor Celebrates Pride With Festivities That Include a Trans Priest

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
08/02/2017 05:08:31 ET    143 Views     Spiritual 

    Muslim Asylum Seekers Come to Christ in Finland

Via: persecution.org | Author: Steven
08/01/2017 04:08:44 ET    203 Views     Spiritual 

    Singer-Actress Condemned by Muslims For Saying 5AM Calls to Prayer Not Civilized
The muslims should have to do it the same way that they did it when Mo was alive, but someone has to tell them everything.

Via: pamelageller.com | Author: Steven
07/26/2017 05:07:38 ET    125 Views     Spiritual 

    FALLING AWAY: U.K. Gov’t Demands”LGBT Theology” in Bible Seminaries

Via: endtimeheadlines.org | Author: Steven
07/24/2017 19:07:01 ET    133 Views     Spiritual 

    CHURCH OF ENGLAND: Hull Minster Holds Service for LGBT

Via: virtueonline.org | Author: Steven
07/24/2017 19:07:07 ET    118 Views     Spiritual 

    If America Does Not Turn Back To God, There Isn't Going To Be An America

Via: endoftheamericandream.com | Author: Steven
07/24/2017 04:07:08 ET    118 Views     Spiritual 

    WATCH: In a First, Jews Ascend Temple Mount Without Muslim Supervision

Via: endtime.com | Author: Steven
07/21/2017 05:07:28 ET    148 Views     Spiritual 

    Ken Ham Reclaims Rainbow for God With Permanent Light on Ark LGBT Advocates Riled

Via: christianpost.com | Author: Steven
07/21/2017 04:07:58 ET    161 Views     Spiritual 

    Matthew Dowd Says One Can Be An Atheist And A Christian Daily Wire
Matthew "The Moron" Dowd has unleashed some serious stupidity and needs to be laughed at.

Via: dailywire.com | Author: Steven
07/17/2017 19:07:44 ET    158 Views     Spiritual 

    Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI Church Is 'on the Verge of Capsizing'

Via: breitbart.com | Author: Steven
07/16/2017 19:07:56 ET    170 Views     Spiritual 

    United Church of Christ Congregation: Islam More Progressive than Christianity
So now progressivism includes: bombing, FGM, and terror?

Via: jihadwatch.org | Author: Steven
07/01/2017 12:07:48 ET    154 Views     Spiritual