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    CONNECTICUT: After Muslims slit a cow’s throat in a Home Depot parking lot, authorities shut down the Islamic halal butcher shop from which the cow was trying to escape
After a young cow was barbarically slaughtered Islamic halal style in a Home Depot parking lot in full view of the public, the Muslim-owned halal butcher shop, Saba, from which the cow escaped, has been closed, and its owner is in hot water with multiple local, state and federal agencies.

Via: barenakedislam.com | Author: Steven
07/23/2019 05:07:27 ET    1 Views     US 

    Muslims Slaughter Escaped Cow - Slit Its Throat in Home Depot Parking Lot
Talk about cleanliness, and not Home Depot parking lots are considered butcher shops

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
07/23/2019 05:07:44 ET    1 Views     US 

    BRING IN THE ROBOTS: Rep. Rashida Tlaib Calls for a $20 Minimum Wage
Why not $25 or $30 or even $50?

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
07/23/2019 05:07:04 ET    1 Views     Financial 

    Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan Refutes Washington Examiner, Says: “Miles and Miles of New Wall” Have Been Built

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
07/23/2019 05:07:59 ET    1 Views     US 

    Georgia state Rep. Erica Thomas backtracks on racism accusations

Via: theburningplatform.com | Author: Steven
07/22/2019 04:07:04 ET    0 Views     AOC & Crazy Dems 

    THUGS BEING THUGS: Democrat Jon Tester Threatens to Punch TRUMP in the Nose — Then Calls for End of Hateful Rhetoric
Left Wing Violence, you're a classy guy Tester

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
07/20/2019 08:07:48 ET    6 Views     Left-Wing Terror 

    Chip Roy Says Democrats ‘Don’t Give A Damn’ About Illegal Migrants Or National Security

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
07/19/2019 04:07:13 ET    5 Views     Political 

    The Escalating Feud between AOC and Pelosi The Daily Caller

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
07/18/2019 04:07:29 ET    2 Views     AOC & Crazy Dems 

    Meet The Deranged And Crazed Leftists Protesting At Colorado Ice Facility Where Protesters Raised Mexican Flag In Place Of American Flag

Via: allnewspipeline.com | Author: Steven
07/18/2019 04:07:01 ET    2 Views     AOC & Crazy Dems 

    Mexican Soldiers Cross Border in El Paso - Get Into "Scuffle" With US Border Patrol Agent

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
07/18/2019 04:07:39 ET    0 Views     US 

    Alpha News Exposes Rep. Ilhan Omar on Tax, Marriage and Immigration FRAUD — Could Result in Deportation!

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
07/18/2019 04:07:26 ET    1 Views     US 

    President Trump Told a Businessman: "You're Going to Vote for Me or You're Going to be So Godd*m Poor"

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
07/18/2019 04:07:17 ET    2 Views     Political 

    DEMOCRATS Are BURNING Pelosi’s Castle Down! From BET to the Lion King The IMPLOSION HAS BEGUN!

Via: justusaknight.com | Author: Steven
07/16/2019 04:07:36 ET    0 Views     Political 

    Alexa and other smart devices are creepier than you think

Via: noqreport.com | Author: Steven
07/16/2019 04:07:49 ET    0 Views     Technology 

    Ilhan Omar Asked “Are You Pro Al-Qaeda?” – Refuses to Answer – Defends Muslims – Shies Away from Marriage to Brother
Marrying a close family member is just the way that rolls.

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
07/16/2019 04:07:14 ET    0 Views     US 

    Ilhan Omar Questions the Patriotism of American-Born Citizens
Get your popcorn ready, we're gonna have a fight

Via: freebeacon.com | Author: Steven
07/15/2019 04:07:38 ET    3 Views     Political 

    Founder of LEXIT Explains Why Latinos Support Trump
Radical Dems driving away voters who care about borders, national sovereignty, and the rule of law

Via: newswars.com | Author: Steven
07/13/2019 12:07:22 ET    4 Views     US 

    CNN Touts A Comic Book Version Of The Mueller Report. Tucker, Bongino Have A Blast.

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
07/12/2019 04:07:52 ET    6 Views     Political 

    Jeffrey Epstein’s Accused ‘Pimp’ and ‘Groomer’ Ghislaine Maxwell Attended Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding
It's all in the family

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
07/10/2019 05:07:03 ET    6 Views     US 

    What Life Will Be Like When the Democrats Win the 2020 Election

Via: thecommonsenseshow.com | Author: Steven
07/09/2019 05:07:09 ET    5 Views     AOC & Crazy Dems 

    Illegal Alien Now Tied to Possibly 750 MURDERS

Via: dcclothesline.com | Author: Steven
07/05/2019 05:07:06 ET    11 Views     US 

    Company Sells 1000 Betsy Ross Flags a Day After Nike Purges US Symbol

Via: newswars.com | Author: Steven
07/05/2019 05:07:16 ET    5 Views     Financial 

    Marine Veteran Barrels Into Left Wing Activists To Save Burning American Flag

Via: dailycaller.com | Author: Steven
07/05/2019 05:07:58 ET    8 Views     Left-Wing Terror 

    ANTIFA UNMASKED: News2Share Infiltrates DC Antifa Planning Session — Posts Fascist Group’s Entire Game Plan for July 6 Violence and Chaos

Via: thegatewaypundit.com | Author: Steven
07/04/2019 10:07:02 ET    10 Views     Political 

    Ted Cruz GOES OFF On Illegal Immigration and Democrats

Via: r8it-now.com | Author: Steven
07/02/2019 19:07:26 ET    5 Views     R8IT-NOW Article